Get Perfect Nails with Q-tips and win $50 to Sephora!

That’s riiiiight! Time for another Q-Tips giveaway! I’ve already shown you how to angle your eyeshadow and assist  in a pimple’s demise all using a Q-tip. This tip is allll about cleaning up manicures.

For my nail polish lovers out there who are still struggling with getting perfect application, using Q-tips Precision Tips are GREAT at helping you clean up mistakes. Because the tip has a nice little point, dipping it in nail polish remover and sweeping it along the edges of the nails instantly cleans up nail polish that landed on your cuticles and beyond.

Easy as pie, y’all! Thanks to Q-tips, I am giving away more gift cards. Yaaaaay!! Two lucky Clumps of Mascara readers will each score ONE $50 gift card. Answer the mandatory question in the Rafflecopter (you must submit a comment to do this) and increase your chances of winning by doing the other tasks.

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This is a sponsored post. Q-tips® product was  provided by Unilever, the makers of Q-tips®; my tips and usage suggestions are my own.

  • Jenny

    Love me some Q Tips! They have saved many an eyeshadow (or nail polish) mishap!!

  • Dionne

    That color on your nails is beautiful. What is it?

    • Brittany

      That’s Wet ‘n Wild Saved By The Blue.

  • Of course I polish my nails regularly — I run a nail art blog! 😛 Great giveaway, thank you!! :)

  • Yes i polish almost daily. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  • I polish my nails regularly !!!!

  • Rachelle Lyn

    I always use Q tips for nail polish mistakes.

  • Rachelle Lyn

    I always use Q tips for nail polish mistakes. Always use them for eyeshadow too. :)

  • Nydia

    These babies are on my CVS shopping list for today! Woohoo! I polish my nails all the time and am so messsyyyy!

  • Sara

    oh my, i have passed over that polish many a time but i am definitely picking it up now! it looks great on you! and that tip about the qtips is great, i don’t clean-up that often because i hate using a brush. i’ll try it this afternoon when i pay my nails some much-needed attention.

  • Of course I polish my nails regularly!!I have a nail blog! I better 😀

  • I always use q-tips for this purpose! lol

  • Gloria

    I definitely need to get some of these

  • Kurls

    I love that color. You make polishing look so easy!

  • I always remove my nail polish with q-tips.

  • Jayla

    that polish is sooo cute i just wanna know if it long lasting cuz its seems lik polish lasts all of 24 hours on me :/

  • Erica

    Q-tips are definitely a staple in my polish routine, now matter how much I try not to, I always make a mess around my cuticles.

  • QTips are a staple in my home, for everything!! Need to reup now before I run out!

  • I am horrible with actually polishing my nails, but I do LOVE the Sally Hansen color strips!! #winner

  • I got these q-tips in my stocking and they are perfect for this and cleaning up undereye makeup!

  • Yes! I usually polish around 2-3 times a week depending on wear/chipping. I hate chipped polish.

  • Becky

    I love qtips

  • Becky

    I Polish my nails regularly?

  • I always use Q-tips and even have a stash in my makeup bag and my travel kit!

  • Q-Tips is a must!

  • Katie

    I must admit I don’t polish my nails regularly, once they start to chip I just remove them.

  • Great giveaway! I do polish my nails regularly so this is a great tip.

  • Brittany L.

    No I don’t polish my nails regularly. I would wear polish more often, but I can’t get it to last a day without chipping.

  • tou

    where would we be without q-tips???? lawd!!! I use em for almost everything. clean makeup around me eyes, clean my ear out, clean my eyebrows after i pencil it in, my nails, apply a pimple cream, blend lipstick, the list goes on.

  • Fantastic beauty tips. I am really bad with cleaning my nails. Will certainly take this into consideration.

  • Giselle E

    Yup, I have to have some kind of polish on my nails everyday. Mostly because my nails are so ugly from my job that I need to cover them up. I’ve definitely used q-tips for cleaning nail polish. I think I’ve ever seen some with a sharp point which is perfect for nails!

  • I have just started polishing my nails weekly.

