Mascara Monday: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume mascara


Excuse me while I throw a party but Clinique has a new mascara. Weeeee!!! Clinique is most known for their amazing skincare products (word up to that Even Better Skin Tone Corrector!) but their mascaras are their biggest secret, I think. I’ve reviewed 7 of their mascaras and have been impressed with most of ’em. It’s really hard to be disappointed with Clinique mascaras. Or so I thought.


Price: $19.50 at Clinique counters and on Clinique.
Packaging (brush wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

What It Claims: “With every stroke, the over-the-top brush wraps lashes in instant, jaw-dropping drama. This larger-than-life formula is also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested, too.” (source)

The Truth: OMG, the insane volume that this mascara provides is awesome!!

What I Loved About It: The volume is just…wow.

What I Didn’t Like: The packaging sucks. And this part makes me really sad.

Overall: I am always really excited to review Clinique mascaras. And I can’t say this about all brands. Clinique’s new mascaras don’t promise 198% more length and introduce these new ingredients that claim to really volumize your lashes. The claims are always simple and believable. Back in 2008, I reviewed Clinique’s High Impact mascara. I’ll be honest – that review sucks. That was back in my “new to reviewing mascaras” days and I didn’t review them to the best of my ability. How I managed to give that mascara such a low rating is beyond me. High Impact Extreme has made up for it.

Let’s check out the wand…

It’s scary, uh? Clinique isn’t the first to the do the small bristles, dagger ball on the end wand thingie. It’s a cool little feature as it makes applying to the outer lashes and bottom lashes a breeze. In fact, I usually only apply mascara to my bottom lashes when I have a wand like this. But using this wand is far from easy.

One HUGE downfall with the packaging though – we’ve got what I call “The Black Abyss Effect”. Pulling the wand out of the tube will reveal a huge gap in the tube.

I haaaate when this happens. It pretty much means that you have to spend a ton of time wiping the mascara residue on the inside of the tube. And it sucks. This problem can be easily alleviated if there was a stopper in the tube but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this mascara. Boo.

But once I was able to remove as much mascara from the wand as I could, applying was easy. And the outcome…whoa!! With only 2 coats of mascara, I got a ton of volume. Extreme volume is the best name for this mascara. As with all mascaras that provide great volume, it did have the tendency to clump up a bit on me. The best way to prevent that is to slooooowly move from root to tip. I didn’t have any issues with flaking and it did a darn good job at lasting throughout the day. I am beyond impressed! Except for the lack of a stopper.


Bare Lashes

Lashes after 2 coats

Do I recommend it?: Sure do!! It’s an awesome volumizing mascara. Do know that you may have to do some extra work in cleaning up the wand but if you don’t mind, you’ll love love LOVE this mascara.

Any other Clinique mascara lovers out there?

  • victoria

    Wow, that’s insane volume! Admittedly I’ve had bad results with Clinique mascaras, they seem to give me thickness but not volume if that makes any sense lol. But their skincare cured my acne so cheers to Clinique!

  • Looks great on you 😉

  • Celine

    I was so excited for this post because Clinique is the makeup company I buy from the most, and I noticed they had a new mascara out and I wanted to try it. I always go for volume and drama in mascara so I’m for sure going to get this next time. I currently use Lancome’s Hypnose Drama which I fell in love with since I never found that the Clinique High Impact gave me the volume I craved, but if this works for me the same as I have now I’ll buy this instead since Clinique is a bit cheaper when it comes to their products. Thanks so much for this!

  • JC

    I am really excited to try High Impact Extreme Volume. I love Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara because it is for sensitive eyes and goes on without clumping and stays on FOREVER with no smudging and no flaking. All waterproof eyeliners (Stila Liquid, Urban Decay 24/7, e.l.f. waterproof liquid eye pen, wet n wild H20 proof, etc.!) run and smudge on my because my friends make me laugh and my eyes tear up (plus allergies) and the salty/oily content of my tears will break down those eyeliners, even seriously waterproof ones. But Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara never runs or smudges. I wish they could turn that into an eyeliner.

    Lash Power is a very clean mascara, which is good but I’m thinking about trying to get more volume/”oomph,” so I want to try the new one! Thanks for the review!

  • I just started into getting Clinique and this looks like a great enhancer for my eyelashes. The one product that I have from them all it does it coats the lashes but doesn’t do anything for adding drama.

  • Celine

    I just bought this since Clinique is the company I go with the most, and wow…just wow! Insane volume even just with one coat and this is now my new mascara instead of Lancome’s Hypnose Drama. I thought there was nothing better than the Lancome one, but this one is just as if not better! It’s also $10 cheaper which is a bonus.