My first Bobbi Brown lipstick. I’m such a big girl!

Every beauty lover has those brands that they REALLY love but don’t try many of their products. I’m that way about Sleep Makeup and Guerlain. Be it lack of availability or price, it kinda bugs me that I can’t play around with these brands more. Add Bobbi Brown to that list.

Okay yeah. BB is here in the states but those prices are just a little too steep for moi. The packaging of the products are just so so and only every now and then do the collections make me swoon. A few weeks ago, I was visiting some gal pals in Tampa Bay. We ventured into Macy’s and found our way at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter. We were swatchin’ and proddin’ when I came across the beautiful Cosmic Raspberry.

How did I miss when this baby launched last year? I love everything about this bright pink fuchsia. I mean, what’s not to love about a bright pink that looks stunning WITHOUT a lipliner?

Very rarely can I find a bright lippie that compliments my complexion without bringing TOO much attention to my lips.

$21 later Cosmic Raspberry was mine. Not a huge dent in my wallet. Plus it’s gorg.

So yeah. Even though I’m a drugstore lover, it doesn’t hurt to splurge on the higher end stuff every now and then.

Any Bobbi Brown lover in the house?

  • Emi

    This shade looks really beautiful on you!

  • I love this colour, and it really does suit you! Ive never myself brought from Bobbi Brown, but after this post i am tempted to go along and have a look!

  • Ok seriously? that colour was made for you. It looks amazing on. Worth every penny. I’m still a Bobbi Brown lackin’ mu lover, but I really want to try their gel liners. *sigh* one day…

    Have a good day clumps!

    • Brittany

      Yessss, their liners are next on my list. Gotta save my pennies for those.

  • I’ve heard great things about Bobbi Brown. I love your lipstick pics – they feel so adult and intimate, haha! Also that color looks awesome on you!

    • Brittany

      Hhahaaa! Thanks, darling. Taking lip pics is always so hard for me. I want to show off the color without making my lips look all ginormous and weird.

  • MsFarrah27

    This color is gorgeous!!! A few questions: how is the staying power and is it packed with moisture??I know you always need to scrub and moisturize before lipstick and some gloss but I was just wondering since it’s Bobbi Brown is there a difference? Thanks

    • Brittany

      Staying power was average. I struggle with the staying power of most lipsticks. Boo to that. And I usually apply a balm before I ever apply lipsticks. So nope, I don’t think there’s a difference with BB.

  • That looks gorgeous on you! I have one Bobbi Brown lipstick in Black Cherry.

  • Katie

    Girl that lipstick was MADE for you. I remember my first Bobbi Brown purchase-I felt so sophisticated.

  • victoria

    I see Bobbi Brown on TV alot and I love the way she applies makeup, but haven’t got around to trying any of her products yet. I hear rave reviews on her gel liner in Black!

    As for Guerlain, I hear their blushes smell great! (And their products in general), but yeah, haven’t gotten around to them.

    Anyway that lipstick does make me want to get to a Bobbi Brown counter and swatch them! Looks pretty moisturizing too

  • This color is to die for, love love love the bright pinks! Gorgeous photos :)

  • Ur lips are poooppin guuurl!

  • That shade is gorgeous! You should try Illamasqua lipsticks. They are so creamy and long-lasting!

  • Celine

    That shade looks gorgeous on you! It looks nice, rich and creamy. Do you think this shade would work well if you have pale skin like I do?

    • Brittany

      Um yahhhh! Absolutely!

  • Susan

    I love Bobbi Brown and buy products from the line occasionally. I have the latest shimmer brick in Wild Rose. I was tempted to get the Rose Gold which she was wearing but she said it was for darker skinned ladies like herself. But it was beautiful. I like the pot rouge too. I keep one on hand and I’ve been using the rose gold lip gloss over my lip stick (not Bobbie Brown” It kind of ties the colors together. I think colors in her line are fabulous this year. Apparently you’ll be a fan after wearing her lipstick. Looks beautiful on you.

  • Love BB!!!! Gorgeous shade!

  • Cosmic Raspberry looks divine on you. Major impact without being overwhelming.

    I’ve tried a few things from Bobbi Brown (including the liner) and while I did like them, they’re weren’t stand out enough to make me rush out to replace them.. especially at that price point.

  • kia