  • Haley

    I really like the idea of a precision tip! I’ve only used the standard q-tips before, so I might have to pick these up. :)

  • I don’t polish my nails regularly but I have been painting them more often these days!

  • I havent kept Q-Tips in the house in years. I guess I need to rethink that.

  • I’ve always used Q-tips for cleanup since I can’t bring myself to pay for one the wands as they seem so expensive when I can just dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover. I never thought to use the precision ones, though, but now I will!

  • Nana Yaa Pabi

    wow you make it look so easy lol maybe because am messy painting my nail

  • Lizzy

    I have gotten back into polishing my nails lately. I never thought to use q-tips to clean up polish on the skin around the nails.. great idea!

  • Nausheen

    This Q-tips look really cool! I’m a klutz when it comes to painting my nails, so these will be really helpful!

  • LaToya

    I polish my nails regularly and would love this.

  • Rai

    These look very useful! I don’t wear polish regularly though.

  • Elise Johnson

    I don’t polish my nails regularly, because I hate trying to clean up messy jobs. But with these, clean up will be easy!

  • Faith

    I have nail polish phases. I love the colors so I own a lot of polish, but I’ll forget to do my nails. Once I get the nail polishing bug, I’ll polish my nails often until I have another break. A cycle.

  • Grace

    I polish regularly~! Love my nails 😀

  • I really like to polish my nails, especially my toenails.

  • I polish my nails on regular!!! I prefer painting my own nails than getting them done :)

  • ohh love q tips! need some of these tho!

    • oh and I polish my nails every once in a while [:

  • I try to get my nails done once a week :)

  • Icy


  • Just what I need! When I do my own nails, they always look jacked up! lol This will help clean them up a lot. Thanks for the Q-tip! lol

  • Tiffany

    I rarely do anything to my nails. It is one of those things that I resolve to do each year, but I rarely ever keep it. 2012 will be my year :)

  • Selena torrealba

    I polish my nails every week with new colors! I love nail polish!

  • I used to never do my finger nails, but now I’m completely addicted to polish, i paint my nails a few times a week!

  • Jessica

    Thank you so much for the helpful tips! I always seem to mess up when doing my own nails

  • Shakira Nicole (@KiraNicole)

    I’ve always used Q-tips to clean up nail polish mistakes…they are a true lifesaver but I had no idea they could be used for eye shadow too…thank you!!!!

  • I do mine weekly! : )

  • Yes I certainly do polish regularly! :)

  • Caitlin Donnelly

    Hmm……I guess it’s becoming a habit, so I’ll say yes.

  • Jessica F

    yay! I love nail polish :)

  • One of my many uses of Qtips. <3<3<3

  • Nikki A

    yes, once a week or so. Never thought about using q-tips for nail cleanup, though I do use them for eye makeup.

  • SR

    I always have to get 2 packs of q-tips when i buy them.. one for everyone in my house, and one for me. i go through them so fast! especially since my mascara application always ends up being some sort of mess. no matter how hard i try to be neat. qtips and a bottle of makeup remover have become part of my daily routine

  • I soo need to get some precision tip q-tips!

  • Rachel

    I just about always have my nails painted :)

  • It’s been too long since I polished my nails (months), but I plan to start polishing regularly again soon. And I loove Qtips for everything, especially cleaning up my eyeshadow/eyeliner mistakes!

  • Alicia

    I have always used Q-tips to fix my nails:)

  • Allyson

    I’ve tried everything, even q-tips, just not “precision q-tips”. i’ll try it

  • I polish my own nails at least once a week…I love nail polishes!!!! I just polished them today with Essie: Smokin’ Hot :)

  • Oh yeah, I polish my nails regularly! Q tips are a must have for so many things! They work great with cold cream for removing stubborn eyeliner.

  • Katie

    I loooove painting my nails, I have like 50+ bottles. I haven’t painted them all that regularly since I got my job last year though. I use my hands because I shelve books at a library, so they chip a lot. But I still paint them fairly often despite that!

  • I use q-tips to clean up my mani messes all the time! They’re perfect for so many beauty rescues!

  • Danae

    I polish my nails regularly!!!

  • Liz M.

