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| April 1, 2012 | 44 Comments


This was the “surprise” that I tweeted about 8 months ago. I sent out a very suspicious tweet back in 2011 tellin’ folx to look out for “something”. It was crazy vague. But a week ago – they finally hit the stands.

“They” being Maybelline’s Best of Beauty Blog’s displays in Target stores nationwide. Each row features a quote from a beauty blogger. And of course I just had to throw my 2-cents in on the greatness that is Maybelline’s Great Lash LOL mascara. I mean, it only makes sense, right?

Without getting too emotional – this is such a big deal to me. I’ve been blogging on Clumps for what will be 5 years in June. Wow. And while I don’t aim to be all “celebrity-ish”, my goal is to leave footprints. I don’t want to be just another beauty blog. I want to be inspirational. I want to crush stereotypes. And this display does so much for me. It let’s the world know just how powerful us bloggers are. How our voices matter. This display is like another step in the right direction for bloggers everywhere. Just like the Bloggers’ Obsession collection from MAC Cosmetics was. It’s a good time to be a beauty blogger and I’m so glad that I invested my time in doing something I truly love.

I’ve never been prouder to be a grad school dropout.

Which sounds horrible, I know but for years I was forcing myself to do what I thought I SHOULD have been doing instead of what I truly wanted to do. But alas, everything happens for a reason and little gems like this remind me of that.

If you spot this display in your city, take a picture and send it to me or upload it to the Clumps Facebook page. And lots of love to my fellow beauty blogging sister Amber from Beauty Junkies Unite who also made it on the display. Woot!

Oh! And in other Target beauty news…did you know the Boots section of Target has a mirror and disposable tissues and cotton swaps?

Cauuute, right? I love Target. So so much.

Ciao lovelies! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


P.S. – I totally forgot that it was April Fool’s Day here in the States so no, this is totally for real. Like fo real fo real. 8)

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  1. Ariel B says:

    I can’t even say how proud I am of you. You are one of my dearest friends and I remember when you were just a newbie to beauty products just trying to educate other newbies. Look at you now! You and Clumps have come so far. Totally inspired by you!
    Ariel B recently blogged about FD Trend Watch: Sorbet Colored Skinny JeansMy Profile

  2. Danielle says:

    Congrats girl! That so awesome. I ♥ Target too.

  3. Phyrra says:

    I can’t wait to see you at Target! That is so awesome! You rock! <3
    Phyrra recently blogged about I’m Feeling Nail-Venturous – FloamMy Profile

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and passion you put into your blog! Who says you have to follow a certain path? You are definitely creating your own. BIG CONGRATS!
    Karen recently blogged about Hair| Outre half wig called TeriMy Profile

  5. Joanne_ says:

    congratulations b!
    Joanne_ recently blogged about Tell Me How You Feel….Part 3My Profile

  6. Amber says:

    So proud of you, darlin’! WOOT WOOT!

  7. kkimberly2004 says:

    omggggggg!!!!! Brittney!!!! I am soooo happy and very proud of you! Great job on following your heart. It’s been said that if you find something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! It’s also been said that hard work pays off and you are certainly a marvelous example! Congratulations on the new marriage, new changes in your career, and all the new(s) that are coming into your life. You are in a great space in your life. Enjoy it, devour it, surrender in it and stay in the now.

  8. Aj says:

    Wow! That is HUGE! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations :)
    Aj recently blogged about Top Non-Makeup Items I Need for my Makeup StationMy Profile

  9. Mora says:


    But my one question is: why isn’t there a pic posted here of you smiling next to your achievement?! Please post one! You deserve it!

    Mora recently blogged about LosingIt, GainingMe: Body Type Workouts. . .My Profile

    • Brittany says:

      Haha, I shall. When I spotted this, I just got camera happy and there wasn’t anyone to take a pic of me. ;)

  10. Amina says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!

  11. Jeneille says:

    Congrats! It seems as though the world is catching up to the voices of bloggers. It’s good to know that they are finally paying attention

  12. Ro says:

    Congrats!!! What an honor…so happy for you!!!
    Ro recently blogged about Your Closet Called – All White Everything!My Profile

  13. gio says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!
    gio recently blogged about Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.16My Profile

  14. Jen says:

    That is so cool! Congrats

  15. Erica says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Brittany. So proud of you. This is huge!
    Erica recently blogged about Sleek MakeUp Blush By 3: Pink Sprint Swatches & ReviewMy Profile

  16. Sili says:

    I’m teary-eyed for you! OhEmGee! I am rushing over to Target to get like 5 of these! I love it. So proud to have met you. This is going to be a fantastic year for you filled with all of the blessings you open yourself up to!

