Amor de Lacquer: OPI Holland collection (part 1)

Oh, darling…Holland. How I would LOVE to visit Holland. My passport is full of trips to the Caribbean and I am anxiously waiting for the day when my wallet can get on board and allow me to get more International stamps. And one of the firsts on this list would be Holland. While some of these colors were pretty average, I still really liked this collection. The names are just so adorable and each polish applied beautifully.

Because this was a big collection, I am breaking it up in two posts. Part II will pop up in just a few days.

Red Lights Ahead…Where? is a coral red and when I posted this on Pinterest, it got a whole lot of fanfare. Rightfully so. I tend to lean towards corals that have a lot of red in them and this one is definitely up my alley. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

Pedal Faster Suzi is a pink lavender shimmer that is just so girly and cute. My anti-pink sentiments go away when glitter and shimmer is involved. I am loving the subtle neon blue shimmer this polish has.

Kiss Me On My Tulips is a hot pink and of course it’s my favorite shade out of the bunch. What’s not to love about a hot pink? This one is a beautiful butter creme that really compliments my complexion. It was a bit on the watery side though. Hence the seeping in the cuticles.

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? wasn’t one of my favorites at a quick glance but once I got it on the nails, I was lovin’ this shimmery chocolate brown. Maybe just maybe chocolate brown polish on chocolate brown skin is growing on me. Maybe.

Thanks a Windmillion is a breezy sea green and the name made me crack up. So cheesy and so cute. This shade is awesome. It looks like it should have belonged in OPI’s On Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) collection. It’s such a rich and beautiful green that applied beautifully.


Vampsterdam is a deep purple that actually looks purple. It’s hard to find vampy shades that don’t look black 80% of the time.

Must Haves:
-Red Lights Ahead…Where? Especially if you don’t already have a shade like this.
-Wooden Shoe Like To Know if you love brown polishes.
-Thanks A Windmillion. It is THEE perfect hot pink.

See any you like? And how amazing is Wooden Shoe Like To Know? You can grab these babies at Ulta stores and in JC Penny Salons. Stay tuned for part II of this collection!


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  • Emi at Project Swatch

    Reds are not usually my thing, but that red? It is totally my thing, I love it so much. It must be the coral in it, because I adore coral. I am definitely going to need to check it out.

  • ashley

    I love the brown and the green colors, is this collection already out? By the way, I love the shape of your nails lol.

  • Vi

    Revlon has a new gel-type polish coming out and I must admit I gave into one (Bold Sangria).

    Nail polishes are quickly becoming a must-have for me. I saw this collection but I didn’t even know where to start. Can’t apply it beautiful (YET)but it’s decent enough for me. 😉

  • adri

    Thanks a Windmillion has definitely caught my attention. I’m such a sucker for those type of green colors!

  • The Lacquer Tracker

    Beautiful swatches! Red Lights Ahead looks fantastic, and Windmillion is a close second. I wish the shimmer in some of these was more obvious, though (Wooden Shoe, I’m looking at you!).

    Thank you for sharing- I’m looking forward to Part 2.

  • Jyoan

    Oh wow! One of those feeewww OPI collections that I actually like! Pink lavender one is nice. =D

  • Ashley

    This collection is gorgeous! I picked up a few of the colors and can’t wait to try them!

  • Kelly

    These look great!! I def. want kiss me on my tulips! B, in the ‘musthaves’ I think you mistakenly listed ‘wooden shoe like to know’ instead of ‘kiss me on my tulips’ and ‘thanks a windmillion’ for ‘wooden shoe like to know’

    • Brittany

      Just what would I do if I didn’t have you, love? Thanks for having my back. :)

  • Vanessa

    Great Collection!

  • MariJo

    This is such a great collection!! There’s not one polish I don’t like in it. Great swatches ;0).

  • Selena torrealba

    How do you get your cuticles to look so perfect!??

    • Brittany

      Obsession. I moisturize my cuticles a few times a day. Ha!

  • Joanna

    Love them all!!!!

  • Dre

    I totally love Kiss Me on my Tulips and Red Lights Ahead! Your nails are really nice too, btw =)

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  • Victoria/EauMG

    Kiss me on my Tulips is totally your color! Thanks a Windmillion is beautiful; I’m sure I have a color very much like it, but I still want it :)