My favorite Asian beauty product comes to the States!

I adore cosmetics from other countries. Especially Asian cosmetics. I follow a ton of beauty bloggers who live in Japan, Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong and I am forever going gaga over the the cosmetics and tools that seem to only be in their neck of the woods. And for the longest, you just couldn’t find sheet masks in the U.S. Until now!


I know. I look all creep-tastic like I’m Michael Myer’s OTHER sister but I am beyond excited that these are finally accessible. Not quite drugstore accessible but hey, I can settle with ordering them online. I’ve done beauty swaps with some of my Asian beauty bloggers and the gals aways included these awesome sheet masks. Trust me, y’all. If you haven’t tried ’em yet, they are definitely worth a try.


Say “hi” to the brand MaskerAide. MaskerAide has a nice line of sheet masks that not only cover a wide range of needs but they are also vegan! Aaaand fragrance-free! I know, I know! These were so made for me.

Packaging-wise, I find these to be adorable. I’m a little annoyed at how the blonde chick is on EVERY sheet though. Why couldn’t there have been a little more diversity on the various sheets? Y’all know how I get. Lack of diversity annoys me, even in beauty products.

But anyway – there are 6 different kinds of masks for various conditions…



One that helps with aging skin


A mask for skin that has been beaten up by the weather


A mask for brightening and energizing


A pre-nighttime mask


One that helps with awakening and refreshing skin


I think these descriptions are cutesy and just to see if they were really different, I took a peep at the ingredients from all of the packagings and they are all different. For example, the detoxing mask includes aloe vera gel whereas some of the others do not. Okay, fair enough.

While I like think these are nice, I woud have loved to see masks targeted to dry skin, oily skin and acne sufferers. Those make sense to me whereas do I really understand the use of a Beauty Restore mask? Meh. Not so much. But aside from that, the lack of preservatives and the performance of these masks are really impressive. Each masks comes with instructions…


And added information about the ingredients.



Very impressive, uh? Especially the fragrance free part. Y’all know I’m a fragrance hater but I think anyone would be if they’d have to wear a facial sheet on their face for a good 10-20 minutes, ya know?

I test drove 2 of these masks. My favorite between Detox Diva and Beauty Restore is definitely Detox Diva. This is one hydrating mask! Application is simple too. Simply rip ‘er up…


…when removing the mask from the packaging, you’ll have to be careful as the mask is super moist and may drip all over.


Which I guess is a good thing. At least you get enough product. You’ve got to be careful about peeling open the mask as if you do so too roughly, you may tear apart some pieces.


And then you apply it on your face. It really is that simple and these sheet masks feel great! Unlike most masks, they feel cool the entire time you wear them. And it feels goooood. I can’t say for sure if the mask changed my skin’s condition greatly as I only used 2 in a span of 2 weeks but who knows? Maybe overtime and with regularly use they’d do some good. The relaxing nature of these sheet masks are reason enough for why I’d like to make an effort to wear one at least once a week.

You can get these from MaskerAide sheet masks from at $4.99. Here’s to hopin’ we’ll see these in stores soon. Woo hooo!

Any sheet masks lovers in the house?

  • Emily

    I loooooooooove sheet masks! I am lucky enough to have lived/worked in Japan the last 3+ years and have visited Korea several times to stock up as well… Which is why that $4.99 price tag (per sheet, right?) is kind of shocking! Of course if they include expensive ingredients, I understand that some mask sheets are a bit pricey. But I’ve used lots of sheet masks that cost less than $1 a piece that leave a refreshed/moisturized feeling… I suppose these might be along the lines of BB creams that were expensive when they first came out, but as more competitors started making them, more affordable options became available. At least, I’m hoping so, for the sake of stateside beauty-lovers!

    • Brittany

      Aren’t sheet masks awesooooome? And yeah, $4.99 for 1 is a bit of a stretch but I’ll gladly pay it just to use these things. How lucky are you?! Getting to live in Japan and visit Korea. So cool!

  • Shishedo sells them and it’s one of the most popular selling items.

    • Brittany

      Reallllly? I had no idea!

  • I’m addicted to them as well…was using them nightly for one period. It really forces your skin to “drink”. I wished there were more brands available in the West though… more luck in Korea or China town perhaps.

    • Brittany

      Yes! Such a good way to say it. These are the perfect drink for your face. Must get more ASAP!

  • Curiously enough, I always wondered if people back in the States had sheet masks! Having grown up with skincare “phenomena” like SK-II, Olay and Fancl, you really start to wonder when Asian girls will stop using sheet masks. The great thing about sheet masks is that you don’t end up with product all over you, unlike the squeezy-tube type, but I somehow prefer my Freeman’s Squeezy-tube masks.. hmm 😀 Great review though! The packaging is absolutely adorable!

  • Ceja

    OHMYGOOOODDD!!! I LOVE your blog!!! <3

    • Brittany

      Thank you sooooo much. :)