NYX’s Color Lip Balms roooock!

Yep, it’s me again. Bragging about the awesomeness that are lip balms. I do this frequently. Probably more than I need too but honestly… What’s better than a lip balm? A drying lipstick? A sticky lipgloss? I think not. Lip balms will always run the world for because as much as I love lipsticks and glosses they just can’t moisturize my lippies as well as balms can. And even better than a lip balm is a tinted lip balm. And in this case, NYX Cosmetics’ Color Lip Balms.

Here’s what NYX has to say about these kids,

“Add color and moisturize to your lips in one application. When your lips crave hydration and you crave color, NYX Cosmetics new Color Lip Balm is the perfect option! Get the moisture, shine, and a sheer wash of color your lips desire while still looking natural. Available in 12 shades.” (source)

They ain’t lyin’ about the moisture. I find myself wearing these for hours at a time without my lips getting all dry and flaky. The color range is pretty awesome too. From neutrals to bright pinks and reds, there’s a little somethin’ for everyone. Yeeep, you read correctly. I typed “red”.

You hear that gals who think they can’t wear red lipstick? Even if you are still fearful of rockin’ red, wearing a sheer red balm like NYX’s Grazie is a great gateway color to wearing super pigmented red lippies.

Featured here I’ve got Spasibo, Grazie and Xie Xie.

And some swatches….

I love using these in the morning when I’m headed out the door for work. They give me enough “color” so that I feel polished and unlike lipsticks and glosses, they won’t leave prints all over my water bottle or whatever I’m eating for breakfast. And if it’s some EXTRA color that I’m craving, I can also use a lipliner with these.

Spasibo is the neutral kid of the bunch and it virtually disappears on the lips.

Grazie is what I would describe as a light red. It has just a bit of coral in it but it’s the kind of shade that will compliment gals of all hues.

And then there’s Xie Xie, my favorite. Xie Xie is a pinky raspberry that actually leaves a bit of a stain once it disappears from the lips. Niiiiice!

When comparing these to Revlon Lip Butters, these aren’t nearly as pigmented but just as moisturizing. They aren’t half bad and the price point is groovy too. $3.79 isn’t much and if you’re diligent enough, you can probably catch them on sale at Ulta. Hollllaaa!!!

I love you, NYX. I love these balms and I love RuPaul’s Drag Race.

That last bit was random. Kinda but not really. 8)

  • Mia D

    Wow $3.79 is way more reasonable than the Revlon Lip butters. I might have to try one. I found that the consistency of the Revlon LBs isn’t the same for each color. I got a berry one with sparkles in it that was really dry while the Creamsicle (a nude color) was pretty hydrating. If they had kept the consistency the same for all the colors I would’ve bought up more. Any sort of color to a balm is a win for me since clear ones tend to make it look like I have gunk on my lips.

  • These look really nice – I love tinted lip balms for every day wear! Thanks for the review :)

  • Celine

    If you haven’t tried Clinique chubby sticks, you should! It’s the same idea as the revlon lip butters which I haven’t tried yet, but the Clinique ones are amazing! I have mine in chucky cherry which is a sheer cherry hue and it’s the only red shade I can pull off and it looks awesome.

  • gio

    I love tinted lip balms and these sound wonderful! I really love the look of Xie Xie, so pretty!

  • Janice D.

    If you are a lip balm lover try Buddha Balm. It’s lip balm with style and a soul and it works!

  • Wow these look awesome! I like the Grazie!!

  • Pretty!!

  • danielle

    i would love to get these, i also love Drag U!!

  • These are practically a steal compared to the Revlon Lip Butters! I’ve been eying a few shades from this line, so I think the next time I feel the urge to buy any Lip Butters I’ll just run to Ulta instead… two of these for the price of one of those!

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  • I love these!! They are such a good price and work great since they are quick and easy!

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  • These look gorgeous and the price is even more so, great swatches :)

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  • I’ve been curious about these! They look like a great thing to carry in your purse for touch ups. :)