Amor de Lacquer: Butter London Spring/Summer collection

It’s official. Butter London is my favorite higher-end nail polish brand. Yes, I love Deborah Lippman, Dior, Chanel and the rest of ’em but when it comes to packaging, polish names, formula and overall brand uniqueness…Butter London wins.

I love everything about this collection. And I love how every polish has a story behind it. Check this out…

Bossy Boots is an opaque light pistachio green. The definition for this slang word is a derogatory name for someone who is pushy or bossy, (usually reserved for children). I call it wonderful! This baby gave intense pigment with only 2 coats. It’s not the most unique shade in the collection but it’s still purty.

Disco Biscuit is a tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles. What they forgot to leave out is that is also contains neon blue specs. See!

It’s one of the coolest pink polishes I own. I used 3 coats for it and it dries to a dull finish so you’ll have to wear a top coat over it. It also works beautifully as a top coat over another pink polish. Or check this…a purple polish.

Trout Pout is an opaque shade of cantaloupe, pale and retro. It’s cruel slang for a woman who has “over done” the collagen in her lips, leaving her with a rather fishy face. See why I love Butter London? Every polish has a story. And you know what? I am so over hating coral polishes. I think – I think – I think I’m starting to love them.

Knackered is a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles. The Brit definition of it? To be tired or exhausted. “Wow, you look knackered. What did you get up to last night?!” This polish is heavenly. Sure, it took me 4 coats to get an opaque finish but it is such an interesting shade. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Knackered blurred out…

And Knackered up close…

Slapper is a truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright. Aaaaaand of course my camera can not capture its awesomeness. It’s Brit-speak for ”slut”. ‘Bout sums that up, uh? Ha! This is a super bright teal. I mean, bright! It’ll stain the nails too. Even with a base coat. But if you like teals, you’ll love this one.


Must Haves:
-Disco Biscuit. Because this pink will be perfect for summer.
-Knackered. Chances are you haven’t seen a shade with cool and unusual.

The formula of these were great. I never have a problem with Butter London’s polishes. I used 2 coats for all except Disco Biscuit and Knackered. I used 4 coats for those babies. You can grab these from Nordstrom, (that’s what I did – free shipping!) and for $14 a bottle.

How cool is this collection? Which one is your fave?


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  • Pretty colors. You have such nice nails.

  • Knackered is gorgeous. It almost looks like a galaxy nail in and of itself.

  • Chloe B

    Bossy Boots looks like a minty color, like China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, and Slapper looks like OPI Fly. Maybe it’s just the pictures, though. In any case, they’re pretty :)

  • I love the two Butter London polishes that I have from this collection- Bossy Boots (dreamy pistachio? Yes please!) and Trout Pout, which is a coral I adore. Perfect spring colours. And now I’m lusting over Knackered! It IS completely unique, isn’t it? Gah, now I have a serious lemming for it. Beautiful swatches- thank you for sharing this!

  • I really like Trout Pout & Knackered,and even thought I like the colors I have not get into nails so much just yet that I will spend the money on it.. but maybe one day.
    Saludos 😀

  • Knackered looks to be along the same lines of Deborah Lippman – Wicked Game, WnW – Grey’s Anatomy, Essence – Where is the Party?, and OPI – Not Like The Movies. Probably closest (but def not a dupe) to NLTM because of the holo sparkles which WG, GA, and WITP don’t have. I think I might have to get Bossy Boots though! 😀

  • victoria

    OMG I love Butter London! Bossy Boots looks great for Spring!

  • I would love to try this nail lacquer but they dont sell it anywhere here. I would love to see how it compares to rest of the highend since this is your favorite.

  • Trout Pout is gorgeous.. but Knackered is just.. wow. Such a pretty collection, definitely seems like there is something for everyone.

  • My favorite from this collection is definitely ‘slapper’. It’s such a gorgeous color!

  • gio

    Knackered looks gorgeous! I love the look of Slapper too.

  • Disco Biscuit is my fave, can’t wait to get my hands on it! It’s one of those colors that looks great on tips or toes and it’s so summery. I love all the names too (I think Disco Biscuit means an ecstasy pill, LOL). British slang is just the best. :)

  • Disco Biscuit is so legit!

    I’ve had Wallis, another shade from Butter London on my wishlist for about a year now. Those high price tags get me! lol

  • gotta love disco biscuit!

  • I want trout pout! SO PRETTY!!

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  • I *must* get Knackered! And Slapper, if only for the name.

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  • Should I be worried that I wanna be a Knackered Slapper?

  • danielle

    im asking for Bossy Boots for my birthday… i cant spend all that money on ONE nail polish!

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