Mascara Monday: Dear L’Oreal Voluminuous mascaras…

Dear L’Oreal Voluminous crew,

You’re starting to confuse me. I went trekking into Target one fateful Saturday. The goal was to snag a new L’Oreal mascara. Lemme tell you, if you take a look at your section in a drugstore, it’ll boggle your mind. There are SO many mascaras with similar names. Voluminous this, Voluminous that…it’s a tad bit perplexing. And frustrating. Revlon, COVERGIRL and even Maybelline with their gajillion mascaras have everything organized nicely with un-confusing names. I even had to quickly search my own beauty blog to see if I had previously reviewed this mascara. And guess, what? I DID!!! Except back in November 2011 when I first reviewed this mascara, it had different packaging with a different wand. The new packaging included new verbiage like “Black Lacquer” and that’s why I got confused. Because yeah, I have reviewed L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes before but I thought with addition of “Black Lacquer”, this mascara was something different.

It wasn’t. You have totally deceived me and I don’t appreciate it yo.

New packaging…

Old packaging…

Claims on NEW packaging…

Claims on OLD packaging…

Do you see how this can be confusing? Especially for us mascara lovers. Please do better. I know advertising is everything when it comes to selling cosmetics but confusing your consumers not the way to go.

I’m just sayin’…

Yours Truly,



  • Wow that does look very confusing! I love l’Oreal mascaras though :)


  • Londie

    Thank you for this. I did not realize it was the same thing because I actually did not like the one in the old packaging due to clumps and gooey-ness :) The one in the new packaging was a bit better but still clumps after about three weeks of use so again thank you for this, I will try the “Original” formula but I will read your review first :)

  • Wow, that is super confusing! I really want to try the original voluminous carbon black mascara because I’m always hearing nice things about it. So, far I haven’t really gotten into L’oreal mascaras. Maybelline mascaras almost always work well for me, and their packaging is always so colorful. I’m gonna go check out your old post on this mascara

  • JC

    I totally agree with you that looking at the L’Oreal Voluminous line of mascaras at any place, especially Target, is completely confusing.

    Do you think that the new one you picked up in “Black Lacquer” might be a slightly different shade, because its number is 220? The previous one in your pictures call it “Blackest Black” and its number is 270. But who knows if this is just a marketing ploy. Let us know if the mascara shade IS different, like if it’s prettier or something. Thanks!

    • Brittany

      I thought that but the shade of the mascara looks to be almost identical. Hmmm….

  • I think I tried the old packaging. Way confusing. Blah. I also hate how so many companies make like 10 different mascaras. Why not spend the time perfecting 4 of them?

  • victoria

    lol I actually like the new packaging better

    I notice L’oreal also has a new 24 hour mascara!