    I wish I had the patience to polish my nails regularly, but I feel like as soon as I do them, they chip like a day or two later. 😛 Love that shade of polish on the vid, though. :)

  • Dee

    that nail polish color is gorgeous! I’m a fan of using the original q-tips to clean up mishaps, but these precision tips will definitely give a neater clean. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shaun J

    I do polish regularly. There are so many colors out there that I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t.

  • Kori

    Q-tips are the best, I always find new uses for them. I love that blue color on your nails; please let us know what it is!

  • Cosmolude

    I wish I could paint my nails regularly but I can’t wear polish at work :( When I have a few days off, I get so excited because I can paint my nails. I need to stock up on q-tips so I think I’ll try to find the precision ones this time. I use q-tips to clean my manicures and also to clean up the excess polish (in the water) when I’m attempting to do some sort of water marble design.

  • Diahonia

    I usually try to but I’ve been slacking lately :\

  • Jodi

    My friend and I polish our nails every Saturday while watching Korean dramas. :-)

  • Sejal

    of course i polish regularly!

  • Solangel

    I do a mini-manicure every Sunday 😀

  • Krystal

    Love this tip. I’ve tried generic q-tips and aint nothing like the real thing, baby! This is helpful advice for those who love a precise manicure.

  • Laulo

    I use regular Q-tips and they work great for me. No lint on my nails. I guess I’m used to using them!

  • Andrea

    I always use Q tips for nail polish mistakes :)

  • i regularly paint my nails and use Q-tips for corrections , it is the most economical way !!

  • S Carter

    Yay! I polish my nails 2-3 times a week. I am a nail polish junkie!

  • Suzanna

    Yay! I polish my nails regularly is hard to find a polish that wont peel after a 3 days, I wash my hands a lot & work with my hands so a mani doesn’t even last a week. Love the color blue by the way.

  • Carissa Mosley

    Good tip… I used q tips all the time

  • MsFarrah27

    I polish my nails every week, I enjoy switching up colors you never know what to expect with me.

  • Kelly D

    Yes, I polish my nails often.

  • Tamiko

    Yep I polish my nails just about every two days.

  • She

    Yes, I polish my nails (and my daughter’s nails) regularly. :-)

  • Celine

    Once in a while I do when I have the patience. I love glitter nail polish!

  • Anjali

    Always use q-tips for eye makeup mishaps and nail polish :)

    • Anjali

      and yes, I polish my nails regularly 😉

  • Kate

    Yay, definitely :) I end up painting them every few days, I just love switching up colours.

  • I’ve used Q-tips to clean up polish for years, but I’ve never used the kind with pointed tips. Cuticle pushers wrapped in torn cotton balls work well, though, so I’m sure these particular swabs do a good job!

  • Sherry

    This ol’ broad loves me some color…and Q-Tips, since I was a child some 50 years ago. Hehehe…

  • T.R.

    I get my nails done regularly. Though I am trying to start doing them myself more often. Like everyone else when I do polish my nails I use qtips to clean up the messy parts.

    Also great for eyeshadow mistakes too.

  • Drea J

    This color is gorg!

  • Drea J

    I just got into polish on the regular! I still get annoyed because I can never get good wear time like other ladies :(

  • Kaylie

    I polish my nails about once a week. When they start to chip, I just remove the polish and let my nails rest for a bit! :)

  • MoniqueHasana

    yay, I do my nails every Sunday. thank for the tip on the perfect nails

  • Tori

    Hell yeah i paint my nails regularly ! if not i look like i have man hands 😛 lol

  • I use to but I have no time now :(

  • Amoure Jones

    Even as a very well practiced polisher I fumble sometimes and always have a few spare Q-tips on hand just in case of spillage.

  • Amoure Jones

    I polish my nails regularly (about every ocuple of days)

  • Ashley

    i dont polish my nails regularly. only for certain events

  • I like to paint my nails dark when they’re short, and either clear or very light pink when they’re longer. Dunno what that’s all about.

  • i hope i win, and i got to get those q-tips

  • yes i polish my nails once a week, please regard other post. i forgot to read the questions

  • so i like your and q-tip fb pages and drop a comment on here

  • Valerie

    I’ve gotten much better with polishing my nails, but I used to use Q-tips all the time for cleaning up my manicures. Of course, I used the regular Q-tip, so it didn’t work quite as well.

