Wet ‘n Wild Fauna and Flora collections

Inquiries about Wet ‘n Wild’s Fauna and Flora sets have been blowin’ up my inbox. And I see why. Have you gals spotted these in your drugstores yet? OMG…Wet ‘n Wild does it again. And affordably so!  Look at these. Look at them, I say!

And don’t turn your nose up to ’em either. Their $4.99 price tags don’t mean that these are those crappy bootleg brand eyeshadow sets that come out around the holidays. I’ve long begun to start associating Wet ‘n Wild with quality goodness. And you should too, girlfriend. Even if you are a higher-end kind of gal. Gas just hit $4/gallon here in Central Florida and I am going to be pinching pennies even more now than ever.

Gas, ugh. I just depressed myself. Anyway, let’s move on…

These beautiful sets should be in your drugstores but because they’re so affordable, awesome, cool and special (adjective overload, much?) folx are snaggin’ them up with the quickness. If you’re wondering if they are in your neck of the wood, check out Nouveau Cheap’s Interactive Map.

On we go!! These Flora and Fauna sets rock primarily because you get so many products in ’em. For less than $5 you get…

-1 Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio (regularly priced at $2.99)
-1 Color Icon Mini Blusher
-1 Glassy Gloss Lip Gel (regularly priced at $2.99)
-1 Fast Dry Nail Color (regularly priced at $1.99)

So just by scooping this up, you’re saving over $3. Hollerrrr!!

Let’s take a peek at Fauna first.

Pretty stuffs, uh? The Fauna palette is niiiice.

A little chalky at first swatch, these shadows can easily become creamier and easier to use a little effort.

…and a clearer pic of that purple.

The blush is a shimmery pink and it goes by the name Pearlescent Pink.

It’s a bit lighter than most of the blushes I wear but somehow it still compliments my complexion. So I’m not complainin’.

Lippy-wise we’ve got Glass Confusion, a frosty and creamy pink. Not my style but the great thing about these lippies is that they have a peppermint-y taste. Not that I mean to go around licking my lips but you know what I mean.

Aaaand for the nails, we’ve got Teal or No Teal.

I applied one coat of polish to the nail on the left and 3 coats to the nail on the right. Even with 3 coats, this is one super sheer polish.

Next up is Lady Flora!

Does this palette not scream Spring or what?

These shadows are a bit cooler than the Flora palette and while they are just a sheer, they are gorgeous.

Blush-wise, we’ve got a warmer one in this set. Mellow Wine is a matte blush that has a tad bit more warmth to it than Pearlescent Pink does.

Mow the Glass Glossy Glass is a super gel-y lip gloss with a pink tint to it. It looks clear on my lips though.

I’m not sure if Twining Vines is a permanent shade but if so, I don’t know how I missed this one. This shimmery olive is goooorgeous. It has chrome finish and it’s absolutely stunning.

Overall: Fauna and Flora both rock. And even if you come across these and you’re not feeling 1 or 2 of the products, you didn’t spend a ton of money on ’em so all isn’t lost.

Weigh in….which set do you like more? Fauna or Flora?

  • Not interested in fauna, but dang do I NEED flora

  • tezza

    I really like this post! At first i really liked the first set fauna. but then with closer look i am totally falling in love with the other collection. I just have no idea what to wear the eyeshadow set with, any suggestions?

    • Brittany

      Try applying a gold eyeshadow all over the lid and then dapping the orange in the outer-V. I used the green in the crease but instead of using that light green as on the browbone, I like smudging it a bit under my bottom lashes. It’s goooorgeous!

  • wow I love these sets! Can’t decide which one I would want, so probably I will try to get both 😀

    • Brittany

      You should. These sets together cost less than a lipstick at some places.

  • oooo, I bought the Fauna palette off ebay! You’re tempting me to get the flora palette too.

    it’s really a pity that my country just refuses to bring in Wet n Wild.

    • Brittany

      You’re in Singapore right, babe?

  • I would pay for the green polish alone!! Do you know if its available seperatly? BTW the 2nd blush, Mellow Wine, looks really great on you. Do you know how it would compare to Melba from MAC?

    • Brittany

      I think because it’s a mini blush, it isn’t sold separately. And I’m not sure about that MAC blush. I’ve never tried it.

  • gio

    The flora set is so pretty! It’s so unfair that Wet n Wild has pulled out of Italy now that they’re starting to release such wonderful products!

    • Brittany

      Noooo!! They so need to make their way back to Italy!!

  • Glass Confusion is a great center of the lip highlight & Twining Vines is new! I still think its weird that one nail polish is LE & another has been out a long time. I reviewed these too…love them!

  • I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danielle

    i really want those shadows & blushes!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    I totally just ran to my local Walgreens to purchase these. I found both of them and they are well in-stock. I added to the map.

  • I am so glad you found these! I adore mine, in fact I can almost see pan the Orange shadow in Fauna..And I still get weak in the knees over the blue in Flora.

  • Awesome value- can’t wait for these to (hopefully) show up where I am. I’ll definitely be picking one (or both!) of these up. I’m leaning towards Flora; I’m loving the look of the polish in that one!

  • I live in North Florida (Jacksonville) and I found the collection at my local Walgreens. I purchased the Fauna collection specifically for the gorgeous green nail polish but I think I’m gonna love that orange eyeshadow. Thanks for reporting what is hot, fresh and most importantly cost effective.