Pop a pimple with Q-tips and win $50 to Sephora!

Acne sucks. So much so that I’ve named a series after them called….you guessed it, acne sucks. I’ll save my “It’s not fair that I’m 27 and battle acne as if I’m a teenager” speech another time.

Okay, wait….can I get just a few complaints in?

Seriously – what gives? I drink more than enough water, eat greens like I’m a plantasaurus (I so made that up) and treat my skin with the utmost respect. So why doesn’t my skin no like me? *sigh* Your guess is as good as mine. With skin like mine, I HAVE to stay stocked up with Q-tips Precision Tips.

We all know how great Q-tips are for angling eyeshadow, but my ambassadorship has challenged me to find another way to use Q-tips. Have you tried the Precision Tips for targeting pimples? Dude. They work! And luckily, I’ve got a pimple (or 10) to demonstrate how. You’ll never again see me using the words “luckily” and “pimple” in the same sentence again so cherish that one, okay?

Le pimples….

Sexy, uh? Le pimples meets Sire Q-tip Precision Tips…

Using a Q-tip to target pimples is rad. I mean, yeah, I can use my finger but the Q-tip gives me more….precision. And you need that precision for when you’re using products that only need to touch the pimple. Like tea tree oil. Tea tree oil zap my pimples with the quickness but it irritates the skin around it. No offense fingers but you ain’t got nothin’ on these Q-tip cuties.

Oh, and did I mention that the Q-tips Precision Tips are quite useful for putting medicine on pimples that pop up in my nose and ears? Yes. I am currently battling a pimple that is up my left nostril. I love y’all too much to show a picture of that. Trust me on this one.

Because misery loves company, share with me what you’d put on your Q-tips Precision Tips to get rid of of a pimple. A lucky girl or gal will score a $50 giftcard to Sephora. Wooooot!


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This is a sponsored post. Q-tips® product was  provided by Unilever, the makers of Q-tips®; my tips and usage suggestions are my own.

  • Khara

    I love those precision q tips they are the best.

  • Khara

    I would put some peroxide to help get rid of the pimple

  • I will use the Q-Tips Precision to apply my Aztec Bentonite Clay to diminish those babies (pimples)! I too suffer from break outs for no reason, so I feel ur pain lady. . . lol -sigh-


  • heather

    Philosophy made a great acne line called ‘on a clear day’s and although its not available, I stocked up. I’d use that on the precision tips to get rid of those pesky zits!!!

  • Wynell

    I would put some of my elf zit zapper to help get rid of the pimple

  • Joanna

    Proactive refine mask

  • I’ll have to pick some up! =P

  • Maybe put some proactive or something lol.

  • I’d use tea tree oil. I may have to do this very soon. Thanks for the tip!

  • Kelly

    So, using two with their pointy tops to pop the pimple wasn’t what you were looking for, huh? I mean I wouldn’t do it…I was just asking for a friend who was wondering. Never me, beauty rules 101, lol! For a pimple, I’d also use tea-tree oil!

  • Michelle G

    I would put witch hazel on my Qtip Precision Tip to apply it to a pimple.

  • I would use the Q-Tip Precision to clean under my nails. I think these would be perfect for this task!

  • I didn’t know about tea tree oil for pimples….always learning something new. AND I didn’t even know they made those types of Q tips. I’m so clueless. lol
    I just usually use alcohol or some cleanser.

  • Celine

    I would try toothpaste as a at home remedy. I’m not sure if that would be good, but I have heard it works.

  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, that on a Q-Tip = vanished zits in HOURS, for realz.

    Half my Q-tips go to that (the other half go in my ears– is there any feeling so good as clean ears?).

    Honestly, I don’t think the world could keep spinning if Q-Tips didn’t exist. <3

  • Kim

    I use mine to spot treat my hyperpigmentation with hydroquinone so I dont I dont fade the skin around the mark

  • Tam

    What don’t I use Qtips for when dealing with zits? I use them to apply medicated toner precisely on it, to spot-apply a drying mask or a fade cream.

  • I would put my persa-gel from Clean n Clear! amazing stuff!

  • I use a mix of Olay Refreshing Toner and some aloe vera gel.

  • These look like they would be great! Such a neat idea.

  • Great post, this would be great to use with tea tree oil on my scalp to combat the itchies! 😀

  • daniela

    I would use them to apply a cream that is sold in my country called minancora
    thank you!!
    dani ♥

  • I want to win! Thanks for sharing this B!

  • I would use Clearasil gel, peroxide or Neosporin.

