The newest COVERGIRL? – P!nk!!

I’m excited! Guess who the newest COVERGIRL is? P!nk!

I looooove P!nk so so much. She’s got this bad ass “Either accept me or leave me alone” kind of attitude. Oh! And she can actually sing too. Which, ya know….says a lot these days. It’s very rare that I get excited about celebrities but P!nk is my homegirl in my head. Kinda like how COVERGIRL Queen Latifah is my Aunt is my head.


Can’t wait to see what fabulous things P!nk’s collaboration with COVERGIRL brings us. Weeee! Any other P!nk fans in the house?

  • Caitlin

    I love everything about her look in this picture, too. What a great shot.

  • Oh my goodness! I love P!nk. Thanks for sharing…I’m so excited for their collab. :)

  • How cool, I love her!

  • Oh my gosh I love Pink!!! She’s so fun and totally herself, that’s what I love the most about her, she isn’t like all the other singers out there =D


  • Melissa

    I am also a big Pink fan. She is talented (which, you are right so rare). I also think she’s pretty and seems to not conform… Great choice by Covergirl

  • I LOVE Pink, and have since her very first single. She keeps it real, and like you said she can sing. Really sing. Which so many don’t these days. Can’t wait to see this collab!

  • Arlie

    Interesting since P!nk has been involved with PETA, and Covergirl is on PETA’s list of companies that test on animals.