EcoTools 5 piece brush set + giveaway!

I’m back with another quick review of one of my favorite brush brands everrrr….EcoTools! I’m still a bit upset at myself for shelling out a crap ton of money on those higher-end brushes back in my makeup newbie days. Someone should have knocked me on my head and told me about EcoTools.

But hey…you live and learn, right? And when you’re a beauty blogger, you try to help fellow beauty lovers not make the same expensive mistakes you did. Aaaaand that’s why I’ll always be bragging about EcoTools. Check out this Bamboo 5 piece brush set…

These are some itty bitty babies, uh? While ideal for everyday use, I think these may be a better fit for those wanting to test out EcoTools’ products or for travelin’ mamas who need brushes that get the job done.

LĂ© Specs…
-Durable handles of each brush is made from bamboo.
-Cosmetic case is from natural cotton and hemp.
-Brushes are 100% cruelty-free.
-The aluminum on the brushes are recycled aluminum ferrules.
-Affordable at only $9.99.

The cosmetic case is the perfect size. It fits comfortably in the hand which means it’s the perfect fit for purses, bookbags and carry-on luggage.

The brushes, despite their small handles, are actually really good at makeup application. I usually carry normal size brushes with me when I travel, but toting these along will definitely save space. And I just love the beautifully etched handles.

Quick intro of the kids…


Mineral Powder Brush

Ideal for applying powder or mineral foundation. Also works great with blush application. This brush, like all of them, is SUPER soft.


Concealer brush

Great for liquid or mineral powder concealer. It’s a pretty stiff brush so it’s also great for applying concealer to blemishes.


Eye Shading Brush

I’m not sure how great this is for eyeshadow application but I love it for blending and applying eyeshadow to the browbone.


Baby Kabuki

An itty bitty kabuki brush that helps buff powder. Don’t judge her small size – she fits nicely in the hand.


It’s another stellar EcoTools set that is not only available in drugstores and at Ulta but on EcoTools’ new e-store! But wait…if you feel like you’ve GOT to get it now, why not press your luck and try to win it?

One lucky Clumps of Mascara reader will score this 5 piece brush set. That includes my guy ‘n gals livin’ outside of the U.S. too. That’s right! It’s an International-friendly giveaway.


Enter your information in the Rafflecopter below. If the Rafflecopter does not load immediately, give it a few seconds. If you’re still having trouble entering your information, shoot me an email with the subject EcoTools 5 piece brush set giveaway. Otherwise…good luuuuuck!


[Winner has been selected. Congrats to Sejal K!!!] 

  • Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to try EcoTools brushes! I’ve heard such great things :)

    • Nicole

      Haha oops forgot to answer the question! My favorite would be ELF! I don’t generally like super bright lips on me but ELF makes a great red lip gloss that is very wearable :)

  • OMG, I LOVE EcoTools!! =D I’d love to win this, there brushes are so soft and I love how they look

  • sram

    i don’t usually wear eye shadow but if i do its by Yves Rocher


  • I don’t have a favorite red lipstick, but I do have a favorite red lip stain, Revlon’s Just Bitten in Gothic. My favorite Gloss? Buxom’s Big&Healthy Lip Polish in Sugar. I could never choose a favorite eyeshadow! Thanks for the great giveaway, I love EcoTools eye brushes but never tried any of their face brushes

  • I got the blush brush and the hair started to fall after few uses, been so upset about ecotool :(

    • Brittany

      Really? *gasp* I’ve never had any shedding problems with EcoTools.

  • Brenda

    My favorite red lipstick is by rimmel, red alarm. It’s bright and it goes well with my complexion, so I love the fact that its so affordable.

  • Chanelle (C.M.)

    Sally Hansen bright red lipgloss that has since been discontinued :(

  • Tequilla


  • I have a red lip gloss grom Goldie that I love, but I don’t really wear a lot of red. Thanks for this giveaway! I have wanted to try ecotools brushes for a while. I always hear great things!

  • I’m still sort of a make up newbie (which is why i’m so into beauty blogs right now!) but my favorite eyeshadow is by Maybelline.

  • Hmm.. Too many reds! Recently, I’ve been wearing 500.. Blanking on the brand!

  • Sam V

    My favorite red lipstick is red revival by maybelline.