  • I actually don’t know what I would put on the Q-tip because fortunately I’ve always had clear skin (sorry B!) but I could definitely utilize the precision point the correct mascara smudges :)

  • Becky

    I love those precision q tips they are the best.

  • Becky

    I would put some peroxide to help get rid of the pimple

  • Grace

    I would use it to put on my spot treatment at night: Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, even though its not supposed to be a spot treatment. It works great though!

  • Frieda

    i would wanna use it to spot clean any spots that i mess up my mascara in :)

  • As silly as it may sound, old school white fluoride toothpaste still works for me. When I apply it with my fingers it sometimes spreads to where I don’t need it. Next time I’m at work I’m gonna look for these and try it. Thanks for the tip B : )

  • I usually use whatever facial scrub I’m addicted to at the moment. Currently: St. Ives Green Tea Scrub!

  • Juliana

    I would put tea tree oil!

  • Icy

    These will come in handy when cleaning up nail polish.

  • Rachel


  • Gloria

    I don’t have much money (since I am a broke college student), but I would put on a small amount of toothpaste of the paste kind on a Q-Tips Precision Tip to get rid of my acne.

  • I like to apply elf Zit Zapper right on the pimple with qtips!

  • Calli

    I use toner with my Q-tips on those pesky zits!

  • Katie

    I would use the q-Tip to dab on a bit of Mario Badescu’s Acne Facial Cleanser.

  • Erika Ellis

    I take two precision tip Q-tips and come at the pimple from each side to pop it. I know popping them is not the best for the skin but by using Q-tips as opposed to your fingers you’re less likely to cause scarring and spread bacteria.

  • Jana

    a smashed-up aspirin and water mixture. I have awful skin, but this works great for me!

  • Ashley

    witch hazel

  • I didn’t even know Q-Tips made precision tips. I have some Sally Beauty brand. I love them for makeup and polish fixers. I’ll definitely look for the brand next I’m shopping for some.

  • suzanne

    i would use it with my fav persagel to zap a zit

  • For the pus ones, use a cotton ball soaked in hot water, and place it on the pimple. For the non pus pimples, don’t pop them! Use acne cleansing face wash, drink lots of water, and rest well!!!

  • Kate

    Ok, you are going to laugh at me, but I swear I am not making this up. I would use those cutie Qtips to dap breastmilk on my pimple. Seriously. The stuff is magic. I put it on my skin, my kids skin….shoot, I have even cured pinkeye with it. You can go ahead and laugh at me, but maybe I need to send you a stash. Hee hee. I looooove Qtips for a ridiculous amt of things, including breastmilk application. Ta da!

  • I usually get a pimple every month right before Aunt Flo visits. I’d probably use a spot treatment of Queen’s Helene’s Mint Julep masque.

  • Faith

    I would put witch hazel on my Q-tip. I love me some witch hazel.

  • Jamie

    AFrican Black Soap saved my life. Real talk, I haven’t had a major break out in a year.

  • I would use the q-tip to get some toothpaste on the tip, then apply it to the pimple. My pimples usually go away when I use toothpaste :)

  • Parris A

    I would put some original Colgate on the pimple, it works for me!

  • Selena torrealba

    I wash my face with my Olay cleansing cloths then I apply Avon acne gel in apple cinnamon and it works great! I rarely get acne nowadays after using proactiv in 2004 but when I do get a pimple every now and then I do that! :)

  • I usually wash my face/hands, and then pop the pimple, clean it up, and put some tea tree oil :)

  • Tia

    I use a three prong method,you ready? This is a serious procedure LOL!

    1) Start with steam to open the pores so I either use a hot wash cloth or do this right after a shower.(shower is ideal)

    2) Use 2 precision q-tips and push down and together on the little bugger, I use 2 so it absorbs any liquid that comes out preventing more of the little bas… well you know.

    3) Cleanse and tone the area and add a dab of Neosporin this helps with the pain and scaring and kills any left over bacteria.

    Happy Popping LOL!

  • Eve

    I make a homemade paste of honey, lemon, and oatmeal. I’d use the QTip to carefully dab it on my pimples. At 36, I still have breakouts too. UGH!

  • Jas

    I’ve never had an acne problem, ever. However,I’m currently traveling outside of the States and my skin has decided to pay me back for such an awesome skin-issue free life. I would use anything that would get rid of the pimples erupting on my cheeks. This thread has been helpful, thanks ladies for the many suggestions for getting rid of acne and a use for the new q-tips.

