Amor de Lacquer: Zoya Designer collection

I’m back with another collection from Zoya’s Fall 2012 collections. I’m still swooning over the jellies that were the Gloss collection. Designer features 6 shades of my favorite nail polish formula ever…creamies!! Woo hooo!

Look at those luscious creams!

Evvie is described as an evergreen green cream and it’s unlike any kind of polish that I own. It’s such a beautiful and smoky hunter green. Fantastic!

Rekha is a blood red cream and while Zoya has plenty of red cream polishes, this one isn’t as bright as the others. Don’t let this picture fool you. It is actually a bit more muted.

Natty is a smoked navy blue cream and it is perfection. I love true blue polishes but Natty is goooorgeous!

Toni is a dark maroon red cream and don’t ask me why but it looks to be more of the dusty berry side. Not that I’m complaining though.

Monica is a dark mulberry purple cream is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Of course I don’t NEED any more purple creams but man…Monica is so pretty!

Noot is a charcoal green gray cream and as much as a I like it, it looks a lot like Evvie – just not as gray. I love both shades but they definitely fooled me as they almost look identical at a quick glance.

Must Haves:

This collection is currently available on for $8 a bottle. See any that you like?

  • Gooorgeousss colours :)

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  • minandmegs

    I love Zoya polishes! Thanks for this post, B! I already own Noot but now I need Monica!!!!

  • Daintynymph

    Oh wow, smoky muted jewel tones, my favorite! I’m not sure whether I like these kinds of shades because they look good with my skintone, or if that’s just what I like. They do look pretty awesome with your coloring too! I’ve pretty much only been letting myself get holos or duochromes lately (to save all my monies for other stuff), so I should be able to resist these. Should.

  • Toni is definitely my favorite, its beautiful! I love grown up berry type purples.

  • Sue C.

    They’re all so pretty. I really like Toni and Monica.

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    Nice rich colors…Monica and Toni are my faves.

  • I love Monica on you!

  • Lou

    I like Monica and Rehka. They’re all so pretty!

  • These colors are nice, but they aren’t anything special. I love Zoya polishes though!

  • Kay

    Your application is superb! Makes me want ALL of them but I’ll probably just settle for a couple.

  • April

    Pretty colors!