5 Thangs I Don’t Mind Spending A Ton Of Money On

You gals know me. I am the Drugstore Diva. The Frugal Friend. The Cheap Chick. I’m that one person that whenever someone recommends we go somewhere or do something, I’m like, “Wait…how much is this going to cost?” I’ve been this way my entire life and I doubt it’ll ever change. Some things, however…they’re worth the investment. Very rarely will you ever see me justifying a pair of $200 shoes. The only exception? They have to be workout shoes or shoes Ill be getting quite a bit use in. Hmm mmm, I’m not one of those Spent A Ton Of Money On Shoes That I’ll Only Wear Once…Maybe Twice kind of gals. And if you are, hey! – I’m not knockin’ your hustle yo.

I mean, there are sooooome things I’ll spend a significant amount of money on. Ready?

Doctor’s appointments

I’ve played on both sides of the table. I’ve had medical insurance AND there was a brief stint when I was without it. Medical insurance or not, I still made it my duty to get my annual pap smears. There’s nothing attractive being tapped with an insanely high medical bill (the highest I’ve ever seen was $800….gahhh!) but I’d rather know that I’m doing okay than be in the dark about what’s going on in my body. Plus, many hospitals and doctors will work with you when it comes to payment plans so even if you owe a mess load of money after an appointment, you can make small payments each month.


Okay, girl…let’s be honest…ain’t nothin’ tackier than raggedy bras and panties. And I know you’re glaring at the screen all like, “OMG B…don’t you judge me like that.” but I’m serious. In a relationship or not, it is my belief that a woman should take pride in those unmentionables. Does that mean you shell out hundreds of dollars or bra and panty sets? Well…no. But do keep in mind that you get what you pay for and I’m all about investing in my undergarments. Plus, when you’re a member of the Big Bust crew, you pretty much HAVE to spend a pretty penny on bras? Amiright?


Okay so yes, I may not wear it often, but I still don’t mind spending a good amount of money on foundation. Every woman needs a good foundation and if you’ve managed to find a drugstore one that suits your needs just fine, they honey…roll with it! However, I’ve found that some of the best foundations that work beautifully for my skin type and tone happen to be at those pricey makeup counters. I usually don’t mind splurging on a good foundation. I mean, can you really put a price on something that makes your skin look freaking phenomenal? Um…noooo.

Skincare products

Sometimes I think I love skincare products more than I love makeup. I could go makeup free any day (and do most days) but I’m always sure to invest time in making sure my pores are in check. Skincare is king, in my opinion. And for that reason, heck yeah I’ll spend a pretty penny on moisturizers, serums and oscillating brush thingies.


If you’ve ever traveled with me, it’s pretty obvious. I’m a hotel snob. It’s not my fault, really. You should actually blame my parents for forcing me to have such high lodging standards. Really all anyone needs is a comfortable and safe hotel but when I’m traveling, I’d much rather spend the extra dollars for the extra amenities. Now will I spend more on a hotel than I’d spend on my rent each month? Absolutely not but c’mon…a girl needs her spas, in-property restaurants and mints on the pillows. I’m just sayin’…

What about you? What are you okay with spending a ton of money on?


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  • This was cute!

  • ashley

    I so feel you on the skincare thing… i buy so much of it. I would love to see some of your go to skincare products…will you do a post?

    • Brittany

      I think I will. Thanks for the idea!

  • Shannon

    I agree with all of this!! I also don’t mind spending a pretty penny on hair products. I’ve tried the drugstore stuff and it’s just left my hair an absolute mess so I rather spend my money on quality products and most of the time that comes with a hefty price tag.

  • Great points, I agree with you! Recently I purchased a Clarisonic and though the price is high I realize how great an investment is in good skin. Will definitely be worth it in the future. I’ve been starting to purchase more expensive undergarments and foundation as well.

  • Tam

    I agree with your checklist of a lady’s must-haves. I’m trying to create a basic regimen that keeps my skin clear, my eyebrows arched, and a cute haircut/style that’s easy to maintain. That way, adding a swipe of lipgloss is all you need to step out the door and look really good! Have I accomplished this on a regular basis yet? Not yet. But I’m still working on it.

    • Brittany

      I’m still working on it too!

  • I agree with this. Its essential to spend a few bucks to pamper your self sometimes.

  • T.R.

    I agree with the undergarments ESPECIALLY bras. I’m part of the big bust crew and a good bra is IMPERATIVE. Actually no matter what crew a good bra is an essential wardrobe item. You can have a cheap dress, shirt etc and the bra can all the difference in the world.

    I agree with hotels, skin care and foundations. I’d also add DENTISTS. I’ll save my story for later.

  • victoria

    I don’t wear foundation, so I definitely splurge on Lancome sunscreen, totally worth it.

    I’m a Trip Advisor junkie! I love checking out expensive hotels on there complete with photos, wouldn’t go anywhere without it

    And yes, Victorias Secret is my friend, plus they have great clearance sales, no excuse not to have nice undies lol

    Hope you’ll be posting photos of your new Clumps office now that you’ve moved, I know you have your Butter London on display!

    • Brittany

      Girl, I have hardly tackled that room. The horror!

  • Definitely with you on skincare! There are some good drugstore things out there too, but I’m ok with spending extra on moisturizer or a good sunscreen if it makes my skin look flawless. You can’t put a price on that, right? 😉

  • Shan

    B, ever since I first read this post I’ve been thinking about it. I agree with you on everything but I’ve been really slack in the undergarment department. I used to have an abundance of cute matching sets but I’ve been single for a while and gained weight so I can’t wear the old stuff anymore. Thanks to you I’m making a commitment to step up my undergarment game. Thanks for continuing to inspire me. Love Ya!!

  • I will splurge on foundation. I am always on the look out for new great foundations and sometimes they are a little out of my price range BUT they work sooo well I have to have it (like NP airbrush foundation!)!

  • we are pretty much on the same boat. it is so expensive to get sick in the US so health insurance is a need, not a want. as for the undergarment, i remember my grandma (RIP) joking before that in the event of accident, it’s a shame to see a woman with “bacon” panties on (you know the garter has lost its elasticity it looks like a fried bacon, lol). i’m a ‘lil snob on foundation too coz a good makeup starts w/ a great canvass. and much as i love makeup, i have started to invest on quality skincare products because at the end of the day, i remove my makeup and what remains is a skin either you’ll hate or love.xo

  • Totally agree, especially with the skincare products. They are my biggest weakness!!

  • I totally agree on skincare products! I imagine I’d agree with healthcare, too, but being Canadian the idea of having to pay for healthcare seems crazy! 😉 As for lodging, I’m pretty flexible. I draw the line at cleanliness and not having to share a bathroom with strangers (no hostels, please). Other than that, I’m good with a no-frills hotel.

    • OH, and I forgot to add: the money you save by going with cheaper hotels can be funnelled directly into amazing food. That’s something I WILL spend money on: tasty, tasty noms. 😀

  • Kat

    So right on skincare! I get the cetaphil (not HE but not cheap by drugstore standards) cleanser, because it is the only thing that keeps my skin so calm.

    Doctors too. I had asthma very badly as a little kid, so if it ever gets bad again, you bet I will spend as much as I need to keep breathing properly.