Pretty Polishes: Pure Ice Green With Silver Crackle

Pure Ice was another one of the amaziiiiing sponsors for our March Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meetup. It’s been forever and a day since I’ve tried anything from Pure Ice. The good news is, the formula is still as good as I remembered it.

Pretty green, uh? It’s a nice hunter green with a subtle shimmer. I applied 2 coats and whoa mama…it dried quickly. I so don’t remember Pure Ice polishes drying THAT quickly. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Then I added a coat of silver crackle polish…

It’s definitely one of the better crackle polishes I’ve seen. I haven’t worn a crackle polish in a loooooong time (I think I wore ’em  too much when they first came out) so this was refreshing. Glad to see Pure Ice is cranking out gorgeous polishes.

You can grab this duo from Walmart and online for less than $6. Noooot bad.

Special thanks to Pure Ice for sponsoring us beauty obsessed gals in Central Florida.

Have you tried anything from Pure Ice lately?

  • That’s a gorgeous green on you! I like the crackle with it too.

  • Great minds think alike! I’m posting this up today! lol I love this green, I can’t wait to wear it next winter!

  • Love!

  • FAB. No, I haven’t tried yet and honestly never heard of until reading your blog. This is such a pretty green.

  • Mia D

    It’s funny how some trends don’t make it the first time around. I wore this stuff over 10yrs ago in junior high school and everyone thought it was stupid. Who knew that it’d come back and everyone would go crazy over it!

  • danielle

    im skeptical of crackles because i tried two and they didnt work. wet n wild & sally hansen. i was disappointed, but this one looks okay.