Stretch Marks: Attempt to beat ’em or ignore ’em?

Stretch marks. For some, they are like the WORST thing that can happen to your body. And for me…they’re just a a part of life. They come around if you’ve lost some weight or gained some weight. Or you could be one of those lucky ladies who have amazing genetics and don’t get stretch marks at all. In which case, I don’t like you.

Hahaaaa! I’m kidding. I’ve got two different brands of oils here that have a ton of claims but they both claim to help fade stretch marks over time. And well uh, with my growing belly, I figured why not give these bad boys a whirl? Say hello to the ever so popular Bio and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil.


This review won’t be comparing the two (because I’ve only got 1 body to test drive ’em on. Ha!) but rather give a brief intro into their claims, if they rock and if they perform well enough to motivate a consumer to use time and time again.


Let’s start with Bio Oil.


Price: $19.99
Where To Purchase: Ulta stores and at
Size: 4.2 oz and 2 oz ($11.99)

I didn’t know it before, but pregnant women everywhere swear by this stuff. I’m not even kidding. Visit a pregnancy forums or store and chances are, you’ll see people bragging about this oil. In fact, just check out Ulta’s review section of this oil and you’ll see a ton of testimonies from users everywhere. This stuff is popular for a reason, uh?




Like any kind of oil, it has a greasy consistency but I found it to sink into the skin nicely.



It has a pretty prominent floral smell. If I had to guess I’d say roses? It’s a bit too much for me (y’all know how I feel about fragrances) but after a few days of wearing it daily, I actually got used to it. I used this oil on my belly but it can also be used as a makeup remover, hair oil and alllll over the body. I’ll likely only use it on the belly though.

Then there’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil.


Price: $10.99
Where to Purchase: Most drugstores
Size: 5.1 oz

Everyone knows about good ole’ Palmer’s and their Cocoa Butter Formula products and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they will donate 15 percent of the sales (with a minimum donation of $100,000) of specially-marked bottles of the following classic Cocoa Butter Formula products to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Cool stuff!




Like Bio Oil, this is a, you guessed it, oil. Performance is similar in that it’s greasy going on but smooths out once you rub it in.


Fragrance-wise, if you love the smell of cocoa butter, you’ll love the smell of this stuff. I also dig the pump dispenser.


It makes distribution easier. It’s an oil that you could easily use all over if you wanted to. Like the Bio Oil, I’ve been using this just on my tummy

I’m going to keep going back and forth with both products to see if overtime my stretch marks will fade. Can I be honest though? I’m a bit skeptical and I don’t think anything can make ’em disappear. And I’m okay with that. But I’m a beauty blogger who loves beauty stuffs so I’ll keep slathering to see if I get any results. I’m cray-zay like that. 😎

Are you a stickler about trying to beat stretch marks?

  • Cosmolude

    It’s too late for me to try to beat most of my stretch marks. I have a lot of them and some of them don’t bother me but I don’t like the light, deep ones. Some have faded over time but I know the rest probably aren’t going anywhere:( .I figured bio oil wouldn’t do much for them so I started to use it other scars and it’s worked for those. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with all these other cosmetic procedures for face lifts and “skin rejuvenation” but no one has found anything to help stretch marks. Oh well.

  • I had a scar on my hand that was new. Just a small little thing but it bothered me. I religiously used pure vitamin E oil for about a month (twice a day). It completely disappeared. I was astonished, but it absolutely worked.

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard great things about Vitamin E!

  • I have stretch marks just from weight gain/loss, but have never really seen improvement with cocoa butter (although, I am a fiend for the cocoa butter smell and keep multiple bottles). I’ve been interested in trying Bio oil for a while now for my face, but hopefully you get visible results from either of these products!

    • Brittany

      I’m with you on the cocoa butter bit and I’ve slathered on a lot of it over the years.

  • KCL

    Personally, I would skip it. I’m a mother of three and never got one single stretch mark. As the belly expands, it gets dry and very itchy. I did apply body butters and go about my day. You could still apply those oils to your belly though! Maybe it works and you can come back and testify hehe. 😀

  • Daintynymph

    I’m guessing that these are good for fresh stretch marks that are still healing, before they become scars, or to prevent getting stretch marks, or perhaps to make any that you do end up getting not as bad. My body’s never changed rapidly enough to form stretch marks, but when I get preggers I’m gonna try to be regular about tummy moisturization.

    • Brittany

      LOL @ moisturization. I love that word.

  • Gaelle

    The belly can be very itchy when you’re pregnant & I think you can prevent them with any body butter or oil… But, unfortunately, if you’re having some, there is nothing left to do.

    When I asked my dermatologist about it for my first baby two years ago, she told me that I was too old to have stretch marks (I thought it was the opposite : the younger, the better) & she was right…
    30 pounds & no stretch mark !

    • Brittany

      Really???? So I’ll have Bean when I’m 28 which is almost 30. Maybe I’ll stay free from pregnancy stretch marks! *crosses fingers*

  • Quick tip: Skip the Palmers and combine the Bio Oil with Shea Butter and EVOO then apply twice a day. That’s it!

    I’m VERY prone to stretch marks! Had ’em before I was pregnant and got a million more from pregnancy! My body is seriously a train wreck right now! HOWEVER, my stomach was the last place to get stretch marks and when they did finally show up, they were -and still are- lighter than all the other stretch marks on my body. I started using this mix in the beginning of my pregnancy (focusing on my stomach) then ran out and never got around to getting more Bio Oil (cause I’m a total idiot!) What I did still have was 3 different Palmers products that I used instead and aside from serving as a lotion, the Palmers didn’t make a difference at all!

    • Brittany

      Hmmm, that’s an idea. Thanks so much for the suggestion, mama!

  • Juliana

    I was forunate enough to get a great recipe for beating stretch marks that has really been working for me.

    2 tubes Mederma for Stretchmarks
    16 oz Virgin Coconut Oil
    4 oz Tamanu Oil
    15 ml Carrot seed essential oil
    15 ml 5% Neroli essential oil
    2x a day

  • Elizabeth

    Sigh. I slathered on the cocoa butter and it didn’t make a difference. My mom had them from pregnancy, my skinny-minnie sister got them from pregnancy, and I suffered the same fate. I think some of it is a genetic predisposition. For some people, like myself, you will just get them regardless. But there is nothing wrong with keeping moisturized and slathering it on just in case!

  • Caitlin

    No oil or cream in the world is going to remove stretch marks. They are scar tissue–this is skin that is mostly collagen/keratin with fewer than normal actual skin cells in it. The only way to change that is by physically breaking up the excess collegen/keratin and stimulating new cell infiltration from the sides. Oil cannot do this. It’s physically impossible. Ablative procedures like laser resurfacing can possibly do it, but even then, they will probably only improve and not eliminate the marks.
    Oils also will not prevent stretch marks. Staying adequately moisturized so that the skin is healthy will help, but any oil beyond that will not do anything. Ultimately, it’s mostly coming down to your propensity to scar and the elasticity of your skin. Those are genetic traits that you can’t do much to change, sadly. Good luck!