    Sili recently blogged about It’s Not Easy Being Green…Or a BloggerMy Profile

  17. Chai says:

    omg…beyond epic!! And….like I really need another reason to peddle through the aisles of Target, loL!! Can’t wait to see the display, congrats Brit;))
    Chai recently blogged about A Stone Of Hope in DCMy Profile

  18. Congrats!!! Congrats!!! Congrats!!!!

    I have my camera ready to snap a photo and twit pic!!!
    Sherry Blossom recently blogged about STREET STYLE: 1 MAN, 1 WOMAN, 2 NATIVE NEW YORKERS & A 74 DEGREE DAY IN MARCHMy Profile

  19. Crystal S says:

    I am so looking for a Clumps sign to photo bomb. I am super proud of you!
    Crystal S recently blogged about Enjoy The Sunshine with Beauty From The Earth…The YellowsMy Profile

  20. Channing says:

    I’m so excited for you. You are seriously are such an inspiration. Not just because of how much you’ve accomplished but that you are still so humble and uplifting in the process. Go Brittany!!
    Channing recently blogged about Perfectly Polished: Chanel JuneMy Profile

  21. Kishia says:

    Annnnnndddd this is why I sent you the email shout out a few weeks back! This site is so dope! Kudos to Target & Maybelline for recognizing that consumers want to buy products that they KNOW real people have used AND liked.

    Not some manufactured product created using a machine & a robot and perfect for cleaning your home- but not putting on your face. Kudos :)

  22. jamie says:

    Congratz B!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This is amazing!! Congratulations, Brittany.

  24. Diva Style says:

    CONGRATS, BRITTANY! So, So AWESOME!! Continue to live out your dreams!!

  25. Way to go! This is so exciting! Congratulations. :)
    The Lacquer Tracker recently blogged about Jessica Smokey Feather / Revlon Carbonite ComparisonMy Profile

  26. annelise says:

    Congratulations B! This is so very exciting! I want to go buy some just to support your wonderfulness!
    annelise recently blogged about The Pink Feather Necklace.My Profile

  27. Alina says:

    Yay! This is so exciting! Congratz, Hun!

  28. Claire says:

    Wow, this is so awesome! Congrats!! I will definitely look for this display next time I’m at Target. :) Clumps is a great blog by a great lady, and it deserves every bit of praise and promotion that it gets!
    Claire recently blogged about Knackered by butterLONDONMy Profile

  29. How amazing Brittany! Congratulations. But how could they NOT use you on it?
    Stef | we heart this recently blogged about MEGA Giveaway: Win 48 new spring products from Milani Cosmetics!My Profile

  30. Stephanie C. says:

    Ahh, Brittany! This is so exciting and I am thrilled for you. I can completely relate to what you said about doing what you love- I go to an art school and that is one of our mottos! You deserve being rewarded like this for all the great contributions you make to the blogging world!
    Stephanie C. recently blogged about Contrasting nails: saturated and grayscale.My Profile

  31. MochaMishMash says:

    That’s soo cool! Congrats!! :)

  32. An says:

    How awesome! Congrats!! ^___^

  33. missykeyana says:

    Congratulations! I really like your blog and it’s great that you are getting some recognition!

  34. Amanda says:

    Congrats! That is awesome!

  35. This is must be so exciting for you, congratulations! Everything you posted about not going to grad school and following your dreams is very inspiring. I also decided not to go to grad school, I’ve only been blogging for about a year and it’s slow going but I love it and seeing your hard work let’s me know it will pay off even if it remains for fun.

  36. victoria says:

    OMG this is so exciting and well deserved!

  37. O my gosh! How exciting! Congrats!!
    Glamorous Mama recently blogged about China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters: Polarized SwatchMy Profile

  38. Trina J says:

    That is really cool! I am truely happy for you!:)
    Trina J recently blogged about Make Up Forever Flash Color CaseMy Profile

  39. Eugenia says:

    I need to look for it! I haven’t been to Target but since I live right next to one I might have to make a special trip!
    Eugenia recently blogged about Custom Lip Colors with Artisan BeautyMy Profile

  40. cheryl says:

    Congratulations, and thank you! This post made me check out your review, which made me take a trip to Target … my store doesn’t have the blogger display, but it does have the mascara, and on sale for $3.89. You’re right, this stuff is GREAT – and I don’t like regular Great Lash at all.

    I’m just afraid they’ll discontinue it and I’ll lose that awesome brush.

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  42. [...] to spy it, post a pic on the Clumps of Mascara Facebook page. This is bringing back memories from my Target display this past Spring so I am all kinds of giddy. I love when brands show bloggers love. Woo hooo! [...]

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