Amor de Lacquer: China Glaze Capital Colours Hunger Games collection (just a few)

Confession time: I’ve never watched any Harry Potter movies. Or Lord of the Rings. Or Pirates of the Caribbean. But The Hunger Games? Ob-sessed. I’ve read all 3 books (liked the first one the best, though) and can’t WAIT until the movie comes out. China Glaze’s Hunger Game collection features 12 gorgeous shades, all representative of the 12 districts of Panem.

Confused? Um. Read The Hunger Games. Like…now. I’ve only got 5 of the polishes. The HG obsessor that is me wanted to haul ALL 12 shades but only 5 spoke to me. I do want to pick up Agro though. That metallic olive green is gorgeous!

The collection in its entirety….

Fast Track is cool beige with gold micro-flecks that reminds me so much of another China Glaze shade. I just can’t put my finger on it. Anywhoovers, Fast Track is gorg. It’s a work appropriate shade with hella personality.

Mahogany Magic is a rich, yellow-based, brown creme. I used to feel some kind of way about brown polishes with my brown skin but now I am in LOVE with them. This brown reminds me a lot of Nubar’s Milk Chocolate except Mahogany Magic is a wee bit richer. Brown polishes rock so much.

Riveting is a jelly-fied gem and while it looks quite similar to China Glaze’s Orange Marmalade, Riveting is 10x richer and more vibrant. I have already called this polish one of my favorites….ever. Which says a lot. It’s stunning, captivating and just…riveting. Yes, riveting. Katniss would definitely approve.

Smoke & Ashes is a black that has blue micro-flecks. I heard great things about this polish so I just had to snag it. Well…it’s just okay. Outside it looks black. Inside it looks black and only when you look at the nails close-up can you see the blue flecks. I mean, it’s pretty but nothing ah-mazing, ya know?

Luxe & Lush was the polish that I was most looking forward to and it definitely didn’t disappoint. This flakie top coat is perhaps one of the most unique because the flakes are so spread out and in various colors. And unlike other flakies, it actually looks half decent on lighter shades. It looks okay on black too but REALLY pops on lighter shades. I love it over Mahogany Magic. I did one coat on the pointer and middle finger and two coats  on the middle finger and pinky.

 I did one coat of Luxe & Lush over Smoke & Ashes and it’s gorg. In. love.

And then over Fast Track…

Must Haves:
-Riveting. You REALLY need this. Not even kidding.
-Luxe & Lush. Because it’s the most epic flakie topcoat I’ve ever seen.

The formula of these were good. I didn’t have crazy issues with any of them. I used 2 coats for each and was surprised at how opaque they were. Especially Riveting. I just KNEW I’d have to go for 3 coats with that baby but nope…it took only 2. I’ll probably snag another polish or two from this collection. Prim would want me to. I know. I’m so involved with The Hunger Games. I grabbed these for $5.99 each at Sally Beauty Supply and of course e-tailers like will have these for sale in the coming weeks.

See any you like? How awesome is that Riveting?


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  • I am on the hunt for Agro. I am a push over for green polish. Does Luxe and Lush flake very badly? I am wary to try these stringy or large flake top coats. I feel like I will just sit there and pick it off like a 10 year old.

    • Brittany

      No, not at all. L&L is just perfect. One of my favorite top coats eveeeer. In fact, I’m wearing it now WITHOUT a top coat and it’s doing just fine.

  • We picked up different parts of the collection. I too picked up Riveting (amazing) and Fast Track, but passed on the others. You do need Agro though. My god it is incredible.

    • Brittany


      • If they don’t have it at your Sally’s they do still have it online. My Sally’s had one bottle left and was sold out of Riveting.

  • First of all: LOVE the Hunger Games Trilogy; but I agree, the first book was definitely the best one. Can’t wait for the movie.

    Great review on these colours- I tried to pick up Riveting, but of course it was all sold out. I’ll keep hunting, though! I did get my nails on Luxe and Lush (can’t wait to try it out- you make it look amazing!), Smoke and Ahses, Harvest Moon, and Fast Track.

    You’re right about Fast Track being a great office appropriate shade, but with attitude. The yellow-gold shimmer in it is amazing! And it’s definitely similar to a couple colours, most especially Orly Nite Owl. Is that the one you were thinking of? I did a comparison of Fast Track, Nite Owl, and CG Knotty on my blog; Fast Track is kind of a mixture of the two, with Nite Owl being the closest one. Despite their similarities, I’m still crazy about Fast Track; that shimmer is gorgeous and unique!

    Thanks for sharing these colours- you make all of them look lovely!

    • Brittany

      Yes! Orly Night Owl is a dead ringer for Fast Track. Only a lacquer junkie would remember that. :) I’ll check my Sally for Riveting and if I find it, I’ll scoop it up for you. Woot!

      • That’s really nice of you! Very thoughtful. Although no worries if it’s sold out- I’m stalking the salons that stock CG in my city pretty hardcore so I’m sure it’ll turn up soon!

  • Moxie

    So excited to look at this new collection. Your nails are gorgeous, so you make all the colors look great! I like Riveting, but I think my favorite is Luxe & Lush. Thank you for the post!

  • Great minds think alike … I’ve been dying to get my hands on Riveting and Luxe & Lush! And if you liked the Hunger Games books, you should read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I just started it, but it’s good and is reminding me of the Hunger Games. Thanks for sharing!

    • Brittany

      Thanks for the rec! I’ll be checking out Divergent. Yay for bookworms!

  • Joanna

    I’m loving the Mahogany Magic…

  • So pretty!!

  • Riveting looks like it needs to be part of my life, haha! I already ordered half the collection, but Riveting was sold out. How was the consistency of Luxe and Lush? I still have nightmares from Color Club’s Covered in Diamonds, which was SUPER thick and a pain to apply.

    • Brittany

      Luxe & Lush was absolutely pleasant to work with. Wasn’t thick ‘n goopey in the least.

  • gio

    Riveting and Luxe & Lush look absolutely gorgeous!

  • Oh I adore Luxe & Lush! I got that along with Harvest Moon (GORGEOUS), Smoke & Ashes, Stone Cold (my first ever matte polish. Opaque in one coat), and Fast Track. I think I kind of really need Riveting, Agro, Dress Me Up, and Electrify. I got mine off ebay.

    I just finished reading all three books. I loved them but the first one is the most ‘magical’ to me. I love trying to picture the Capitol and Katniss’s costumes!

  • milaxx

    Love Smoke & Ashes. It’s the perfect color for a District 12 tribute. I’m just surprised there isn’t a Mockingjay blue.

  • Luxe and Lush over Mahogany Magic looks awesome!

  • All of these look amazing on you, but I was drooling the most over Riveting! :P~~~ WOW!

  • Chloe B

    I’m in like, no joke, seven contests to win a set. I probably won’t win, but it’s worth a shot, right? right.

  • Oh I NEED Riveting in my life!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous colour! Thanks!

  • Chloe B

    I’m so excited! My mom & dad are getting me the remainder of the Capitol Colours collection for easter!!! I already own Luxe & Lush, Stone Cold, and Electrify. I love love LOVE the Hunger Games, so I’m super excited to get the rest & have the complete collection to add to my collection :) she got them at for $2.99 a bottle! great price, right?

  • I love Riveting…it is so stunning. I ordered Stone Cold and can’t wait to get it..I have seen some posts with shiny top coat and matte top coat and it is gorgeous both ways. There are a few more in the collection I want to get. I’m glad I read your post because I was considering Smoke and Ashes…now I will save my money. Thanks for that. =)