A great body scrub for when the sand at the beach isn’t available….

Did I tell y’all I went to the Bahamas a few weeks ago? Yep! Esposo and I took a quick 3-day cruise to one of my favorite islands. Too bad we didn’t get to do much because sooooomeone hurt himself after falling off of a scooter. The other someone has been playing nurse ever since. Womp.

I’m a Florida girl who loves beaches. For many reasons but primarily because the sand is so exfoliating. Yep. You heard correctly. I mix sand and water and exfoliate my feet, legs and hands right on the beach. I should probably be embarrassed about admitting this, but I’m not.

Since I couldn’t get my beach scrubbin’ on, I’ve been playin’ around with Pooka Pure & Simple’s Sugar Body Polish.

Oh girl. This is the bomb dot com.

Not all scrubs are the same, ya know. Some are great for exfoliating but in return they can leave the skin a bit rough. Which totally defeats the point of scrubbing, right? Pooka Pure & Simple’s Sugar Body Polish has cane sugar and coconut oil so I can get my scrub on and moisturize at the same time. It’s wonderful. Pomegrante and kiwi are two of my favorite fruits so the fragrance is definitely up my alley. But can I be honest? I’d love this just as much if it was fragrance-free.

Bits of kiwi seed greet me at each handful…

…and after sloughing away the dead skin cells, I am left with super soft and moisturized skin. The 12 oz tub goes for $20 and Pooka Pure & Simple also has Coconut Crunch and Guava Berry scents as well.

Yes girl. Yes. You can pick up a tub here.

A fan of body scrubs are you, darlings?

  • :O look so wonderful!

  • Celine

    I just went on to the website and lucky for me they accept paypal which a lot of companies don’t :) Could you recommend one though that isn’t very harsh because I am a fan of scrubs, but I have quite sensitive skin. The one I have now leaves my skin feeling a little irritated.

    • Brittany

      Hi lovely, I’d stick with either of the 3. Since you’ve got sensitive skin (so do I), try using the scrub on just one part of your body to see how your skin reacts.

  • victoria

    I’ve been definitely looking for a sugar scrub, this one looks good but I’ve also got my eye on Fresh sugar body polish, also paraben free I think!

  • Ro

    Noting better than a great scrub! I can’t wait to try this out

  • Weird. Looks just like sand. Like how it says it’s made out of yummy organic cane sugar. Hopefulyl no ones testing that out!

  • danielle

    asking for the coconut crunch for my birthday! but i will be at the beach that day, so maybe i can try YOUR mixture trick :)