Pretty Polishes: Cult Nails Captivated and Seduction

It’s easier to love a brand when you know the founder. Having met Maria of Cult Nails twice, I am just even more enamored with her mission and passion behind Cult Nails. And her ability to connect with her fans is just superb. Maria rocks and she’s totally one my sheros.

Maria gifted the gals of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida group with two premium nail polishes. Captivated is has been re-released and Seduction will debut in the upcoming Divas & Drama collection. Both are fantastic and both are ones that you’ll WANT to snag sooner rather than later. Trust me on this. Because both polishes are sheer, I layered them over solid creme polishes.

Seduction is in a purple/red sheer jelly base with red, blue and pink iridescent flakes. It is amaziiiiiing!

 Cult Nails does flakies beautifully. And this one is no different. Seduction is layered over a dark purple polish but the purple in the polish appears a bit blue in the sun after the flakies hit it. Which is cool. Look how majestic this looks…

Amazing, right? Then there’s Captivated. This baby took my breath away…

Dear heavens I love Captivated. I applied two coats of it over an orange creme and it just MADE the manicure. I should have tried Captivated solo as it probably could look like a shimmery jelly polish. I’m so confused as to what the golden specs that reside in Captivated are. They aren’t glitter and they aren’t flakies. I don’t know what they are but this bright tangerine is just stunning. So glad Maria brought this one back.

Both retail for $10 and can be purchased at For now, Seduction can only be purchased in the Divas & Drama collection.

Whatcha think? Are these polishes not amazing or what?

  • Again another set of beautiful swatches from you. Thanks :) I’m glad I got my Divas & Drama collection on pre-order, Seduction is beautiful. I’m still on the fence with Capivated, but every swath I see of it weakens my resolve!

    • Brittany

      Get Captivated noooooow. It’s a total must have!

  • I saw this polish on your pinterest account and had to check out your post. I want captivated! Orange is such a bold nail polish! Adding the sparkle makes them look fun and girly!

  • They both are amazing! I will have to try this. Bookmarked this site to check out later. You always find THE best colors.

  • Captivated almost looks like it has crystalized ginger on it. It’s very unique.

  • Seduction is an appropriate name for that polish – it sure did seduce me! 😀

    Both polishes look lovely on you, Brittany! :)

  • These are both so beautiful! I need to pay more attention to Cult Nails, wow.

  • They are very pretty. :-)

  • gio

    I love Seduction! It’s a beautiful and unique shade!

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it? Absolutely love it!

  • These are both gorgeous! I can’t wait to give Cult Nails a try- where can I buy them online? Any good recommendations?

    • Brittany

      You can get ’em from and I love these two plus Time Traveler. That is one of my faaaavorite blues.