Soft skin and lips with NIVEA’s newest.

Okay, quick crazy story about NIVEA. And I do mean quick. For the longest I would call Nivea (pronounced Niv-E-ya) Na-vay-ya. And I was so obsessed with how it sounded, that I promised myself that I would name my first child Nivea. Of course I made this declaration when I was like…14.

Wait – so I was the only teen who already had their babies’ names picked out? Come on, y’all. Confess it up. I knowwww I wasn’t the only one. 8) For the record, I have since dropped that name for a potential Clumps kid. I do have other names picked out though. Bahahaaa!

Anywhoovers, good ole’ NIVEA has some new goodies for us skincare lovers and I just had to share them with you.

I’ve got super sensitive skin and so I stick to using a strict regimen of preservative-free skincare products but every now and then I like to review the popular brands of the world. Let’s check out the babies of the bunch first.

These lippes are pretty, uh? NIVEA A Kiss of Vitamin Swirl is packed with antioxidant-rich fruit extracts. It has a subtle hint of color. So subtle that if your lips are pigmented you probably wouldn’t notice it. The blue one (Kiss of Mint & Minerals) has organic shea butter and jojoba butter in it. Since it’s “mint”, you’re going to get that tingly mint feeling that you either really love or really hate. I don’t mind it. Aside from tasting a little funny, I dug these lip balms. Vitamin Swirl had a faint fruity scent and smell and Kiss of Mint & Minerals is minty. They don’t last forever but while they are on the lips, they keep the lippies moisturized. These babies retail for $2.99.

Next up is NIVEA’s Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub with HYRDRA IQ.

I formally made the switch to handmade bar soaps but every now and then I get the urge to use a bodywash. It’s an exfoliating body wash that has a thick lather. I love how it feels but the fragrance is pretty strong. Almost TOO strong. It has a nice and clean smell but it was overpowering and just a bit too much for moi.

Still, if you’re in the perfect for a luscious body wash that polishes the skin to a smooth finish, you’ll love this one. It goes for $5.99.

And theeeeen there’s NIVEA’s Extended Moisture Daily Lotion.

Okay remember – just because the packaging says the lotion will last for 48 hours doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it for 48 hours. 😉 Even so, I love how this lotion feels. It isn’t greasy or watery like some drugstore lotions can be. It sinks into the skin nicely without a filmy finish and does a darn good job at bustin’ ash.

Plus, it doesn’t have a loud fragrance like its brother, the body wash. It goes for $7.99.

You can grab all of these goodies at CVS Pharmacy. CVS so rocks, yo. Have you tried anything from NIVEA lately?

  • I love NIVEA! I am not exaggerating when I say that I use their cream (the one in the blue jar) EVERYDAY of my life for the past 29 years. … no seriously. Now, I use their lotion.

    • Brittany

      That blue jar is totally a cult-fave!

  • I used to want to name my kid Penelope when I was little 😛

    I love all the nivea lip alms they are sooooo hydrating it’s like a waterfall on your lips!

    • Brittany

      Waterfall on the lips. I love that description!

  • I might have to try the lotion, although I don’t really get the 48 hrs thing (don’t most people shower everyday?). So about the baby names … my friend just named her baby “Neveah” which sounds a lot like na-vah-ya. She picked it because it’s “heaven” spelled backwards.

  • Niceeeeee and thank you for the reminder today xoxo

  • I haven’t used Nivea in a long time…I like the name a lot though. I remember using their balm a while back and I wasn’t much a fan but I will want to try that bodywash though!

  • I definitely have my kids’ names picked out already! Henry for a boy, Violet for a girl.

    I’ve only tried one Nivea lotion and I hated it. It smelled like a middle school locker room and it made my hands really sticky. I do love their lip balm, though.

    • Brittany

      LOL @ middle school locker room. This one soooo doesn’t smell like that. 😀

  • I recently tried their “Kiss of Smoothness” lip balm. LOVE IT! I’m also a huge fan of their original creme. Really love the brand overall!

  • Isa

    I also had the names of my kids picked out at an early age. i wanted to name my first son Alvin Anthony (I still crack up at the name Alvin, it reminds of the chipmunks.). I would have killed my name with that name. ha ha! Poor child! I wanted to name my daughter Alexandra, but never did. My son is Jared David and my daughter Eglys Julisa. I think I killed her with Eglys, but its unique and it so fits her with her unique sense of style and personality. Thanks for sharing! I loved the new Nivea vitamin swirl chapstick. I looks great! I might just need to make a trip to get me some! Thanks again! Isa

  • I have been out of touch with Nivea for some time now. I stopped buying because I realised that many of their old products contain petrolatum, and their traditional blue tin cream irritates my hands so much.

    It’s great that this new ones have quite a short ingredients list, and looks alright to me.