    I usually polish my nails twice a week.

  • TraciB

    Yes I do! I didn’t use to because I thought my nails were too funny looking. Now I do and enjoy experiementing will alll kinds of colors and glitter.

  • Stef Cunningham

    I do polish my nails all the time!!! I work with people and like my fingers to look clean and neat!

  • Monique

    I will definitely have to get some of these! I almost always make mistakes when I polish my nails. I usually clean them up with the regular Q-Tips but the precision tip seems like it would be even better!

  • Amanda

    I polish my nails at least twice a week.Its one of my favorite ways to relax and take time out for me. :)

  • I usually do my nails once a week, either the same color (if I love it) or a different polish. I’ve been obsessed with polish lately, my collection’s been growing!

  • Tiffany

    Yes I polish my nails very often. Yay :-)

  • I have the hardest time painting my nails and NOT having it look like my 7 year old did them! Great ideas!

  • I try not to do my nails regular, I’m afraid they might get thin from the nail polish remover :0 I wish I did tough, I love nail art!

  • Ashley

    Yay! I polishjust about every other day and Im starting to get into nail art, so much fun!

  • Nope. Haven’t polished them in forever, because I don’t have the patience and the polish doesn’t last more than a day when I do it. I prefer to just spend money to get it done right.

  • Kilah

    I do my nails faithfully every Sunday. One week in every month though, I wont use polish and I’ll let them breathe.

  • Jasmine

    I always polish my nails. They help me to grow them out by not biting them when they’re pretty:)

  • Yes! I do a weekly manicure! :)

  • Juliana


  • Bianca

    I change my nail polish 2-3 per week! thanks for the awesome giveAway!!

  • Deanna G.

    Yay! I love doing my nails. :)

  • TG

    Nay–but its something I swear I wanna start doing more frequently. Toes are ALWAYS polished need to get into the habit of keeping the nails polished as well!

  • I use q-tips every day!! They’ve saved my life more than once!!

    K xx

  • Tracy

    Nails every day – of course! Q-tips FTW!

  • Calli

    Mostly yes, I do my nails about once a week.

  • I’ve been doing this since high school. Best nail secret ever!

  • AshlieO

    I do not polish my nails daily! Now that I know about Precision Tip Q-tip I might consider. I had no idea Q-tips made the precision tips. AWESOME!!!

  • jill

    yep, i feel naked when i don’t have polish on! thx for the giveaway! :)

  • Stephanie

    yes i love it :)

  • Sabrina

    Yup, lately I’ve polishing my nails every week!

  • Carolyn N.

    I only polish my nails for special occasions, but I’m trying to be less lazy!

  • I polish my nails at least 3 times a week but it still always looks like I did it in the dark. I will definitely try the q-tips.

  • Adell

    I polish my nails once a week or every other week, depending on how long the nail polish takes to chip/fade

  • I don’t polish my nails regularly but I would like to start. I just feel like I’d be horrible at it, especially when it comes time to painting my right hand. But I think I’ll give it a shot and practice and have lots of Q-tips nearby!

  • I haven’t been painting my nails daily for the last few months…because I’ve been interviewing, and I don’t want to have to scrub off a flakie-manicure that’s less than a day old if I suddenly get The Call!

  • Yay! I do indeed polish my nails regularly, which isn’t very healthy for them I’m sure. Can’t help myself though, plus I love to heap on the glitter 😮

  • Ivy

    I use Q Tips all the time for cleaning up my eye looks. :) I don’t do anything to my nails besides regular trimming, though.

  • Brooke S.

    I try to polish my nails at least once a week. Last month I slacked off though and didn’t have them painted for like 2 weeks *gasp* lol Now I’m back on track and hope I don’t slack off again.

  • Charity S

    Yes, I polish my nails on a weekly basis.

  • Jamila M,

    Yes, I always polish my nails. I wash dishes alot so always have to upkeep them.

  • Melissa

    I love painting my nails, so a definite yay! And q-tips are a beauty item I don’t think much about, but couldn’t live without!