4 Awesome Lippies Under $10

Havin’ a bad day? Buy a lippy. That’s one of my many mantras. There really isn’t anything more therapeutic than scooping up a new lippy after a trying day. Then again – I don’t even need for a day to be bad to buy one. 😀 I play nicely with both drugstore and higher-end products but lately it seems to be drugstore lippies that have been stealing the show. These 4 have been in constant rotation in my makeup stash.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters 

I’d like to haul all of ’em but that would be unnecessary. Because who really needs THAT many lip butters? Okay – don’t answer that. I have only 4. Not bad when they’ve got more than 20, uh?

Physicians Formula pH Powered Lip Gloss

Y’all have nooooo idea how much I love this lipgloss. And it’s not really because of how awesome the formula is. Nor is it the long-lasting gloss turned into lip stain aspect. What do I love most? It lights up! I could be on the beach with the sun shinning on my head and I will still turn the light on. Best lipgloss ever. This doesn’t ever need to be discontinued.

Wet ‘n Wild Fuchsia with Blue Pearl 


Considering this lipstick is on sale for $0.69, you pretty much owe it to yourself to scoop it up. A fantastic lipstick for only a buck? I mean, come oooon…

NYX Color Lip Balms

Imagine a world where chapsticks get along. Oh. We live in that world. And thankfully NYX Cosmetics lives here with us. These lip balms are nothing short of amazing. They moisturize, provide a subtle pop of color and are tote-able and cheap. Will haul all.

  • I really want to try the NYX color lip balms! Thanks for reminding me I need to get my hands on some :)

  • All lipsticks should be under $10 lol. I want to try the NYX lip balms too.

    • Brittany

      Right?! Most of my higher-end lippies aren’t nearly as good as the ones under $10.

  • danielle

    i want to try the NYX balms too!!

  • You speak my language <3 <3 <3 fuchsias with blue sheen are my fav!

  • NYX and WW are my faves!

  • Love the gloss by Physician’s Formula. These are great buys.

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  • I have always used a lipstick purchase to lift the blues. There is so much satisfaction in a minor purchase and using it to feel good about myself.

    Remember Phar-Mor? They had some of the best, cheap lipstick. I could be broker than anything but could dig in the couch and find enough for a tube of lipstick. 😉

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  • Awesome post! I love these sorts of lists. And I agree in full about the Colorburst lippies. They’re a HG item for me. I have a bunch of them, and still keep picking up more (most recently Raspberry Pie and Cupcake).

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  • Erika

    Today I bought the Revelon Colorburst Lip butter after reading your blog and I have to agree with you, it is friggin’ awesome! I bought the raspberry pie color (a little hesitant at first because I tend to stick to neutral light brown colors) and I love how it looks and feels on my lips. I enjoy reading your blog and being a huge makeup junkie, your reviews helps me sort what to buy and what not to buy-thank you!! :)