GLOSSYBOX giveaway – 5 winners!

How ’bout we make Friday a little sweeter? The ever so popular GLOSSYBOX is finally making its way to the States. This is huge, gals. My U.K. beauty blogger gals have been raving about the awesomeness that is GLOSSYBOX for quite some time and I’m so glad that it’s coming Stateside. With a  subscription, you’ll get 5 luxury beauty samples. Like these.

Brands that partner with GLOSSYBOX? Wellllll, you know there’s Shu Uemura, OPI, Lancome, Estee Lauder, NARS, Guerlain, Becca, Bobbi Brown, Clarins and more. I’m soooo excited. Even more so because GLOSSYBOX is giving me 5 boxes to give away to U.S.-based Clumps of Mascara readers. Wooo hooo!

It’s simple. Just leave a comment in the Rafflecopter below and next Friday (April 5, 2012), I’ll choose 5 lucky winners.

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  • I love the tissue paper!

  • I am always really hesitant to purchase these, but the reviews I have seen from abroad look fantastic.

  • :O That is awesome news! Cant wait!

  • I want to win! LoL good luck everyone :)

  • Hannah S.

    I can’t wait for U.S. glossybox!

  • Carolyn N.

    You bet I do! 😀

  • Glossybox hits the US–yay for us! I’m definitely loving that!!

  • Valerie James

    I’ve never seen this before. Looks really nice! I would love to try it!

  • Sara

    GLOSSYBOX’S sound AMAZING! So glad they are coming to the U.S.A! :)

  • blkrox

    Ooo, I’d be really excited to try some Becca products!

  • Yes. I do want a glossybox. :) I’ve never tried one of those monthly beauty boxes.

  • This is such a great giveaway! I haven’t tried the majority of these brands.

  • This looks fun!

  • Chanelle (C.M.)

    I like when the boxes have nail polish!

  • Becky

    I would love to try this

  • Marie Braden

    I’m a new reader, but I gotta say, I LOVE your style, sugar!

  • Aisha

    Im so excited for the Glossyboxs!!

  • This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing the good news. I am excited to try them out.

  • Stephanie C

    Great brand selection!

    And congrats on the display Brit!

  • Sooooo, I want a Glossybox! :) The products look amazing!!

  • ashley

    I so would love to try glossy box!

  • Would love to win! :-)

  • Rlyn

    I definitely want to try one of these!!! :)

  • Alisha

    holy molyyy
    so excited to try these out!

  • I want one!

  • I’ve been waiting for glossybox to come for ages!! i’m so excited.

  • Enjoli

    Would love to win something this year. Anything! LOL

  • Samantha

    That box is everything! Love it

  • Mikki

    I would love to win!

  • This looks amazing!! Good luck to everyone!

  • Traci B

    I’m always looking for new products to try! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I neeeeeed this in my life!!!

  • I would love to try it!

  • Joanna

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Elise Johnson

    Love it, and I’m super excited!

  • Katie McAllaster

    I’m really excited for this!

  • Elizabeth

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  • Anjali

    lol who doesn’t want a glossybox?!

  • I WANT ONE !!!!!

  • brittany b.

    oh my gosh! i’ve been waiting for this to come to the US forever

  • That looks much nicer than some that I’ve gotten. I’d love to win this.

  • Mati

    Yes!!! My sisters in the Uk rave about this all the dag on time!!! I hope to snag this …. They send great stuff!!

  • Sarah

    I would love love love to win!

  • Natalie

    I’ve always heard of these kinds of monthly subscriptions, and it would be really cool to try one out! This one looks especially luxurious!

  • Neat!

  • T.R.

    This looks really nice. I’m excited. :O)

  • Alexa

    Well I am excited to try new things looks interesting

  • Yes yes yes! I’ve never heard of it… I’d love to receive one!

  • LeToya

    OOOOOH this sounds great! Thanks for the opportunity Brittany! Good luck everyone!

  • It’s about time we had a good high end beauty box!!

  • tai

    I hope to win one!

  • Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Of course I want a glossybox! I love trying new things…makeup wise, at least.

  • Renee

    I would love to have a Glossybox!

