I’m Not Gone – Just Kinda…Out

I don’t know if it’s the summer heat or what, y’all but I am beat. It’s been a rough few weeks with travels from New Jersey for a business trip and then a family reunion in Ohio. And I STILL haven’t found the time to effectively organize The Beauty Studio. My sister was visiting last week and took it upon herself to organize it to the point where I could actually see the floor and I am beyond grateful for that.

Of course I had to relinquish a good 20 polishes but whatev. I say it’s a fair trade.

Anywhoovers, my blogging mojo is on the fritz for now but instead of not blogging at all, I’ll be cutting back and only blogging a minimum of 3 times a week. Fair enough? Hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll be back on my A-game.

Have a fabulous weekend!

  • You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. *hug*

  • Take care of yourself and get some R&R. :)

  • victoria

    Girl it’s summertime and it’s hot out! All I care about beauty wise is slathering on my Lancome sunscreen and putting on some black eyeliner lol

    Take a break and just focus on keeping cool in Florida!

    (Oh, and I hope you didn’t have to part with any of your Butter London polishes lol)

    • Brittany

      Girlfriend no. You KNOW I didn’t part with any of my BL’s…. 😉

  • Mochacashmere

    Have a great weekend and get some rest! But umm can you tell a sista where you got your Macbook cover? Is it easy to get on and off?

    • Brittany

      The almighty Ebay. For like $20.

  • Megan

    Get well soon, B! You just need some downtime after all the upheaval of moving, travelling & houseguests.

  • gio

    Take care of yourself and get some well-deserved rest. Happy weekend!


  • You come first, we can wait patiently for that mojo to regen naturally. <3

  • KIA

    I LOVE THAT PHOTO! Good job, Mr. Minor 😉 that sums up my sentiments most of the times these days when thinking of blogging. i JUST go yet another comp and i haven’t fallen back into the groove =p

  • You’re good… 3 times a week? I barely do that, lol. Ok maybe I do since I may get up 3 posts in one day, then disappear. Thinking about you! Oh Skype me… I’m logged in all day, every day.

    • Brittany

      Gonna hit you up, mama!

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