Pretty Polishes: Jesse’s Girl Julie G polishes

Back in the days when I was an active YouTube vlogger and watcher, I came across the effeversent and bubbly Julie G. I loved everything about her videos. She had the “BFF” vibe, and was always showcasing something beautiful when it came to beauty and nails. I met her in person at The Makeup Show NYC and she was just as sweet in person. A while back, Jessie’s Girl Cosmetics and Julie G. partnered up to launch a Julie G. nail polish line.

Um…that’s only the biggest deal EVER. Who runs the world? Clearly bloggers and vloggers! 😎 I’ve only got a few of these polishes to showcase (Jessie’s Girl isn’t sold in my area *tears*) but luckily I can order more online. Woo hooooo!

Gelato in Venice is a green mint that reminds me a lot of pistachio gelato. It’s creamy and like most pastel shades it gave me a few troubles with uneven application. I only had to apply 2 coats to straighten it out though. I’ve been wearing this shade for FOUR days now. I love love love!

Fierce and Fab is a pleasant surprise because it’s a matte! ‘Scuse the ugly bottle on this one. I’m not sure how the image got all wonky. I was annoyed with matte polishes when the whole world was doing them but now that they aren’t so popular, applying this one gave me so much joy. It’s a gorgeous magenta and I think I’ve seen this shade somewhere before but who cares. I am loving revisiting mattes.

Pink Tiara is a sparkly pink that is completely opaque with only 2 coats! It does great as a layering polish too. One coat will give you just enough to cover a polish but it’s refreshing to come across glitters that don’t require 30 coats to completely cover the nail lines.

Dance in the Dark is a blue polish with neon purple glitter. The glitter is pretty muted on the nail and I wish it translated more the way it does in the bottle. Still – it’s a very pretty true blue with personality.

Julie G. nail polishes are sold at Rite Aid and online for only $3.99. There are a toooon of beautiful shades and finishes so if you’re not feeling any of these, chances are you’ll run into something you like. More than anything, I think this collection appeals to me because it just shows how much of a positive impact us beauty vloggers and bloggers have when it comes to brands. I’m not gonna lie – I get a bit emotional about it. I am so so proud of Julie and will continue supporting her.

Have you tried any of these polishes yet? And who else desperately needs a Rite Aid in their city?

  • i get that bbf vibe from julieg too!i think her polishes look really nice. im normally just an OPI or china glaze girl,but i think im going to have to break down and order some online too. i dnt have a rite aid near me,either. that dark blue color looks fab on you.

  • I love JulieG polishes! Gelato in Venice is one of my faves. Don’t you just wish we could get these in FL? :)

    • Brittany

      I know, right?! It’s just such a shame that we can’t.

  • msfarrah

    I need a Rite Aid in my area STAT, instant gratification:)!!! I like the colors of all the polishes but the Fierce and fab is brightening up my morning.

    • Brittany

      Rite Aid, branch ouuuuuuut!!!!!! 8)

  • Those colors are gorgeous! Sadly, I don’t have a Rite Aid in my city :(

  • MJ

    Every time you post about nail polishes, I am always in awe of how beautiful your nails turn out! When I do my nails, they don’t look as nice and polished as yours! What’s your secret? Can you do a post of what you do? Like how you prep your nails before you paint them, how you paint them and such? That would be so great! Thanks!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely! I’ve got no real secrets but I’ll definitely draft a post of my technique. Not that it’s anything special. :)

  • Love her polishes!

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  • Julie G is a big reason I got back into makeup. I spent hours on her youtube channel. I remember how excited she was when she launched the original Julie G line. I wish I could find these locally, because I would love to try them! That pink glitter one looks so damn pretty.

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it? Julie rocks! Crossing my fingers that the brand spreads out to more cities.

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