Baby Clumps: 18 Weeks + Guys At Baby Showers?

Guess who is almost halfway done with her pregnancy? This girl here. Soooooooo excited about that! I’m not going to sit here and lie to y’all and be all like, “OMG, pregnancy has been wonderful.” because uh, it hasn’t been. I am grateful to go through this but I can’t wait to see Bean and get back to the things I lost while being pregnant (going to the gym regularly, for instance). I also realize that things may get a bit more difficult from here on out so I should really enjoy these days, uh? I’ve been dressing up, doing my makeup hair and feeling great and I think it’s showing.

I’m still eating and probably gaining weight too. I’ll know how much I’ve gained for sure at my midwife appointment next week. I’m not eating like the health nut I used to be but I’m doing a darn good job at not gagging and you know what-ing. I’m so proud of myself. And Bean. She clearly loves me enough to give me a break. It’s been a pretty decent week. My belly disappeared a bit. Bean moved to my back and because of that I’ve been having crazy back pains all week. She’s moved back to my belly a bit but I’m still not a baby bump-y as I was last week. My acne is clearing up and while I still get mild hits of nausea throughout the day ,they are manageable.

What she’s up to this week…

“At five and a half inches long and five ounces in weight, she now may be large enough for you to feel him twisting, rolling, kicking, and punching his way around the womb. Plus, she’s developing yawning and hiccupping skills (you may feel those soon, too!) and her own unique set of toe and fingerprints.” (source)

I do feel her move! I find it most active at night right before bed. I’ll be up for close to an hour just rubbing coconut oil on my belly and talking to her. I spend the mornings doing the same thing. Esposo spends a lot of time chit-chatting with her. He’s got an incredible voice and sings to her too. Which pretty much brings tears to my eyes. I’m thinking this baby girl will likely come out singing. With both of her parents being decent singers (ahem…I’m not half bad, ya know) and her grandparents being good singers too, Bean may be our ticket out of the Sallie Mae doghouse.

…from the Cult Nails photoshoot. More about that later.

Haha, just kidding. Kinda.

Okay, so random baby topic of the week…as I’ve been prepping for this baby shower in November, I have discovered that I am in the minority in thinking that men at a baby shower is weird. Apparently, men of all nationalities all over the world are invited and encouraged to attend baby showers of spouses, friends and family members. How did I not know this? Most of my experiences with baby showers have been super girl-only affairs with cheesy games. I even asked Esposo if he would like to attend my shower and he gave me an insane side-eye. When I took my thoughts to Twitter, many people told me that their husbands and their guy friends were happy to be a part of their baby showers? Really? I..I…I had no idea.

Have I been living under a rock thinking that baby showers are the kind of events that just for the mommy and her girlfriends? Do men WANT to go to these events or are they dragged by their partners?

Oh! Quick Bean Stats…

Current Obsession: Cinnamon gum. I eat like 2 pieces a day. It curbs my appetite and keeps the nausea at bay. Looooove this stuff. Hated it pre-pregnancy.

Baby Names?: Um no. Esposo and I can’t decide on anything. What I love he hates and vice-versa. And I don’t like hearing other peoples’ opinons. Bean’s name will be revealed after her birth. Until then, she’ll be Bean.

Things I Still Can’t Eat: Meat. I don’t even want to smell it. Green smoothies (which makes me sad), eggs and anything that has a ton of seasoning in it.

Last Baby Item Purchased: I still haven’t gotten anything. Is this normal? Oh! I did buy a belly band yesterday. Which is kinda a baby item. I think?

Goals for Upcoming Week: Do resistance training (upper-body) for 20 minutes at least 3x a week and regular kegal exercises.


Yay or nay to guys at baby showers? Yay or nay to baby showers period? I do think they can be a bit annoyingly  cheesy and uncomfortable (even more so if you aren’t a mother or don’t want to be one) but I’ve been to some fun ones too. Mine will have a heavy beauty spin to it so even if I invited guys, I’m not sure how they’d take to the beautifying. What say you?

