OPI Germany nail polish collection (part 2)

Woo hoo! The first half of OPI’s Germany collection featured some of the lighter shades. This go ’round I’m showing off the darker shades; the purples, vampies, and a strikingly beautiful red. Let’s get it started!


Aren’t these fierce?


Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! is a cute name but man, it’s TOO long. I know OPI prides themselves on creative names but lately some of the names in their collections are like mini-paragraphs. Ha! Okay, now that I’ve complained about the name long enough. This shade is described as a bodacious black olive and it is murky and wonderful. This was the first shade I rocked when I first spotted this collection.


Unfor-greta-bly Blue is described as a super shiny blue and that’s about as accurate as I can get. Okay, yes, there are several super bright blues with shimmer like this but I can’t find any in my collection. This baby is gorgeous.


Every Month is Oktoberfest is a shimmery plum and it is GORGEOUS! I know, I know…it looks like a typical vampy burgundy with shimmer but it’s fantastic. It goes from deep purple with laces of red and back. Love love love.


Danke-Shiny Red is a ravishing ruby. It’s very rare that you’ll come across an OPI collection that doesn’t include a red. It has become the expectation. But at least this red is shimmery perfection.


German-icure by OPI is another name that annoys me but other than that it’s a burgundy shimmer that almost looks like Every Month is Oktoberfest. The biggest difference is that GBO has more red in it. It’s pretty but if I had to choose between the two, I’d definitely go with Every Month is Oktoberfest.


Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs is an amazing bright purple. I mean, this baby is HOT. Yep, there is probably a dupe somewhere but if you can’t find it, you should definitely tote this baby home.


Must Haves:
Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! As much as the name annoys me it’s a really pretty murky shade.
Every Month is Oktoberfest. I am so in love with this vampy polish
Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs. For purple lovers everywhere!


This collection has been out for quite some time so I’m pretty sure you can snag it at Ulta, JC Penny salons and anywhere OPI products are sold. I actually had a dream about visiting Germany the other night (so random) so I don’t know…maybe I’ll be heading there sooner rather than later. 😎

  • Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! would look AMAZING with a matte top coat over it!

    • Brittany

      *gasp* Um, yes it would!! I am so going to try that!! Thanks for the idea, mama.

  • Ellie

    Nein nein nein looks amaze! :)

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it? Now say that 3x fast. Hahahaaa!

  • love this collection! germanicure and everyday is oktoberfest are my fave!!

    • Brittany

      Oktoberfest is a total winner!!

  • Caitlin

    Oktoberfest for the win! However, I think Suzi also really suits you. What I can’t understand is why they would put Gemanicure in the same collection as Octoberfest. They are so similar that you would think they would just pick the better one (Octoberfest) and ditch the other. I haven’t been especially impressed with the coordination of this collection, overall.

    • Brittany

      I agree with you on the Oktoberfest and Germanicure similarities. Womp womp.