Amor de Lacquer: OPI Nicki Minaj collection

OPI has a new collection for us, y’all! You’ve heard of hip hop artist Nicki Minaj, haven’t you? Please tell me you have. I live under a pop culture rock and know about her, so surely you do too. I can’t say much for her music (I don’t listen to much hip hop these days) but when it comes to fashion, she certainly is out there. And in a good or bad way depending on who you’re talking to. Either way, her nail polish collection is pretty stellar.

Pink Friday is a bubblegum pink that ain’t my kind of pink but I love how opaque and rich it is. It is definitely a Pepto Bismol shade of pink. I don’t know what it is about me and pastel pinks but man, I just can’t get down with ’em.

Metallic Life is a charcoal sparkle that I really really like. It is opaque at 2 coats but I pushed a third just for fun. It has hexagon and micro glitters and it’s definitely a unique black nail polish. I like!

Fly is some kind of aqua, baby. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! But have you ever seen an aqua polish that you didn’t like? Fly is no different. It is just creamy and applies beautifully. My camera couldn’t capture just how bright it is but it is awesoooome.

Did It On ‘Em reminds me so much of OPI Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek collection only it is a little lighter and isn’t as opaque. It’s still a beautiful lime and a great addition to your collection if you don’t already have something similar.

Save Me is a silver rainbow glitter that is complete with something we don’t see a lot of… glitters! I actually really like how this looks solo.

It doesn’t look half bad layered on Did It On ‘Em either.

Super Bass Shatter kinda surprised me. For several reasons. For one, it was a bit surprising to see a crackle polish in this collection considering crackle polishes are like so totally last season. Aaaand, it also surprised me because it’s a darn good purple crackle polish. I love how it looks over Fly!

Must Haves:
-Did It On ‘Em. Only if you don’t have a similar shade.
-Save Me is a really cool looking glitter. Definitely one that you want to add to your collection.

This collection was nice. Somehow I expected a little “more” since Nicki Minaj’s personality and fashion sense is waaaay over the top. Still. Not the worst celebrity collaboration I’ve ever seen but not the best either. I kinda dug OPI’s Katy Perry collection over this one. Formula-wise, I didn’t have a problem with any of ’em.

Are you a Nicki Minaj fan? Love any of those colors?


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  • Those lime greens are so fun but look horrible on my skin tone. Seriously, they make me look like a corpse! But on you they look fabulous. I’m a bit surprised that they are still making shatter polishes, even the upcoming Spiderman release has a green shatter. Regardless, this is a really fun collection.

    • Brittany

      Oh no, really? But wait….a Spiderman collection? OMGGGG!!!!

  • I really LOVED this line. I think for her being a first timer in the beauty product scene she did good…maybe after her Grammy performance she should stick to beauty products…lmao

  • Harshleen@BeautyTidbits

    My fav would be Metallic life! It’s just so pretty…..

  • Lexi

    I am a Nicki fan butcher polish really disappointed me. I bought the mini collection and there’s a typo/mix up and the box says metallic for life but it’s really save me. Totally not her fault but still very annoying. Then the formula for the pink Friday…sheesh! I had to paint so many coats so it wasn’t so streaky and just blah, same with the green but it wasn’t AS bad as pink Friday. I was really hoping for a better formula.

  • I like Did It On ‘Em the best, but I do think I own a similar shade. I love obnoxious greens! The bar glitter looks interesting but the colors in it are so pastel, like the Easter Bunny threw up into a bottle or something!

  • Joy

    I’m not the biggest Nicki fan but these colors are hot. I love the crcakle one the best. I just ordered my Born in Brooklyn Skin Care Coconut Mango after-bath oil, which i use for my at home mani and pedi to keep my hands and feet soft and smooth. I cant wait to try these new colors!

  • i really luv the colors in this collection! Luv’d the glitter ontop of the green. I am going to try that. I’ve been rocking a glitter polish ontop of my white polish latey. But I cnt wait to try that green!