  • Susan

    Yes, I would like to try a glossy Box. sounds wonderful. There are so many products out there that I probably would never try because I don’t know about them. What a great idea!

  • Harshleen@BeautyTidbits

    I’ve heard so much about Glossybox……hope to win!

  • Marian

    I cannot wait to sign up!!!

  • matildaben

    I’ve been kind of disappointed with Birchbox. This one sounds really nice, great brands.

  • This is so awesome! I would LOVE a GlossyBox!

  • Oh! I am so excited for Glossybox to come to the US!!

  • Crystal

    Im so excited about glossybox!!!! Whhhhooo hoooo!

  • I’m just starting to dip my lacquered toe into the monthly boxes!

  • Nausheen

    These look amazing! I love the packaging!

  • Cosmolude

    Yes, I’d definitely want a GLOSSYBOX

  • Ashley

    every time i sign up for one of these because i see a review with COOL products, i dont get the benefit of getting items from brands i ever heard of or even samples that could rival what i can get for free from sephora. i hope this is different!

  • I want a glossybox!!!! Great giveaway :)

  • Kristi

    Just watched a pixiwoo video & they talked about GlossyBox! Looks like a great one! I’m very excited that GlossyBox is coming to the US!

  • Tam

    I would love to win a Glossybox. It would be like Christmas in April!

  • Jessica

    I’ve always wanted to try a monthly subscription sample box, and I’m absolutely in love with GLOSSYBOX’s packaging @____@ when they come to the US I just might have to get a few!

  • colleen boudreau

    Yes! :)
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Kimberly

    yes! i would love one!

  • Madeline

    These look like so much fun to receive!

  • Calli

    Yes I want one!

  • cute packaging. i might be trying this out when it comes to the u.s :)

  • Jaime

    this looks awesome!

  • SR

    I got my first one in the mail today.. lots of goodies! I’ll probably let 3 months pass before i decide whether to keep the subscription or not!

    Good luck!

  • Ricky O

    So nice that they’re coming to America. It would be very cool if we got the exact same boxes as the Brits, but I’m guessing they won’t quite be the same. All the same, I’m anxious to see how they pan out!

  • Jessica

    From what I have heard, Glossybox sounds AMAZING! Would totally love to win.

  • AJ

    I’d love to try this!

  • Fun! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Samantha Tedesco

    YES!!! I want GLOSSYBOX!!!!!!!!!


  • CC

    yes yes i’d love to win

  • —————————– Sweeeeet! Of course I’d love to try Glossybox! :)

  • Melany

    The book looks so glam. I would LOVE to be one of the winners!

  • Katie

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m not subbed to any subscription boxes but this looks interesting!

  • moniquehasana

    Oh Gooodie, I have been dying to try this Glossy Box. Have a blessed day and great week

  • Can’t wait for this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • MsFarrah27

    I would love the chance to win on of these boxes!!

  • Melisa Edwards

    I would like to win!

  • I just want to be a london girl. always have…yet i’m from va

  • marta

    Awesome giveaway!!!Thank you

  • Lee

    Girl, you know that’s right!


  • Lisa


  • :::fingers crossed:::

  • These boxes are gonna have me in the poor house!

  • * this maybe the second comment. i tried to post one and it said error so if the other one did go thru sorry. :(

    anyways, i’m so excited for there to be glossybox in the US. i’ve seen posts & videos about glossybox from those in the UK and it always seems to have such great products. can’t wait to try it out, i’d love to win. thanks for the giveaway !

  • Faith

    This sounds so cool! Would love to try samples.

  • Suzanna

    Umm never heard of glossy box this is really exciting! So YES!! I would love a glossy box :)

  • Aimee K.

    This chic is in desperate need of some new swag!!

  • Kirsten

    I’m so curious to see what the Glossy box has to offer, and I’ve been wanted to get one for a long time!

  • Krista

    “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world (and a GlossyBox)” ~Marilyn Monroe

  • it look so fancy…and pretty! excited it’s dropping in the US!

  • Shade’

    Yes! I would love to win a GlossyBox!

  • Dimitrea

    Definitely would love to try the gloss box.

  • Selena torrealba

    I would love to win! Crossing my fingers!! Good luck ladies! :)

  • Lisa

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for offering it.

