Mascara Monday : Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete mascara

There is a first time for everything. And that’s what I love about life. While sitting in a comfort zone ain’t always a bad thing – taking a walk on the wild side can be exhilarating. That said, this is my first time reviewing a Guerlain mascara. This is a big deal because Guerlain is such a luxury brand. One that I’ve always had a crush on. And while this mascara may be pricey, honey…using it was an experience. I feel so refined now. I know. I’m so dramatic.

Hold on…I think Hollywood is calling.

Price:$49 at
Packaging (brush wand): 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What It Claims: “This innovative mascara combines the extravagant luxury of a mirrored jewel case with a do-it-all formula that adds volume, lengthens, and curls. Black Pigments create perfectly defined eyes without any risk of smearing, smudging, or clumping. A fortifying agent helps to regenerate lashes by stimulating keratin for fortification and lash growth. Noir G goes one step further in creativity with its refillable applicator, making it convenient and easy to switch to a new wand as soon as you need it.” (source)

The Truth: I just….I can’t find the words.

What I Loved About It: This packaging is like a piece of jewelry. It’s amazing!

What I Didn’t Like: The fragrance. Thankfully it dissipated after application.

Overall: Before you get to griping about how much this mascara is, remember that there are folx who don’t mind dropping close to $50 on mascaras. The same goes for clothes, shoes and purses. Makeup, for many, is like an accessory and if making hefty investments in cosmetics is your thang, I say go for it! I will be reviewing this mascara based on its performance not on the premise of “OMG, it’s so expensive.” bit. Sound good?

That said, before I even pulled out the wand, I was impressed with the mascara’s feel.

It really feels more like a piece of jewelry than a mascara. It’s heavy so it probably won’t be great for toting around but for keeping on your beauty boudoir? It’s the perfect piece. The wand though? Meh.

It’s not the best wand I’ve ever seen but it isn’t the worse either. What makes the wand tricky to use is the mascara’s thick formula. This mascara’s formula reminds me of the formula of a mascara that has gone bad. Instead of it being fluid, it’s thick and it takes some swirling around in the tube to pick up enough mascara to get through the lashes. I actually prefer thinner formulas because I feel like they allow for build-ablility and can lessen the chance of clumping.

Luckily, the mascara didn’t give me clumps. Buuuut after 2 coats of mascara it gave me heavy matte lashes. Matte lashes are better than crunchy lashes but I found that hours after wear, the mascara started to flake away. No bueno.

While it lasted, it looked good. Not great. Not amazing. But good.

Oh! And there’s one more thing you should know about this mascara. It has a fragrance to it. It almost smells like a perfume. It  doesn’t stink. And while it was pleasant, I could have done without it. The smell dissipates after application but leave it to Guerlain to give you some “umph” in your mascara, uh?

Bare Lashes

Lashes after 2 coats


Do I recommend it?: If your wallet can handle it and you’re looking for something extra fancy, I’d give this one a try. I did expect more because of the price point. The good news is, if you find yourself loooooving this mascara, you can buy the refill for $26. Which is a whole ‘lot better than having to pay another $49.

What say you? Is this mascara one you think you’d want to try?


  • I could tell just by the packaging it was expensive! I would love to try this, but I just can’t justify spending $50 on a mascara. Maybe when I win the lottery? But if you decide you don’t want it after all, go ahead and mail it my way. 😉

  • Wow! The packaging of Guerlain! Just like their lipstick! :) your brows looked more define :)

  • Ursula

    I have tried this and I was so glad I did! I am in love with Guerlain and think their Rouge Gs are absolutely HG as far as lipsticks go and my experience with this mascara was exactly the same, it sure did not disappoint, in fact it really is the best mascara I have tried. I have such problem lashes, sparse, short and straight and even one coat of this gave me almost falsie looking lashes without any clumping and it lasted the entired day without any smearing or flaking too. Needless to say I immediately purchased it despite it being the most expensive mascara I can find locally (it runs about 70 here but yes refills are fortunately half). I am one that actually loves the fragrance in the Guerlain makeup and though I have very sensitive skin and eyes it has never caused a problem. The jewel case, no comment there, you cannot beat that, it is just one you can feel passionate about and guys love it when you pull it out in public.:))) After much search perhaps I have found my HG mascara, I might even stock up on refills…

  • I love Guerlain products, their goods always have that fragrance smell so I’m not surprised to hear that this mascara was no exception. I like the wand a lot though.

  • gio

    Wow, that’s one expensive mascara! It’s good to know you can just buy a refill. And it looks really great on you!

  • Extremely interesting mascara. I think it defined your lashes well.

  • danielle

    would you consider alternating between drugstore and high end mascaras for mascara monday? you’ve done only high end for a while. thaaaaanks B

    • Brittany

      Hi love, I usually toggle between posting high and low end mascara reviews. Last week was a $3 mascara and next week will be a $5 mascara. 😉

  • For $50, I want the mascara to come with a hot French dude to put it on me. I don’t really care how a cosmetic looks as long as it functions as I want, so this to me would be a gigantic waste of money.

    I felt the same way about the Diorshow mascara. It smelled strongly of roses, and just didn’t work well enough to justify an over-$25 pricetag. For that kind of cash, I better see a choir of angels descending from heaven as I apply it. Feh.

  • Doesn’t matter whether it is heavy or not, in my purse, I’m leaving a $50 mascara at home on the sacred vanity! I might even have to put it in the jewelry armoire because it is too ritzy for the makeup drawer. 😉
    Thanks for the review.

    • Ursula

      So true, lol, I do the same, they are part of our gorgeous collections of objects of art.:))) I prefer either leaving it home as decoration after using it or I use a special Guerlain case for it if travelling, that is what I use for my Rouge Gs to ensure them not getting scratched. But beauty of the product case put aside, Guerlain has delivered again as to the quality of the product inside as well. My wallet will not like it but I sure do.

  • eko

    luv it

  • victoria

    You sold me at matte lol. I can’t wear glossy mascaras so this was worth hearing about! I don’t wear foundation so I put my $$ into eye makeup and mascara.

    I’ve heard Guerlain products smell great, I’d probably take a whiff of it at the counter just to be sure. Hypnose Drama has a slight fragrance and it doesn’t bother me so this one probably wouldn’t either.

    I do like hearing about luxury mascaras as well as drugstore and I think you have the perfect balance of both kinds on MM so thanks!

    • Ursula

      I have also used Hypnose Drama and liked it quite well but that one does clump and flake quite a bit and this Guerlain is very impressive looking one but it separates far better without clumping and flaking. Also, I do not think it smells stronger than HD does and the scent is really pleasant. I have found that even for allergic people like me (very bad case) it is generally not the fragrance that is irritating but certain ingreadients. Take for example Clinique, I cannot wear their mascaras as for some reason my lashes fall out from them even though they are fragrance free (and they are not very good either in my humble opinion). Do not have a problem with Lancome or Guerlain and they are scented but actually I find that really nice as well.

  • Woooow, this looks great! But for $50? My college student budget is struggling as it is haha. LOVE this blog, can’t wait to check out some more mascaras from you. <3 Do you have any favorites?

    • Brittany

      Check out “My Faves” tab. :)