  • milaxx

    I have few things I do depending on the size of the pimple, but since my skin scars easily I never pop. The easiest and cheapest if to buy no name benzoyl peroxide from Walgreens (or any drug store). A bottle typically cost less than $5. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-benzoyl-peroxide-acne-medication-gel/ID=prod5901452-product

    Wash your face, then using the q-tip and dab on the offending pimple. That’s it. The benzoyl peroxide will dry that thing right up, usually overnight.

  • Nikki Elkins

    I would put some serious skin care clearzit on my q-tip.

  • claudia

    Crushed aspirin mixed with a little water to make a paste. Let dry on face. Works on zits big and small, even those huge ugly whiteheads.

  • Toothpaste. I only get period pimples…either in the center of my forehead or side of my nose. I sleep with toothpaste on them at night, and in the morning, they’ve dried up significantly.

  • Chris Taddei

    I use toothpaste over night and follow that up and wash my hands and use 2 Q-tips pushing them towards each other.

  • Solangel

    To smudge eyeliner on the lower lashline where regular q-tips are just too big

  • Carolyn N.

    I would use my Clinique acne ointment. :)

  • Maame

    i would use my Q-tips Precision with my elf zit zapper to fight my acne.

  • Amy

    I use this: http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P0417&categoryId=B70. Only if it has a whitehead of course. If it is just read and angry, I put a dab of benzoyl peroxide gel on it. Time is your friend.

  • MoniqueHasana

    I would use witch hazel or toothpaste, that always works for me

  • Ambreen

    I actually do use tee tree oil. I used to use a clean & clear spot treatment but it never worked & just dried out my skin. Then a friend told me about tee tree oil & it works pretty well. I wish I knew about this before, when I picked at my zits cuz they would never pop or go away. Usually I put the oil on my fingers but a Q tip would actually the cleaner & better way.

  • S Carter

    I would put witch hazel on the Qtip. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • TraciB

    I use Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. It really works well for me. I have also been know to use toothpaste too. I have no idea why that works, but it really does.

  • Supriya

    I would use an acne toner on it and then use it to pop a pimple so atleast you are medicating it at the same time! :) I like Proactiv’s toner. I’ve also used toothpaste on a pimple overnight and it helps :)

  • Melonie

    I usually use acne cleansing face wash, and put a hot q-tip on on it to draw the ucky stuff out!

  • Lavendar

    I would use them to apply Nelson’s Pure and Clear Acne Treatment Gel. It’s a homeopathic acne treatment made with sulfur. This stuff really works fast, and the arnica montana starts working on the discoloration right away. I also use it on old blemishes, and I’m amazed at how well the hyperpigmentation has gradually faded. You know with brown skin, it seems the blemishes will never completely go away; but as soon as you get close, yuck…more pimples. This stuff has done wonders for my skin.

  • Joy

    I’d use them to apply Nixoderm. I have a love affair with Nixoderm because it contains benzoic acid (6%), titanium dioxide (10%), salicylic acid (2.5%), menthol and sulfur. If that doesn’t kill a pimple dead – nothing will. LOL! However, digging into a Nixoderm tin gets the stuff under your nails and using a Q-Tip would keep me from having to scrape under my nails after application. 😀

  • MJ

    I’d use that oxy-something Clearasil stuff.

  • Joseph

    Ahh yes pinples >__< but it always heals those popin pimpim pimples lol :)

    • Joseph

      Lol I just wrote basically a paragraph on how I use Q-tips and heal my pimples lol and I only see one sentence now 0_o. I shall write it again and see if it works this time :).

      K here are the steps for clear skin laddies and gents !:)

      1.) Clear skin starts from inside and out. So I make a shake consisiting of Spinach, Lemon, Oranges, and honey :). Oh and after the shake drink lots of water:D. atleast 6 cups or if you want to know whats the very least your body can have, just do 1 Tablespoon per pound :).

      2.) Washing your face twice a day, morning and night !:). Even if you dont wear makeup, your skin absorbs the pollution thats in the air.

      Here is my skin regimine :) : Use a face wash with good O’l Benzoyl Peroxide. Next is using a homemade toner(you leave on your skin to dry…dont rinse it), which consists of a solution with Salt, Water, and sometimes Aloe Vera.

      Third step is I use two lotions. First lotion is called “rapairing lotion” which contains Benzoyl peroxide. Second lotion I use is to balance my skin with all this peroxide lol I use Luberderm for sensitive skin :)

      How I use the Q-tip for my pimples is well, you know even if your not supposed to give those pimples a squeezing, you still do lol and when i squeeze my pimples they bleed. So to stop the bleeding, I dip my Q-Tip in the toner saline solution I mentioned above, and hold with a light pressure on the pimple. :) ta-da! and it stops the bleeding :)

  • Dimitrea

    I would use a Qtip to target my pimples with my sulfur mix.

