Pretty Polishes: Jesse’s Girl polishes rock!

You know what sucks? Falling in love with a brand that you can’t get in your city. I know, there really are more important things to be worried about in the world. I should feel petty for caring about something so little. It’s the beauty blogger in me. Really, it is.

Take these polishes from Jesse’s Girl….

Gorgeous, right? But I can’t even find them here in Florida. Back when I lived in Los Angeles, I never gave the brand a second glance but now that I am thousands of miles away, of course I want to hoard ALL of their products. Especially their polishes.

Check out Julie G…

Now y’all know I have never ever been a fan of pink polishes (or pink the color…yucky) but this baby is awesoooome! She isn’t as “neon” as a hot pink but isn’t super coral either. She’s like a Pepto Bismol pink with a ton of coral thrown in. I loooooove it!

I love Glee too!

 Glee was hard to capture so I ended taking two pictures with two different cameras. The one above shows its truest color. In natural lighting, this foil-y polish with turquoise shimmer leans more on the blue side.

What’s not to love about a polish that reminds me of mermaids?

So yeah. I am loving these two Jesse’s Girl polishes. Must.have.more. The formula for both were excellent. The dry time was surprisingly fast and I can always appreciate a polish that dries with the quickness. You can grab Jesse’s Girl polishes at Rite Aid and online for $2.99.

Have you tried anything from Jesse’s Girl?


  • I have never had access to this line anywhere I’ve lived! So I only have one eye dust, which I love!

  • I see why it would suck. Oh gee, they look better than OPI finishes…..maybe there is online?

  • Glee is so pretty! It has such an interesting finish. I haven’t tried any Jesse’s Girl polishes yet but look forward to getting my hands on one…or two…

  • Glee is gorgeous!

  • Your nails are on point I bet any nail polish you wear looks good lol Im loving that pink tho, sadly AZ is not familiar with Jesse’s Girl either :(

    • Brittany

      We’ve GOT to get JG nationwide!

  • Love!!

  • I haven’t tried them yet, but I certainly will now! Loving both of the shades :)

  • Samantha32

    I love the color of your nails, lovely beautiful!

  • awww, I totally understand how you feel about not having a brand in your state/country.

    Especially since I am living in a non-manufacturing country, with lots of imports… … With all the licensing/copyright issues, and lag-time, we don’t get a lot of brands here, and our launches are a few weeks backward from the rest of the world.

    Talking about nail polishes, I wish we have a-England here.

    • Brittany

      I’d love a-England here too. And Nfu-Oh and Glitter Gal.

  • K.

    Glee looks a lot like Charla from Zoya & Catch Me In Your Net from OPI!

  • I actually haven’t tried anything from Jessie’s Girl but have heard such great things about their cosmetic line. These polishes are definitely all that you say and I’m hoping to gather up a few to add to my out of control collection.

  • When it comes to nailpolsih, I love sparkle! The pink resembles Ariels shells and the bluish/green her fin.

  • Glee looks a lot like Wet N Wild’s Teal of Fortune from their Fast Dry line. But you need to apply like 3 good coats to get opacity.

  • I just fell in love with Jessie’s Girl polishes, too! I went to check out Julie G’s collection and was like whoaa, so many pretties!

  • Beautiful! Love the shimmery blue-green (mermaid polish, indeed!), and really love the price point. Glee does remind me a lot of Zoya Charla, though. But it’s definitely stunning! Thank you for sharing these.

  • Maki

    I LOVE Jesse’s Girl products! I own almost all their high-pigment loose eye shadows, but their nail polish is gorgeous too! I currently own Confetti.

  • Your nails are so gorg! I have some serious nail envy because I have such small nail beds. (Off to go see if Jessie’s Girl is sold in Houston)