  • Ana Paula Barreto

    Lipstick = MAC *-*

  • ne-knopka

    My favorite lipstick (Rimmel)

  • victoria

    For $9.99 I’ll buy it at my CVS just for the baby e/s brush, looks perfect for blending!

  • tiffany

    i’ve always wanted to try ecotools

  • Shannon

    Awesome giveaway, and thank you for making it international!

  • Tabitha Pyle

    i’d love to win.

  • Great giveaway -i’m in dire need of some new brushes!

  • ooh im a big fan of makeup brushes and i’d use every single one! xx

  • Kim D.

    Great giveaway, and thank you for the chance!

  • Those are cute! Hope I win.

  • marta

    Thank you for the giveaway :-)

  • Sasha K

    I don’t have a favorite red lipstick but I do live Urban Decay’s lipsticks because they are sheer & moisturizing!

  • Sasha K.

    I love Eco Tools, but i haven’t seen this set!

  • Alisha

    i’ve tried ecotool’s retractable kabuki brush and i absolutely loved it!! i would love to try other brushes from them

  • ashley

    Id love to try some ecotools brushes

  • I just entered! I have e.l.f. brushes right now and would love to try something different. As for red lipstick, I don’t wear red; I am very fair and it would look garish on me.

  • I heard these brushes are really soft! My mom has the retractable kabuki brush

  • Daniela

    I have never tried eco-tools!
    thank you fot the opportunity
    dani ♄

  • hh

    my favorite red lipstick right now is Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour in G13!

  • Marva

    These brushes look incredibly soft and the price is amazing…

  • Jean

    LOVE ecotools! I only have 1 of their brushes right now, but I just caught on to the craze – I’ll definitely be collecting more soon! This set may just fall into my (online) basket; the brushes are great and so is the price.

  • Nausheen

    Yay for giveaways! 😀 I have like 2 brushes, so this would be so nice!

  • Anne

    thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    i hope i win ^^ i dont have any concealer or kabuki brushes

  • Melany

    I looove these brushes!

  • tinabocs

    ack! i love ecotools! i’ve recently purchased the 6-pc set. it’s super soft ^_^ i hope i win this as well hehehe

  • Melisa Edwards

    Makeup tools, my fav!

  • I don’t have a favorite red yet! I’m still experimenting with reds. I feel like they always fade to a watermelon-ish pink and smear all over my face. I ONLY have this problem with reds! Weird?

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  • Nicole

    These look awesome! I’ve heard that these are really soft.

  • LOVE the little requirements to enter this giveaway! Awesome! xx


  • Cindy A.

    I would love to try EcoTools! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a wonderful giveaway.

  • Valerie

    I love me some EcoTools! Now you’ve made me want to buy this set. =D

  • Carolyn

    I own only one ecotools brush, and I love it. I’d love to try more!

  • The prices are amazing on these brushes! good quality :)

  • trumpette

    I have the Eco Tools retractable kabuki and I freaking love it so as soon as I read your review of this set I hopped on my bike, cycled to the nearest drug store that sells it and got this baby. It is so good – I wear mineral foundation and the powder brush and mini-kabuki are great. You’re totally right about the shader being great for highlighting and the concealer brush was great for my dark circles. Thanks for the rec!!

    • Brittany

      Woo hoo! So glad to hear that.

  • I’d love to try ecotools

  • Tina

    These look super soft! :)

  • Iliana R

    I hadn’t had a chance to try this brushes yet!

    • Iliana R


  • So glad to know that open international , I was searching for this brand to try …. ‘


  • Teresa

    I’m not a big red Lillie fan, but I’m loving WnW Megalast lipstick in Cherry Picking.

  • Sue C.

    Looks like a great little set of brushes and so affordable! I have one EcoTools brush and am really impressed with the quality.

  • I love ecotools! I have one of their brushes and it is amazing!

  • My favorite is a red Lancome! *-*
    I like these brusches! *-*

  • These itty bitty babies look gorgeous . . .

  • Abbie

    Thanks for the giveaway! I only recently learned how important good brushes are. Don’t have a concealer brush yet- I’d love one!

  • Diana Devlin

    I would love to try ecotool brushes! I’ve heard such great things about this line and the price is so affordable, yet I’ve never gotten around to purchasing any. Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  • KC


  • These brushes look awesome and I am all about eco friendly products! Great Giveaway!