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  • Gaelle

    Congrats Brittany!
    I’m late but I was on vacation when you made the big announcement!

    As you may remember, my baby boy is almost 11 months old now & I am so in love with him… This is the best thing ever in a woman’s life.
    & #2 will come shortly as I’m pregnant… again (14 weeks)!

    Wish you the best,


  • I love reading about your pregnancy, you’re going to make a great mom! And your skin is looking great. =)

  • I’m so happy for you! And wow – this means I may get to see you all preggers and stuff in November!!! :) Anyway, I am in the “it’s weird for men to be at a baby shower camp.” If that’s the choice someone makes that might be what works for that couple. But where I’m from in the dirty Jerz, I’ve only been to girly, women-only baby showers…The men show up long enough to be the ruse in getting the mom-to-be to the place, then after to help load all the generous gifts! :) I’m not in that mommy place yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be getting engaged sooner rather than later and I wouldn’t want a joint bridal shower! Girly all the way! Ok. Shutting up now LOL PS You look beautiful!

  • Virginia

    Men can definitely go to baby showers! When I was prego, and I planned my baby shower I wanted it to a party and celebration of new life . My husband was there, my boy cousin , as well as my guy ( and gal ) friends. It was a get together with great food , and ” when I was a baby we ….” etc. make it your own. There are no rules to baby showers:)

  • minandmegs

    Yes to a baby shower. It’s only as cheesy as you make it. It gives your friends & family the opportunity to give you gifts. This is not greedy but practical. You will get gifts from other mums that you didn’t know you needed – things that you will not be able to live without after the baby comes.

  • Stacy

    I say nay to guys at baby showers, I seems like it’s just such a girl thing. And you’re so cute in the pics. And those spiraled locs, awesome!!! Maybe I need to head over to loc rocker and see what I’ve been missing. :)

    • Brittany

      Uhhhh, you’re missing nothing because I haven’t been blogging over there. HA!!!

  • I love reading updates on Bean! You guys always make me smile. It’s great you’re working out and woah resistance-training! You go girl! Nice colorful outfit btw!

  • About the baby shower thing, I find men at them to be weird also. Unless the man is the father. Other men there…huh?! Lol anyways, if you don’t want a super cheesy baby shower I say, leave out the games. Or make up cute, different games that go with things you like. I love reading about your pregnancy!! I find it all so interesting, even though I’ve never had a baby. can’t wait to see you again at our next meetup!! <3

  • Daintynymph

    I think guys at a baby shower depends on how many men are in your life and how close you are to them. I have several very close guy friends and I’d be really bummed if they stayed away. Family is also good too. Why can’t a dad or grandpa get excited about a new baby? If there’s only a few guys in your group of friends and you’re not necessarily that close, or your husband is a super macho manly man, there’s certainly nothing wrong with an all girl baby shower. I’ve been to both and they’re equally as fun in my mind.

  • TrippyPixie

    I don’t think it’s weird if men go to baby showers, but they probably don’t WANT to. However, maybe this is just my culture. (For instance, we don’t have bridal showers — we have wedding showers. Male relatives aren’t usually invited, but it’d be absolutely unthinkable to not invite the groom-to-be.)

    When it comes to a baby shower, I definitely think that the dad should be involved. Why not? It’s his kid too. With making a baby shower women-only, I personally think it perpetuates the idea that anything to do with a baby is for only for women, and that men can’t/shouldn’t get involved in it or be excited about it. (Please note that my feminist perspective seeped in there. I’m sure that Esposo is extremely excited about Bean, and will be a terrific father.)

    …I also think it’s a good idea to invite the grandfathers (assuming that the grandmothers will be invited). It shows that you care about their future involvement with your baby. Of course, they can reject the invitation if they want, but it’s the thought that counts. However, it’s YOUR baby shower, so you should be able to do what you want! This is all is simply my opinion.

