Baby Clumps: 23 Weeks

I can’t believe the baby in my belly has been around for almost 6 months. Time was going by slowly for a second but it seems like only yesterday that I was 11 weeks pregnant. And 16 weeks pregnant. And now I’m 23? WOW! I am getting more and more excited. I’m ready to meet my little Bean. I’m ready to see who she looks like and what her personality will be like. Of course I do have some anxiety too. I’m going with cloth diapering and that alone seems like a huge challenge. I’m not telling many people that I’m doing it because most just want to talk me out of it. Kinda like how people question why I’m not giving birth at a hospital. Pfft. I’m hoping that Bean will be healthy. And that I’ll fall into the rhythm of motherhood without too many hiccups. I try not to worry too much. Worrying is like so totally first trimester. Just kidding. I think the worrying just gets worse once the babe is born. 😕 😯

Here’s what baby girl is up to….

“Your little womb hi-jacker is starting to kick their break-dance party up a notch now that his/her ears are registering sounds from the outside world! The sound of a phone ringing, a thunder clap, or a car honking will actually jar their little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming.” (source)

I’ve been talking to Bean for months and now that I know she can actually hear me, I don’t stop rubbing my belly and chit-chatting with her. I don’t feel weird about it either. I’ve spent many years of my life talking talking to myself so at least now I know someone’s listening. Ha!

How do I feel? I feel great. Most days I don’t have a single complaint. I get annoyed with sitting at work for 8 hours a day but I’m moving and stretching hourly. I find it necessary for my sanity and for my body. If I sit too long, getting up actually hurts. I’m drinking a ton of water each day (at least 70 oz) and I’m doing better with eating. I’ve dropped the salt & vinegar chips and I am back with my green smoothie love affair and steamed kale. Chicken and turkey still gross me out but I am so in love with seafood. I know I can’t eat a ton of it so I try to get a good 2 servings a week.

My energy is never consistent. Some days I feel like I could run a 5K. Other days I feel like someone hit me with a stick and I am just out of it. I nap when I can and when I can’t I cry. No really, I do. The fatigue is unbearable when it hits and not being able to nap on demand is pure torture.

I still haven’t purchased anything for babe. Not one thing. My baby shower is next month so maybe I’ll get inspired. I am finally REALLY enjoying pregnancy. This was the part that people talked about! Why couldn’t I have just skipped to this point and avoiding that crap called first trimester?

Oh! And look who stopped hating me.

Of course, this dog is crazy inconsistent so I’m sure in a few days she’ll go back to running from me like I stole her bone. Womp.

Quick Bean stats!

Weight Gain: ZERO. Yep, you read right. While I gained 9 from the 15 that I lost, my last midwife appointment revealed that I lost 5 lbs. So in total, I have lost 3 lbs this pregnancy. The midwife isn’t worried but it freaked me out for a minute.

Symptoms: Nightly leg craps (those mofos huuuuuuurt), occasional fatigue, back pain, stuffy nose that won’t ever go away and occasional heat spells.

Fears: The glucose screening in 4 weeks. This screening tests for gestational diabetes. While I love veggies, I do have a weakness for sweets, white flour and pasta. I’m really going to make more of an effort to slowly rid them from my diet.

Baby Name?: We have one in mind but I’m not in love with it anymore. And I would marry the man that is SOOO involved with naming his child. Ugh.

Baby Shower Theme: The colors are inspired by the colors of fall. Y’all know I couldn’t go with pink. *gags*

Have an awesome weekend!

  • Adrienne

    So excited to hear about Baby Clumps. Enjoy pregnancy! It ends too quickly, at least mine did. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  • Stacy Lackey

    Love the Baby Clumps updates. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • I love your baby updates :)

  • msfarrah27

    So excited for you and Baby Clumps!! You look beautiful Brittany. My mom would LOVE to hear you are going with cloth diapers!!! Those are the only diapers my sis and I wore when we were babies:)

  • Lavendar

    Look at Bean!!! It’s amazing how fast she’s growing. LOL You look fantastic….your hair…so gorgeous! I lost 18 lbs with one of my babes; we curvier gals tend to do that sometimes, especially when we take our vitamins, watch the diet, and get some exercise in. Freaked me out at first too, but no worries mon! The babes were big and healthy since they sucked everything right outta mommy!! LOL Hugs!

    • Brittany

      18 lbs? Woooow! I had no idea that pregnancy could also result in weight loss. As long as the babe is okay, I’m okay. :)

  • you’re looking so great, lady!! Love that you’re sharing a bit of your pregnancy journey with us.

  • hey b–you look great! i especially like the third pic–you look so content. i can’t believe that you’re almost six months already. have you watched the baby move/twist/turn yet? yeah, watching your tummy change contours in real time is VERY interesting–mountains and valleys travellng across your body LOL! blessings to you and hubby and little clumps…

    • Brittany

      Yes…already! I can’t believe it either. She does a lot of moving and kicking but I haven’t seen it through my tummy yet. Thanks for the love!

  • I just saw you were pregnant on LocRocker!!! This is so exciting!!!! I’m 4 1/2 months myself and we seem to be interested in a lot of the same things. You look so happy and I’m so happy for you. This is…it’s the most amazing thing ever isn’t it? Fingers crossed for your glucose test!

    • Brittany

      Yay for your growing bump! I hated pregnancy in the beginning but it has turned out to be such an amazing experience? Continue to enjoy your journey. :)

  • Carol

    For cramps, try eating more bananas or drink coconut water. The extra potassium should help get rid of those crazy leg cramps!