  • Sarah

    I”ve always wanted to try EcoTools

  • I’ve heard a lot about eco tools but never got around to trying them yet so would be lovely to – thank you for a fab giveaway xxx

  • hana clay

    This is such an amazing giveaway! ^^

  • Carolyn N.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bunny

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Julie

    I’ve heard lots of great things about Ecotools — would love to see if I can stop wasting money on high-end brushes and tools!

  • I like Ecotools, I have been wanting to try them for a while now…

  • Jane

    I just bought my first Revlon lip butter in the color Red Velvet 😀

  • i’m new on your blog!
    those brushes look great.and i definitely need sth like this in my make up collection.very practical prize.great!
    Join my ZARA BAG GIVEAWAY!!!

  • Zapevaj

    Love it

  • Rebecca

    These look so great! Would be awesome to throw in your purse for a quick fix at work!

  • Pookie

    Tonight, I tried to “trim” those unusable brushes that came with wet n wild palettes. LOL. Guess who’s trying to save money on makeup brushes!

  • Lulu

    The only red lipstick I own is the Mac’s Russian Red, I don';t use it often -I feel al little akward with bright lips)

  • Karina

    This is so cool, I really need a new powder brush :)
    thanks :)

  • Lisa

    I’ve been thinking about getting a kabuki brush just for all over powder.

  • Elle

    Love Eco tools! I hope I win.

  • JC

    Enjoyed the NYX mascara review.

  • Kinga

    I saw these brushes on ebay, and I really like them :) I want to try them, but here in Hungary they aren’t available.. nowhere :(

    • Brittany

      Good thing you’ve entered the giveaway. This will give you a chance to win them!

  • Shan

    I’ve been wanting to try EcoTools.

  • Nadine

    Yes. I’m in!

  • Surendene J.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 😀

  • Jess

    I am so glad someone else is a fan of eco tools. I picked the set that comes with an eyebrow brush and angled eyeliner on a whim at Target and never looked back. I am now looking for a set that has a small dome brush for the crease. Thanks for the review.

  • Karry

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Julie O’Brien

    I love these brushes, I really need them :) thank you

  • miki

    I love this

  • I love Eco-Tools!

  • i need new brushes sooooooo bad.. mine are .. well gross is a nice term..

  • Those brushes look so cute and pretty

  • Eco Tools are one of my favorite brush makers.

  • Amy Amethyst

    The eye shading brush is great for using in the crease to apply shadow and blend. Can’t live without mine!

  • Ooo they look so sooooft. I could use more brushes so I can feel fancy :-).

  • Melany

    I love Eco Tool brushes!

  • Oooh I want to win. I would be very happy to try these out. I’ve always felt the samples and they feel great. I suck at

  • Lindsay B

    What a cool giveaway would love to try these!

  • Johanna

    Perfect timing, I sooo need some new brushes!!

  • milaxx

    WANT so bad! These beauties are cute!

  • Terri A

    Thanks for the giveaway.. good luck everyone

  • Faith

    I bought some of their brushes a few years ago and loved them. Sadly I’ve lost them. They are really a great product.

  • I’m a newbie to the makeup world and this set will be a great addition.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • I always feel these at the drug store they are so soft!

  • Trina

    I think my first set of makeup brushes back in the day were by EcoTools!

  • Sejal

    i love ecotools! :)

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE eco tools!! Specially the little baby brushes but that’s only because I have really small hands. For me, the little travel size brushes tend to be an ideal fit :)

  • Aisha R.

    Awesome giveaway!

  • E.J

    Ooooohhh!! I’ve been eyeing this brush kit. Upgrade me please! :) When your own mother subtly disses your old, high school still surviving brush kit, you know its time to let go, lol.

  • Heather USA (rosie areola)

    ECOTOOLS eye brush kit was my first, my last, my everything. I think their brushes are fab for their price point.

  • Elena

    I love Eco Tools. Amazing brushes!

  • I want these brushes. They are so cute. I’ve been looking for a not so expensive kabuki brush too. :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  • i love ecotools! so soft!
    thanks for the giveaway opportunity :)

  • Anjali

    great set!

  • Sandra Olivas

    would love to win and try them!

  • Katie

    You always have the best giveaways!

  • Those are so cute! I love Ecotools but didn’t know they came out with a new set. That eyeshadow blending brush looks fabulous…

  • Daphne Z

    YOU ROCK BRITTANY!! I’ve been following your blogs and vids for 4 years now! Yes, please send me those brushes!! I accept :) ;o