Could this be? I’m in love with a coral polish?

Sooooo I used to obsessed with Instagram. I’m talkin’ I was one of those “can’t eat until I snap a pic of my food” kind of Instagram’ers. But something happened and by the start of the summer I was done with photographing every random aspect of my life.

Welllllls, I’m back. And I’m kinda excited about it t00. That happens to me sometimes. I’m either ALL or nothing. In or out. Obsessed or could care less. I’m obsessed again and Instagram’d my first photo in a looooong time. It was this baby…

Will you look at that coral? Look at it! Oh, and let’s pretend that you don’t that green polish smudgey. I’ve actually reviewed Deborah Lippman’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun before and thought it was just okay then. But now – I’m allll over this. I’ve never been the biggest fan of coral nail polishes but this one WINS.

As my nails get longer I’ve been trying to transition from almond nails to dagger nails. I’m talkin’ super pointy and outrageous. The dagger nails tag on Tumblr is totally my inspiration. I am finally starting to appreciate these freaky long nail beds of mine.

RANDOM FACT: Since we moved, I’ve had to take 90% of my beauty photos in Esposo’s studio. His music cave gets this amazing natural light. Plus when he’s not looking I can bang on keyboards and strum on the guitar.

Meanwhile, that beauty cave of mine is dark as night. At 3pm. HAAAA!!!

Have a fabulous weekend, gals. My energy is starting to roll through again and so posts will resume as normal. I know, you’re so happy. Teheheeeee!


  • That color looks amazing on you!

  • Kimberly

    how much?

    • Brittany

      Deborah Lippman polishes retail for $14-$16. Which is why I only own like 4. HA!

  • Megan

    I love that colour on you!

  • This color is so beautiful! I have never tried Deborah Lippman polishes before. I always talk myself out of buying them! I really want to try the limited edition shade called Ray of Light.

  • Amazing coral on amazing nails. I love the shape of your nails, real long and nice.

  • I absolutely LOVE that shade! I’m quite a similar skintone to you so I’m sure it’d suit me and I want it now!

  • Oh my goodness, thats such a pretty shade… and it looks so smooth and perfect too! I’ve been holding off on lippmann polishes, but this one looks hard to resist!

  • I love coral and this one is perfect!

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  • Wow, this is really pretty for a coral polish! I normally wouldn’t get excited over something like that. :) It looks beautiful on you!