  • My first thought when I read the title was “EWWWW,” but this really is a good idea. I use these particular qtips as nail clean up after a manicure. They are fabulous, but a bit hard to find.

    • And because I didn’t read the final part of the post in full, I just use a basic facial toner to clear up pimples. Apply to the end of a q-tip and it really helps dry it out in a gentle way.

  • Josefina Silva

    I use Butt Paste! It’s a all natural diaper rash ointment, does over dry your skin and helps get the nasty stuff out!

  • T.R.

    Okay I know I’m wrong for this one because everyone says you shouldn’t BUT I hate my pimples so I wait until they come to a head and I use tissue around my fingers to pop them. I’d use the Q-tips in the same way. Not using my fingers directly helps with bacteria and germs and I usually have very little scaring. After it healed I’d use the Qtip to add pure vitamin E to the healed area (helps with discoloration/scaring). :O)

  • When I have a pimple, zit, or “monster” as I call it. I clean the area first to get rid of any oils on my skin. I score it, and what I mean by scoring it is, I cause a little abrasion to the area wear the pimple is and I put tee tree oil onto a q-tip and dab the q-tip right on the lil monster. Within 24 hrs… that sucker is dried up and on its away to healing. No scarring on my end, either!

  • I use Mario Badescu drying cream on my pimples. Why at 40 am I still getting breakouts??? I don’t get it either. I’ve heard good things about the Clarisonic Mia, maybe I’ll need to give that a try.

  • Cosmolude

    I would use Mario Badescu drying lotion, once I stop being lazy and cheap and go buy more. Looks like the precision tips would work better than a regular Q-tip. I just don’t understand why my skin won’t be nice to me and stop breaking out.

  • Alisha

    benzoyl peroxide to dry out my time of the month pimples!

  • OSHH

    @ 37 I can tell you battling acne it is not very fun at all, brought on by genetics, hormones and stress esp when hormones fluctuate, so during those times I would use my samples of Aczone on precision tip Q-tips to dry em up fast. I claim clear healthy radiant skin!

  • Michelle

    I like to put The Body Shop’s tea tree oil on any spots. I hate the smell but it works, so I can’t complain.

  • Amber

    ooh such a good idea, I would use these Q Tips to apply some Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!

  • Suzanna

    Interesting this is the first time I’m learning about this Q-Tips, tricky question toothpaste seems to dry out the pimple but I would say a baking soda & water mix sounds crazy but it works. :)

  • I would probably use some toner on the Q-tips, or maybe some of my Yes to Tomatoes cleanser–it dries out my skin if I use it all over my face, but it does a pretty good job on pimples!

  • maddy

    My mom has this cream that she puts on pimples so I could use that to put on the Q-tips. I heard that you can also put toothpaste on your pimples to dry them out.

  • I would put my Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid on the q-tip for treating pimples.

  • Dia

    I would apply a dab of tea tree oil to my pimples with these Q-Tips

  • Deanna G.

    Nelson’s spot treatment.

  • Vivianne

    I’d put some rubbing alcohol to dry one out!

  • Eva

    I would put on toothpaste, I swear it works!

  • Fatima

    A bit of witch hazel works wonders for me!

  • britt

    I use a bit of witch hazel on a q-tip :)

  • Valerie

    I can’t remember the exact name, but LUSH has a great product that I always use for getting rid of pimples. So I would use that. :)

  • I never thought of using Q-Tips this way. But it is great if you need to work around a blemish and don’t want to introduce hand bacteria to the area. Great suggestion.

  • Alyssa F

    i would put ozy clinical spot treatment!

  • Alyssa F

    i would use a product with salicytic acid, and peroxide

  • Lynn

    i would use a product with salicytic acid, and peroxide

  • Terry

    reviva dead sea mask!

  • L

    I’d try some tea tree oil! :) That would be super handy for near the end of term when I start breaking out big time

  • I’d use Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion on a q-tip. There’s no other way to use the Drying Lotion anyhow 😛

  • Trae

    I use something that is easily accessible and cheap…regular toothpaste. I just dab it on a pimple at night and by the next morning it’s gone.

  • Moxie

    Am I gonna get in trouble if I admit I try really, really hard to not pop pimples. Any time I’ve tried, I’ve regretted it. I’ve never even seen those Q-Tips! (Maybe cause they’re not sold at Sephora?!) LOL! x

  • jill

    i’d use a q tip with some of my discontinued loreal spot treatment! (that i will cry when i finish!)

  • Ashley L.

    I’d put a little toothpaste or baking soda on my q-tip to get rid of a pimple.

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