NARS Makeup Removing Water + being nice to old ladies

My neighbors probably think I’m weird. I get in all kinds of positions to take shots of beauty products outside. I get into some kind of zone yo.

And I am rarely friendly when I’m in the “zone”. Which is sad because the older lady who lives across from me always manages to venture outside when I’ve got my derrière aimed at the sky to snap shots of beauty stuffs.

She’ll ask what a blog is. She questions why beauty products have gone up in price since 1962. And bless her heart, but when I’m racing against daylight, I have very little time to answer these questions.

But I chit chat with her anyway. Because one day I’ll be a 70-somethin’ year old lady and I’ll want people to entertain my questions too. And I think I read somewhere that for every second you spend being nice to the elderly, another year gets added to your life. Or something like that. Anyway – photographing this bottle of NARS Removing Water was fun! Who knew a bottle of what looks to be water could look so cool?

Have y’all seen this in Sephora yet? It launched last month and it has become a staple in my makeup removing routine. This fragrance-free and oil-free makeup remover also doubles as a toner. With cooling cucumber and refreshing chamomile, this remover does a darn good job at keeping the skin hydrated.

Oh. And it cleans thoroughly too. Sometimes using a face cleanser isn’t enough so it’s good to know I’m removing everythiiiiing.

-It’s fragrance-free. A total win for me.
-Great for those with drier skin. It is hydrating and feels super refreshing.
-Non-irrittating. Yay for those of us with acne!
-I like that there’s a little hole in the packaging. This helps with distribution. That way you won’t end up using TOO much.

-A bit pricey at $28. The good news is it’ll last last for quite some time.
-Doesn’t remove eye makeup. This is best for cleaning the skin.

Do you need this? If you’re like me and find that your cleanser doesn’t do the best job at removing your concealer, foundation and blush, you’ll love this. Plus it’s NARS. Don’t they do everything beautifully?

Whatcha think? Gonna stick with your ole’ trusty makeup remover or would you give this a whirl?

  • I like the idea of taking pics of beauty product out in the “wild”!

    No NARS at my Sephora. T.T

    I basically use cleansing oils, and they are really good. Double cleanse with cleanser, and I don’t need cleansing water/toner anymore. =)

  • No comment on the product but I will say I don’t speak to my neighbors. I’m totally antisocial (yeah I know it makes no sense but I am w/ them). Maybe when I pop out this baby I’ll start fraternizing with the locals. I may even take a idea from you and head out side, stick my products in a tree and get to snapping LOL! Although I doubt that some grass in Missouri is as riveting as your beach shots. Alright I’m gone. #random

    • Brittany


  • Natalie

    thank you for sharing this kind of products its really good to use..

  • I do believe some kind of good karma will come your way when you spend some time chatting with elderly ladies. And I tell myself the same thing you do- someday I’ll probably be old and want young people to talk to me. Good karma. Definitely.

    The NARS water looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’ll cough up the cash for it. I’ll probably stick with my Clinique makeup remover, which I like a lot. “If it’s not broken…” 😉

  • I believe Clarins has a cleansing water like Nars. Same price tag. I know it’s suppose to be gentle but I’d love for the pricetag it removed the eye make up. How much is in there?

  • I really need to use makeupremover :/

  • I’ve often wondered what my neighbors think when I’m outside snapping photos of my nails or products. It has to be strange to others.

    Good karma on talking with your neighbors. I guess I’m going to live to a seriously ripe old age if talking to older folks adds years to my life. ;P

  • Vi

    I have been trying the boots eye makeup remover(all skin types, power of botanics one) and I really like that one. It’s about $5 too. 😀

    I am currently using Korres 3-in-1 and I like it. I usually take my make-up off with a wipe before hand but I do like what this product is claiming to do. Perhaps I’ll try it one day.

    Thanks for the post! 😀

  • Ava

    Definitely good karma coming your way for engaging your neighbor!

    I discovered Vichy cleansing water at my CVS drugstore for about $15. It cleanses and removes face and eye makeup, and seems to work as well as the more expensive ones. Look for sales!