Amor de Lacquer: OPI Minnie Mouse collection

This collection excited me to no end. I am an ENORMOUS Disney fan. Not so much of the color pink but the fact that my girl Minnie has her own collection speaks highly for me. The Mouse and I go way back.

Yeah, literally. I was 3 or 4 years old in that picture and I am still fanatic about Disney. I actually saw Minnie Mouse a few weekends ago.

Cute, ain’t she? I forgot to congratulate her on her new line. In fact, they wouldn’t even let me get in the streets and dance around with her. Something about that only being allowed for kids. Pfft. I AM a kid, thank you very much.

If You Moust You Moust is a soft pink cream. It’s nothing terribly unique about it. And the name is kinda weird to me. I see where they’re going with the whole “Moust” thing but still…it’s weird. Ha!

Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It is a confetti light pink that is complete with teeny tiny hearts. It’s absolutely adorabo. Layering those hearts can be quite the feat but once you’ve mastered it, you’ve got a cutesy manicure. The added hot pink shimmer adds some nice sparkle to the mix too. I’ll definitely be pulling this out around Valentine’s Day.


I’m All Ears is a pretty magenta shimmer.

The Color of Minnie is an interesting shade of red. One that I can actually appreciate it. It’s a micro shimmer that applies beautifully and has a heavy dose of pink in it.

Must Haves
-Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It. If you don’t have any heart-sy polishes, this one is just so cute.

Formula-wise these polishes were great. I applied 2 coats for each polish. Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It can be a bit on the thick side. The hearts also tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle. Turning it upside down before use should help the hearts spread evenly. I would have loved to see MORE polishes in this collection. Minnie deserves it, don’t you think?

How are you feelin’ about this collection?



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  • So you know I’ve let my nails grow out because of all the adorable pics of your nails, right? Only thing is? They’re still unpolished! I’m horrible, I know!

    I really like the pink hearts. How cute is that? Will have to check these out!

    • Brittany

      No problem, baby steps, baby steps. 😉

  • cute pink hearts look so sweet

  • I love the first two colors!

  • I’m a huge lover of pink and red polishes, so you know I’m going to be picking these up!! Girl, your nails and getting so long! They look great. I wish I could rock the rounded nail like you do!

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama….who says you can’t rock the longer nails?

  • I like the pink with the confetti. I think that color would look great on my toes.

  • The Color of Minnie is calling my name; it seems like a really nice red (which now sounds boring since I’ve written it out- but sometime a “nice red” is hard to find!). Other than that I wish they had more variety in colours.

    PS: Love your Disney pictures! I adore it when bloggers post “bonus pictures”. So much fun.

  • Im not moved :( However this post is TOO DARN CUTE!!

  • Sarah

    Love the photos. What camera do you use?

    • Brittany

      I use a Nikon 5100. Super cheap DSLR!

  • I really love Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It and your kiddy pic!!!

  • Caitlin

    I, too, am a huge fan of the Mouse! We visit almost every year! However, I am not a huge fan of this collection. If they had added one with Mouse confetti, I would have been all over that. Tiny hearts and mouse confetti. I feel like they didn’t throw a ton of thought into these, though: Pink, pink, pink, red.

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  • All of these are must-haves! Love the mini you Disney pic.

  • I really love the color of Minnie. I was obsessed with Minnie and Mickey when I was little. Good Times!

  • I love that picture of you as a child! I’m also a huge Disney fan (probably a CFL thing). I picked up The Color of Minnie. Your swatches are dead on.