Cleanin’ pretty with Nuance Salma Hayek’s Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Did y’all know the gorgeous Salma Hayek had a line at CVS Pharmacy? I didn’t! Aaaand, did you know the collection primarily consists of paraben-free products? Of course that reason is why I am already so in love with the brand. I’ve got my hands on a few of the products but first up, I’ll be showcasing the amazing Detoxifying Facial Cleansing & Toning Towelettes.

These are just wonderful. Especially for lazy biddies like me who want to wash their faces at night but don’t feel like going through the whole ‘turn the water on, lather up, massage, rinse and dry’ thing. Don’t get me wrong. Washing the face is ALWAYS a must but I love these towelette alternatives. And since these have so many claims, well…I expected a lot.

What the towelettes say they’ll do:

Cleanse and soothe the skin in one step with a gentle blend of Quillaja Extract, Chamomile and Citric Acid, balanced to remove impurities, soften and moisturize.

Packaging-wise, I think the 25 pre-moistened towelettes for $7.99 is a pretty good deal. I do wish they would have rounded off to 30 though. That way, at least you’d have a month worth of towelettes.

Opening, closing and removing towelettes is easy enough.

I love that there is sturdy plastic cover. Many brands have stickers on their facial towelettes and while they may work, they often dry the towelettes out quicker. This top will ensure that the cleanser stays ON the towelette without drying up.

For a second, I thought that these would be great for removing makeup too, but nope…stick with cleansing the skin. These are nice and cotton-y but also lint-ty. Which is great for removing concealer, foundation and the day’s dirt from the skin but not for removing mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Your best bet is to thoroughly remove eye makeup before using these.

Ingredients-wise, I can so appreciate how these are paraben and alcohol-free.

I do take the term “Non-irritating” with a grain of salt though. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products, ya know?


-Perfect for traveling, overnight bags or for keeping at your desk or in your car for quick “I need to refresh my face” fixes.
-Wipe stays moistened long enough to clean the face…and neck. 8)
-Feels REALLY good and my dry skin doesn’t feel all tight afterwards.
-Oh yeah…it’s paraben-free. Y’all know how much I appreciate paraben-free products.


-The fragrance of these is a little strong for me. I definitely wish they were fragrance-free. I’d love them so much more. Buuuut, the fragrance definitely doesn’t linger so that’s a good thing.
-Because they are a bit linty, you want to avoid the eye area to prevent lint from falling into the eyes.

Overall: I really like these. They are the perfect addition to the other Nuance Salma Hayek items. I so think all makeup lovin’ guys and gals should keep facial towelettes on hands. Not just for those lazy days but also for cleaning up brushes quickly. I loves ’em.

Are you a fan of cleansing towelettes?

  • The Nuance Line at CVS is kind of amazing. I tried a couple of her eyeshadows, and lipsticks, and theyre right up my alley. Ive heard her shampoos are amazing as well. As for the towelettes above..I need to check these out. I admit I’m usually quite lazy about washing my these look great.

  • victoria

    I’ve seen the Salma Hayek line at CVS for a while, I’ll be interested in your review of the products!

    I’m looking for eye makeup remover wipes with that plastic snap cover. I’m loving the Victorias Secret ones but they just have that sticker that allows the product to dry out.

  • Aisha L

    I LOVE her line!! Her passion fruit cream cleanser is amazing and I swear by her day creams and night creams.

  • I love cleansing towelettes with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns– they are always the first step in nighttime face-washing process.

    I think $7.99 for 25 is waaaay too dear, however. Like you say, not even a month’s worth for almost a tenner? No thx.

  • B. Anna Carrasco

    Nuance shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair is totally AMAZING!!!! I bought it just because I couldn’t find the brand that I usually use. I WILL NEVER TO BACK TO THAT OTHER BRAND!!!! NUANCE SHAMPOO HAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE SCENT EVER! MY QUESTION IS: DO YOU ALSO MAKE A BODY WASH, COLOGNE, PERFUME, LOTION, ETC WITH THE SAME SCENT? I WILL BUY THEM ALL IF YOU DO!!!!

  • Aimee

    I was going to purchase until I saw fragrance in the list of ingredients. Generally, a company can put as many as 200 different chemicals under the guise of a fragrance. I do wish people as well as celebrities would do their research. We are all being poisoned by the many chemicals we use daily.

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