Carrot Colored Fierceness

The color orange receives NO love. And I don’t even understand why. Some of the best things are orange. Oranges (duhhh),┬ácantaloupe, sunsets and carrots. Yes, girl…carrots. This sponsored post is brought to you by Benjamin Moore and they’ve the skinny on the hottest carrot-colored accessories this season.

Um, wha? How do I NOT have Essie’s Orange It’s Obvious nail polish? Must rectify this problem with the quickness.

  • Orange is my favorite color ever! Has been ever since I was little. Imagine my excitement when orange is EVERYWHERE this season! Mannnnnn do I want those orange pants, SO BADLY. I love (and own) orange everything except pants!

    • Brittany

      OMG, me too! I would looooove a pair of orange pants.

  • I want those shoes now!!!

  • OSHH

    OSHH stand for Orange Star happy hunting LOL
    My street alias given me back in 93, “Pretty Orange” cause of my natural bronze complexion in the summer.
    I adore the color and the fruit.
    I want that polish myself.

  • sue

    I’m loving the pants and the Essie nail polish :)

  • I need to try oranges!

  • orange is my second favorite color, right up there with red!!! love those orange shoes…so glad it’s finally getting some attention!