Buttah-licious with Pooka Pure & Simple’s Whipped Cream

Da butters. Have y’all ever seen that video of the lady on YouTube who was upset at Black people  (she was kidding, of course) for hiding what she called “the butters”? It’s a hilarious video. One that had me rollin’ for weeks. In said video, she mentioned that she recently discovered shea butter and cocoa butter and she was blown away at their amazingness.

The truth is, I’ve been using “the butters” for a looooong time. Years. Decades. Pooka Pure & Simple has an amazing blend of whipped butters that I have been using daily. Daily, ya’ll.

There are so many benefits that come with using shea and cocoa butters. From completely moisturizing the skin to helping fade scars and dark spots, the butters rock. And I love that Pooka has included some of my favorite other ingredients…

Gotta love products that have minimal ingredients. All of which you can name. That rarely happens. But it’s the norm among the preservative-free goodness that is Pooka Pure & Simple. I am sensitive to fragrances and so I love that this doesn’t have a darn thing in it. There is a bit of a nutty smell but it’s faint and dissipates after the butter is rubbed all in. Speaking of the butter…

…in sinks right into the skin. And the best part? There isn’t an oily residue. I usually only use buttahs during the winter time but considering this doesn’t leave my skin feeling super oily, I can get down with using it daily. And yeah – I know it’s technically wintertime but I live in Florida. Ain’t no winter here.

This 6.5 oz tub of whipped goodness goes for $16. Steep but it’ll last you forever. Aaaand, there are scented versions of the whipped cream.

This is hands down one of my favorite Pooka products.

Whatcha think? A lover of buttahs, are you?

  • I haven’t heard of Pooka before, but would love to try it. The whipped cream looks really nice.

  • victoria

    LOL I searched “hiding the butters” and that video is hilarious!

  • Love me some butters, seriously! I’m convinced I’ve used them for so long my skin can’t make it’s own moisture anymore … it’s addicted to butters! Now you know I have to check out that YouTube video.

  • Have you tried their body butters? They are so luscious! I have the Guava Mango Body butter and it is so yummy and the smell lingers all day. It’s also great to use after shaving and it leaves my skin super soft. I’m going to have try the whipped butters soon.

    • Brittany

      YES!! The body butters are magnificent toooooo.

  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE butters. My tub of Palmer’s cocoa butter and I can never be apart for long. I used to have lip balm-esque sticks of it in my purse but then one melted and thus the stick version and I are on the outs.

  • Harshleen@BeautyTidbits

    This sounds awesome for my dry skin and I’m loving the short n sweet ingredient list! Thanks for the rec…….where can I find it in stores?

  • Martika

    I love this stuff it’s great not for the body but for your face and babies too!

  • LOL @ the part where she talks about following the trail of ash….wow! That being said, I’m going to try some of the Pooka butters. Maybe the black cherry! I can’t stand the scent of Palmer’s so I’ve been afraid anything else would smell like that, too.