Cos Bar now at Target!

Yo yo yo! Where my Target beauty lovers at? I have this ritual. Every Saturday morning after I leave the gym. I go to Target. For no real reason either. It’s own my way home. That’s reason enough, right? I also like to take some peeps at the new additions down the beauty lanes.

If you’re a regular Target beauty shopper, you see some awesome new finds from The Shops of Target. Target has partnered with several business owners of speciality stores to give customers the opportunity to purchase some really cool products. One of those businesses is Cos Bar.

Native to NYC, owner Lily Garfield moved to Aspen and launched Cos Bar. It’s a groovy brand and I’d love to see a boutique with products like these in my streets. The collection includes a ton of beauty baubles including body care products, bath accessories, beauty tools, manicure essentials and cosmetic bags. I’m featuring a few of the goodies from the line.

Oh! And if you’re a budget-conscious gal like moi, each product is under $20. Hollaaaaa!

Skincare wise, Cos Bar has everything from body washes to body butters. This Orange Citrus Body Butter ($6) smells divine…

….a little bit of Cos Bar history.

And ingredient-wise…

I thought this brand would be a little more on the preservative-free side but alas it’s not. :(

But still, it’s a fragrant body butter (and not overly fragrant either) that does a great job at bustin’ ash without the greasy feeling. So that’s good. For zee eyebrows, Cos Bar has these adorable tweezers…

For $4, they do a darn good job at a pluckin’! Careful though…after a few uses, the print started to rub off a bit.

Which made me drop a tear. I get emotional over things like that. Cos Bar also has falsies!

*gulp* I have yet to master the art of applyin’ and rockin’ lashes but I have declared 2012 as the year for when I start rockin’ the falsies. That said, stay tuned for a review of these. A pair of 3 falsies ain’t bad for $9. Am I right?

Cos Bar also has some nail polishes and y’all KNOW I’ve got to check those out. I’m anxious to do some more peering at peering at Cos Bar and since I’m at my neighborhood Target at least twice a week, that’ll be easy. I am so impressed with Target’s ability to show entrepreneurs some love by bringing their products in stores nationwide. As if I needed another reason to love big red. 8)

  • victoria

    I would definitely be interested in a review of her nail polishes. My Target, Walmart, CVS all have Essie and I am so over Essie! I’d love to see some fresh brands of nail polish at Target!

    I’m jealous of the UK girls who have Barry M and 17 lol

  • I have not checked out the Shops at Target and shame on me since I visit Target regularly. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing though because if I fall in love with any particular product, I won’t be able to repurchase a month from now! I will though check it out! Thanks for the headsup!

  • I need those pluckers!

  • haha, I’d have to be jealous of US and UK girls, because I have none of those Target, CVS, CCO, Walmart… … Asian makeup is very good too, especially those from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. But my stuff are all imported, and I don’t get anything under SGD12 (USD8) in my country! Which really explains why I can never have a beauty budget of just 50 of my country’s dollars. We pay for the shipping costs and high import taxes. And I am so glad my country has signed Free-Trade Agreements with US and Japan, and more. Or our goods prices are going to skyrocket.

  • Ro

    I’ve seen this section and have yet to make any purchases yet…maybe I’ll try the tweezers

  • I have not seen the section yet, I have to go check it out. I like those eyelashes, but the price is so, so… Will see if I give in 😛