  • You’re looking great and my advice to you would be to do all the fun girly things like dressing yourself up, doing your hair and nails and makeup because once the baby comes even a shower may be difficult to execute some days lol. Guys at baby showers are the new norm! Girl you didn’t know?! Def not like how it was back in the day…I used to go to baby showers with my mom when I was younger and they were all girl events. Even the showers in my family. Now its the complete opposite. My shower was TOTALLY co-ed. Bub’s dad was there, MY dad was there, my brothers, guys friends and other family. And everyone had a ball. I encourage you to include the men if they are down to celebrate with you. Also, if you expect to get many things for your shower, don’t buy too much on the front end. I think I purchased little stuff here and there but waited until after my shower to get all the other stuff I needed that I didn’t get. Plus it’s great to use the giftcards you receive for that purpose. Enjoy this time sis! I know you are anxious to meet your little one and be done but I promise you’ll miss certain things about being pregnant. Be present in the moment and soak up the wonderful thing that is happening inside of you. 😉

  • yeah, I say no boys allowed, lol. There really are no rules and anyone can make their shower be whatever they want it to be, but I wouldn’t want men invited to mine. I would feel like they were dragged along. Your shower sounds like it is going to be amazing. I like that you are going to make it your own with a beauty theme. Very fun idea. You look amazing and I’m glad the pregnancy is going better. Can’t wait for your next update :)

  • Congrats! Good luck picking a name! I think it’s really neat when people don’t reveal the name until after the birth. Can’t wait to hear what you pick!

  • I love the baby bump!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally yes to the shower! I dont think that guys in showers is weird, I actually will love to have my husband when I have a baby :)
    Btw: you’re looking beautiful!

  • Congrats! I craved curry the entire time.

  • Lavendar

    Absolutely yes to a baby shower….you and Bean deserve to been Queen and Princess for a day! Booooo to men at baby showers. Is that like in certain parts of the country??? LOL The men in my family (and hubby’s) stay as far away from those things as possible. BTW, big ups to gorgeous, sexy mama-to-be photoshoots! LOL Britt is definitely back…you go girl!

  • I say yes to a baby shower and since it’s yours, make it just how you want it to be. I’ve only been to one that included guys and while they were at the same location, they really just brought in the gifts, went to the “men” area (another room where they hung out) then came back out later so we could all eat together. Fun times.
    I know I don’t like the cheesy games, so I can’t imagine subjecting my mate to them.

  • Alexis

    Awwhh! Half way there…I am with you on not revealing the name until the baby is here. I didn’t because I didn’t want anyone to steal my name or judge my name. I’m also happy with the name I chose so I didn’t want opinions. I didn’t have a coed shower but I don’t think its weird at all. Now how guys feel about going? I don’t know LOL. The only male at my shower was my daddy and that’s because he came from out of town to see me, so he showed up on the tail end.

  • Amoure

    Congratulations on your new addition to your family. I love baby showers (heck I love babies) and I think it’s great to have a baby shower that includes men. I also think it would be fun to see their reactions to the beauty segment of the baby shower. Everyone will get a good laugh out of it and it’s all in fun.

  • I did the girlie thing with my daughter (I was a single mom so it made sense) but really felt like I wanted my husband to experience the things that I already had but he was a first time parent. We threw a huge BBQ for the shower and invited the whole family. It was so much fun. I felt like the pressure was off of me and he got to share in the whole baby experience! Pregnancy is so hard for guys because they are shut out. It’s a great way for him to connect to the event.

  • Congrats on the bambino! I’m really happy for you guys.

    I actually won’t go to a shower unless guys are there. If it’s women-only, it’ll undoubtedly be the dumb kind of party I can’t stand with lots of cheezy games, etc., and I kind of find they’re a waste of time, so I quit going to them about four years ago. However, I do enjoy going to baby showers where guys are there, because it’s a lot less apt to have the dumb games, and it’s more like a grown-up social mixer.

  • omg, congratulations!
    i truely enjoy your post, like your taking us along on the journey :0)