Pretty Polishes: Cult Nails Devious Nature

I can’t toot my own horn to save my life, but tooting the horns of others? Girl, I’ll do it all day and every day. I love knowing and being around movers and shakers and people who are living out their dreams. And Maria of Cult Nails exudes that in every way.

How pink is Devious Nature?

It’s a rich and creamy pink that doesn’t make me gag. Which says a lot. It’s the kind of pink that I secretly love but would only wear on my nails.

And ohmigoodness, I can’t even imagine how gorgeous this would be with some layering of a gorgeous glitter. Weeeee!!!

Look at me. Excited over pink and glitter? When did I become all girly ‘n stuff? Oh boy. Anyway, I love Devious Nature. That is all.

You can grab this baby from for $10.

  • It is a pretty color and yes glitter would be awesome with it! And it really does look rich and creamy in the pics. I bet it doesn’t take 5000 coats either. Nice!

  • Lately Ive been craaaazy for Cult nails too. every swatch I see causes me to want that colour! Devious Nature looks pink with a little purplish hint thrown in. Thanks for swatching!!

  • I love this color :)

  • Pretty!!

  • This shade looks stunning on you and your writeup is so sweet!
    I’m a new follower :)
    Ps, I’ve seen some swatches with Cult Nails Captivated sponges onto the tips 😉 looks super cute :)