Baby Clumps: 21 Weeks + How many kids do you want?

Aaaaand we’re back! I didn’t update last week and some of y’all were like “Heyyyyy, where are the Baby Clumps updates?” Last week I had an ultrasound and wanted to wait to get those updates before I did a formal update. Good news! Baby Clumps is tall and right on mark with with everything. The ultrasound technician spend a good 30 minutes pointing out itty bitty baby goodies. Her 4-chamber heart was a beatin’ and Esposo and I were happy to see that she was in good health. She did some kicking and moving and I got all emotional. Because yeah, I know there’s a baby in there but…there’s actually a BABY in there.


What the babe is up to this week….

“Your beautiful little miracle-gro baby will be putting on a full ounce and a half this week. Over in the dermatology department: your sweet lil bun’s thin soft skin is very red, rather translucent, and a bit wrinkled. Lastly, the beginnings of what is commonly called “brown fat” is just starting to fill in to help your baby retain some body heat, which is crucial as they’re not yet capable of regulating their own body temperature.” (source)

Baby girl has officially gone from flutters to kicks. She’s super active in the morning and I can often feel her kicking away after I drink cold water. I never get sick of feeling it. I’ll probably be biting those words when I’m 8 months pregnant. But  I enjoy having the the reminder that she’s doing okay. I don’t feel so in the dark with how she’s doing anymore. Thank God!

Physically, I feel just fine. Nausea has disappeared completely and each day, I feel…good. I have very few complaints. Fatigue comes in spurts. Some days I’ll be fine and others I can’t stay up past 9pm. Backaches are regular but manageable. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day ain’t an option and my coworkers are more than aware of my discomfort. I am forever going from standing up and sitting down. The other day I was working on my laptop while on my knees. Yeah.

The belly is shrinking less and less and most days I’ve got a pretty prominent belly. Larger clothes are a must so I’ve been spending a few pennies on those instead of maternity clothes. Most are dresses because finding flattering maternity jeans/pants has been virtually impossible. Some days I don’t feel like I look THAT pregnant. But I soooo feel it.

Soooo lately, Esposo and I have been talking about how many children we want and how we want to space these kiddos out. Having kids back-to-back terrifies me a little because having to deal with being pregnant AND juggling a toddler just sounds…unpleasant. Sure plenty of women do it with no problem but I have to be realistic about what may work with our family. But at the same time, do I really want to wait 5+ years? We’re entertaining the idea of having no more than 3 children but I am completely lost at how spacing will go. I don’t even want to think about getting pregnant again until Baby Clumps is at least 2 years old. Maybe 3 years old.

Quick Bean Stats!

Weight Gain: I have officially gained 1 lb this entire pregnancy. I’m hoping not to gain any more than 20 lbs this pregnancy. I’m not sure if that’s realistic or not but yeahhh.

Fitness?: I had a barre class this week and it was AWESOME. I will definitely be going in my post-natal days. I’m doing yoga/kegal exercises each morning and they are so renewing. Next week will be longer walks with the dog. 20-30 minutes a day if I can.

Ugly Symptom: Heartburn. Tums keeps it away but if I don’t have a Tums around, oooooh weeeee.

Most Common Pregnancy Comment: “You don’t look pregnant at all.”

Food Stats: I am still anti-meat but doing a lot better with incorporating veggies in my diet. The gag reflex and most food aversions have disappeared. I would like to meet with a nutritionist to ensure I’m getting enough iron. I don’t think I am. I eat some junk food too (Salt and Vinegar chips, Skittles, french fries) but in moderation. The fear of gestational diabetes is in the back of my mind so I’m careful.

Stretch marks?: Yep. But I had them on my belly pre-pregnancy. The pregnancy marks are darker though. Somehow I don’t care. I’m growing a life here.

Goals for Upcoming Week: Purchase and start reading The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears. I am not okay with how many shots babies are getting at such young ages. Esposo and I will be doing some hardcore research on this. It’s also time to sign up for a childbirth or child raising class. I would like for us both to be aware of how to do CPR on a baby.

