Amor de Lacquer: Wet ‘n Wild MegaLast nail colors

These are just a few of Wet ‘n Wild’s MegaLast nail polishes in their new bottles. They also have wider brushes (wooo hooo!) but I’ll talk more about those at the foot of the post. Let’s bring on the polish p0rn!

Under Your Spell is such a pretty a beautiful ahd shimmery burgundy. It’s all vampy and gorge.


I Need A Refresh-mint is a nice and creamy pale blue. It’s got a bit more green to it but of course the Nikon wouldn’t pick it up.


Undercover is a such a Grandma shade but if you’re into rosy pinks, this isn’t a bad one.

I Red A Good Book is a fire-engine red that if you looooove reds, you’ll love. These are my kind of reds. This classic and just goooorgeous.

Club Havana is all smudged up but ignore that middle finger, mkay? It’s an orange-y coral that will look stunning with some glitter thrown on top.


Disturbia is a vampy purple with minimal shimmer. It’s a vampy purple that actually LOOKS purple – and that’s rare.  


Formula-wise these polishes are niiiiiice. I love the wide brush but I did run into a problem with a few of them. Some of the “hairs” were cut unevenly and so it made applying tricky. In ended up having to cut a few with cuticle scissors just to apply with an even finish. So no, not the end of the world but it’s worth mentioning if you’ve got your eyes on these. I used 2 coats of polish for each polish. You can scoop ’em up for $1.99 a pop. Not bad, uh?



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  • Pretty!!

  • Lou

    I like the Refresh-mint shade. And only $1.99? I’m going to pick up a bottle of this. Thank you.

  • m @ nyc

    You should try the Tropicalia shade, LOVE IT!!

  • gio

    Disturbia looks very pretty!

  • Ramona

    Brittany, can you do a post (or direct me to one…)on how you apply your nail polish? I love that you do not extend the polish all the way to the cuticle, but can’t figure out how to do that myself. It looks soo neat and tidy. Not to mention that you have beautiful nails and nail beds. (don’t think that I have ever complimented anyone on that before, hmmm…)

    btw: I think that you put two shots of Disturbia up in the post and left out the under your spell shot that was in the collage…

    • Brittany

      Thanks for the heads up about Disturbia and for suuuuure, I’ll work on doing a post about nail polish application. :)

  • Club Havana is kinda hot! Love it!!

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