  • Liz M.

    Cool beans! :) Good luck all & have a happy Sunday. 😀

  • I’m so excited! I always see such good things in it when Get Gawjus reviews her boxes!!

  • Bo

    i would really like to win a glossy box!

  • Lisa A.

    Sweet ! I’d luv a GLOSSYBOX !

  • i’ve been waiting for them to arrive!!

  • danielle

    i wonder if the glossybox will be better than the birchbox ? cause this month BB gave a full size essie polish ! hard to beat yknow?

  • Vi

    Aha, yes! 😀

  • Yes yes yes!!!

  • YESSS! I’m always so jealous of the girls on the other side of the world! :)

  • Dee

    I would love to try this so yes! :) Thank you so much for the chance!

  • So excited!

  • Patty

    I’ve been meaning to get up on one of these subscription boxes, but $30/month is kind of steep for my broke college student budget. :( Thanks for doing this!

  • This is a great giveaway!

  • Chris

    wow! this is amazing!! would love to try this out!!!

  • Katie

    I’ve heard of Glossybox and it sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for having this giveaway B!

  • BeckyG

    I would love to win one of theses

  • Grace

    glossy box looks amazing, love the giveaway~

  • Absolutely love your site, you have the best mascara advice and I actually buy what you approve so if you approve the GLOSSYBOX, then it must be banging! Would I like one you ask? Yes please, I’d love one!

  • Katherine D

    I do! I never heard about them until post, but now I’m dying to have a glossybox!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Ooo I can’t wait to subscribe!

  • I’ve always wanted to try one of these!! Hope I win!

  • Erika P. Andal

    I want to win. ^^

  • Kelly

    I want one very badly. It would cheer me up so much to get something nice in the mail!

  • Ooh yay! This is a great giveaway, thanks for hosting it!

  • Christina Martin

    Love these things!

  • Juliana


  • Ohhhhh i hope i win. :-) thanks for hosting this!

  • Allykat

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway and Mascara Mondays. I’ve turned all my friends into your blog!

  • Erin Pitts

    I’ve seen the boxes they send out to other countries and they look awesome! Really hope to win.

  • Brittany

    I love giveaways!

  • Yay…this box looks like a real treat. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • meredith

    i would love to win!!!

  • Shanita

    I would love to win this!

  • Jess

    So excited for glossybox to come to the US

  • Super fun! *crosses fingers* :)

  • I haven’t had a lot of success with the subscription boxes, but I’m still curious about these lol.

  • Glossybox and Loose Button are two that I had hoped would come to the US!

  • Carolsue

    You better believe I want one!

  • Lisa

    I’ve been stalking Glossy Box’s website for a month. I can’t wait for it to launch in the US!!

  • I would totally love a Glossybox – what a neat way to sample new brands and discover new things about familiar ones!

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Elizabeth Hager

    I can’t wait to get glossybox.

  • AnnaMay

    Yayyy! I saw a UK based review for this and I was like “I wannt!” so thrilled it’s coming to the US! Thanks for holding the contest, girl! :)

  • Sharon

    This is nice. Never heard of Glossy Box but would like to try it. :-)

  • eb

    Would love to win this.

  • Alison

    I would love to try one of these beauty subscription services! Sounds like glossybox is a great one!

  • Beth

    This looks like it could be a great monthly beauty box. May have to add it to the host of others I already get!

  • Colene Eng

    I can’t wait to try this service out !

  • Sarah

    I’m so excited about them offering their service in the US!

  • Deanna G.

    Yes, I do! :)

  • Amy

    How exciting! I heard rumors about Glossybox coming to the US.

  • chris taddei

    yeah.. so excited

  • Oooo, this looks so fun!! Pick me!!

  • Clara

    I would love to win! 😀

  • Heck yes I want one :)

  • Jessica Scull

    yes please!!!

  • ohhh i’d love to win a monthly beauty subscription ! :)

  • Tam

    I would love to win glossybox! I am a makeup junkie and this is better than Christmas! lol

  • Bianca

    ohhh fun!! i SO want!

  • I’ve never tried any of these subscription services but they look so fun! Thanks for the giveaway, B!

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