Moms and gals who want to be Mommies….how many kiddies do you want? And how far apart do you want to space them? 


  • The “how many more kids” Conversation is a normal one. When I first had my daughter I was like “one is it!!”. And for 3 years I was content. Now she’s four and my ovaries are yelling at me…they say ” what gives?!”. I realize now I do want another and I don’t feel done yet. My hubs on the other hand is done. He wanted a girl, got one, and now feels complete. If money wasn’t an issue ( kids are EXPENSIVE) I wonder if his tune would change….

    My advice…wait until you’ve had your first to decide on your second. Your wants and needs will change constantly after bean is born :)

  • Kelly

    I want one child. If he’s lucky and hit’s it at twins, then all the better (bc el hubs wants two!). You look ADORABLE!!!!!! love that the update is back this week.

    • Brittany

      I SOOOOOO wanted Bean to be a twin. But for selfish reasons really. 2 kids, 1 pregnancy. DONE!

  • I am not a mom yet, but we feel like next year is the year! 2 is the plan, but life never seems to go as planned so I guess we’ll see :) How far apart is a good question? I’m in my 30’s so I feel like I can’t wait too long, but I think 3 years apart is my ideal, but we’ll see how it goes! I love reading your updates on Bean. I’m glad everything is going well!

  • Daintynymph

    Good for you on doing more research as to which vaccines are truly necessary, and which ones have more unfortunate side effects than benefits. I think the other thing to do is to keep an eye on what the current disease risk is. It’s a fine line between protecting your child from harmful infections and pointlessly submitting them to pain they can’t understand.

    • Brittany

      I absolutely agree!

  • Megan

    Looking good! I have a 3 year old and want just one more!

  • Cristine

    Ohhhh Brittany! You’re so pretty pregnant :) Hey, Bean!

    I want to have either two or four kids (I want an even number lol). But definitely leaning towards two haha. I’ve always wanted the two kids/one pregnancy/twin phenom. Something tells me I won’t have it tho. Haaaa!

  • Aww this is so sweet! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I think I want two, maybe three. But then again its really just what life throws at me. =)

  • First, I am so happy for you and glad to now everything is going well. I found Old Navy had very comfortable maternity clothes, especially their full panel pants, when you get to that point.

    I always thought I wanted one. After my son, I was sure of it. Having a baby turned our lives inside out, but as the months wore on and we got used to being a family instead of a couple, we knew we wanted one more. I delivered my daughter 22 months after my son was born. Having 2 under 2 was tough, but I would not chang it for the world. They are close enough in age to be friends and enjoy each others company. I know I cherish having my sister, even more so after we lost a parent. I want to make sure my kids have that family touchstone after my husband and I are gone.

    I can’t wait to see your little girl grow up, you can’t imagine how your life will change and just how much you are going to love your child. It is beyond words.

  • kia

    woo hoo! hanging in there girl! you are at the halfway mark!

  • im one of those ppl that love your baby clumps post too! :0)glad to hear all is well :0)

  • Susan

    I think 3 years between is perfect. Mine are 3 years one month. Older child is out of the crib, out of diapers and can be a real little helper. My son used to bring me things I needed while I was nursing his sister. He loved helping. They were also close enough that they loved playing together and were good company when we traveled.

    About the vaccines…please do careful research. You might want to spread out the shots but you do want your child to be vaccinated. You do not want your child getting whooping cough, measles, mumps or HIB.

  • I’m in the “I want to have twins so I can have two kids but only one pregnancy” boat! Lol. Aren’t we all?! I want two but might be convinced to have three LOL. Glad you’re doing well in your pregnancy and that it continues to go well for you and Baby Clumps!

  • Abbi P.

    Looking great!! Me and mine can’t have any but we love and enjoy our family and friends kids to the moon! It’s been soo freaking amazing watching them be born and grow up in front of us so quickly, we fly to our hometown in Ohio often to see them and be there for births.