Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation – best liquid foundation EVER!

Look at me! I’m reviewing a foundation! It’s a well known Clumps of Mascara fact that I like to be foundation-free. Between being too lazy to applying it each morning, not wanting to deal with it potentially coming off in the Florida heat AND having this inherent fear that it’ll cause breakouts, I do just fine with applying concealer and powder. But every now and then, I can’t ignore the hype every time a brand releases a new foundation. Such was the case with Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.

Before I even get into my experience of using this foundation, let’s check out the specs.

-Gives a demi-matte to matte finish
-Includes anti-aging properties like Matrixyl 3000
-Hygienic pump makes for less product waste
-Formula is without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and phthalates
-Available in 18 shades
-Transparent bottle lets you know when it’s time to re-up.

Biggest selling point to me? The fact that it’s free from synthetic ingredients. Win, win and win again! If I’m going to slather a foundation all over my face, I’d much rather it be one that is on the gentler side. First impressions of this foundation were like any other that I’ve tried. It intimidated me. I stared at the bottle forever trying to figure out how to apply the foundation. What kind of brush should I use? Should I use a brush at all? These are the things beauty anxieties are made of. Fo real, y’all.

But honestly, application was really very easy. I grabbed my trusty ecoTOOLS skunk brush…

..and got to work. I squirted a bit of the foundation on the back of my hand, stipled the brush in the foundation and then dabbed all over my face.

I find this the easiest way to apply liquid foundation. I’m sure there are better or easier techniques but I’m an old lady who likes to stick with what she knows. Plus, applying liquid foundation this way feels so good on my skin. It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I’m pampering my skin.

The first time I had this foundation on, I had to do a double-take because I just didn’t LOOK like I applied anything. In fact, I ended up washing my face and starting over except only applying foundation on one side of my face. See a difference?

I do too but it’s not a drastic change. And I’m not complaining because I hate nothing more than the obvious foundation look. More than anything, I didn’t FEEL like I had on foundation. I’ve been wearing this daily for a few weeks (with a few breaks in between) and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. Oh oh! And let’s not even talk about how dead on the color matches my complexion. I’m wearing 12.0 and even at first swatch, I knew it would be a match made in heaven.

So yes, Urban Decay…YES! Y’all knocked this foundation out of the park. Any time a self-proclaimed foundation hater can brag about a product, you know it’s good. I love how long-lasting this foundation is. And it’s not only incredibly lightweight, but it also wears well in the Florida humidity. Which says a lot.

Quite honestly? I can’t find one thing to complain about when it comes to this baby. Ah yes….the lack of sunscreen. That part does annoy me a bit because I feel like all foundations should have some dose of sunscreen in ’em. But thankfully the powder I use to top off the foundation has sunscreen in so, so I’m covered there.

I can’t even complain about the price tag because at $38, it really isn’t THAT steep. You can grab a bottle of this magical foundation stuff at Sephora stores and at Sephora.com.

Have any of you foundation-wearin’ gals tried this foundation yet?

  • I AM SO HAPPY this foundie matched you and that you love it!

    • Brittany

      Thank you so much for putting this on my radar!

  • I loooooooooove this foundation!! It looks so natural on me. It definitely has become my favorite foundation, even over my coveted Chanel Vitalumier Aqua foundation.

    • Brittany

      Awesome stuff, isn’t it???

  • Ahhhhh!!!! You have successfully tempted me.

    I have seen other reviews that were not so favourable towards it. But hell yeah, while I can see the foundation did even out your skin, it is true that it looks so natural like you have nothing on!

    haha, I have resisted even walking near this or touching it for a month already (for fear I will be sucked in).

    Like you, I don’t even like to use foundations.

    • Brittany

      You managed to walk by and not purchase it SEVERAL times? Girlfriend, you are indeed your hero. LOL!! Time to give in, mama. 😎

  • Celine

    This foundation looks great on you in that you can barely tell your wearing any. I use a brush as well, I feel like foundation goes on better that way. I must say though that I do find almost $40 too steep for foundation. It looks like a great one, but my Clinique foundation is like $25-30 something.

    • Brittany

      As a fellow budget beauty gal, I totally know what you mean about the price being a little steep. I think of it this way – foundation and skincare products are going directly on our skin each day so the extra pennies are often worth the investment. Plus, if you wore a foundation like this daily, you wouldn’t hit rock bottom for at least 3-5 months. Not too bad, uh?

  • Lavendar

    I am so glad you reviewed this foundation!!! I’ve been eyeing it suspiciously, but now I’m putting on my running shoes. LOL I’m so glad this doesn’t have SPF, since I’m allergic. It’s not often I find a foundation with such a great color range, great reviews, and no SPF. So excited, and I’m sure we are the same color match. Woo hoo!

    • Brittany

      Isn’t the color range awesome?! I didn’t think this shade would be this dead on but it is! And I never thought about it, but you’re right about the SPF. I guess it isn’t NEEDED in a foundation especially for those who have allergies and if you REALLY need it, you can just compensate with SPF in your moisturizer or powders. Thanks for giving me a revelation. :)

      • Lavendar

        Exactly! A moisturizer or primer with SPF should be sufficient, IMO. I have yet to find a foundation that works for me due to the color/SPF dilemma. Sad but true….

        • Brittany

          Even more reason why you should give this one a try. :)

  • I’m not a huge foundation wearer (I prefer tinted moisturizers and I’m thinking about getting on the BB cream wagon) but I’ve been looking reeeaaalll hard at this product. The colors, the ingredients, the AMAZING MATCHES for WOC. Ugh, I think it’ll be on my list when the black friday sale rolls around!

    • Brittany

      Sounds like you prefer light to medium coverage and so you’ll love this foundation. It’s about as lightweight as a tinted moisturizer. It’ll be worth the splurge when Black Friday rolls around.

  • Kelly

    I enjoy this foundation. I think tho, I might have the wrong color because it makes me look very washed out…however, it might just be that i need to throw on some blush!

    Oh, I forgot—I don’t like the smell of it but I get over that quickly!

    • Brittany

      Really? What does yours smell like? Mine doesn’t smell like much of anything.

      • Kelly

        I’m not sure…it just has a scent…not a perfumed scent but definitely a cosmetic product scent..just seems a bit stronger than other liquid foundations.

  • Kelly

    The more I see reviews about this foundation, the more I NEED it! I’m scared about the price tag, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself to great foundation.

  • Alexandra

    I just picked this up as well! Someone recommended it to me and I figured, hey, what the heck? (Especially since I didn’t own a higher-end foundation before.) I’m so in love! It matches great and it doesn’t feel heavy or awful. I’m super glad I’m not the only one who’s in love! It looks fabulous on you!

  • so I can’t decide if I love this stuff or not! It looks great in every light and I love the weight of it. I love how it is matte but your skin doesn’t look dull. But enter camera with a flash and it is a WHOLE different story. I generally take a picture of my face to see what my makeup looks like, and this looked so white and ashen like i have baby powder on my face. I got compliments on it and people could tell a difference (I came to work with no makeup on and made a Sephora run at lunch after reading your post)…. but I am not sure. Should I just stay away from cameras!? Decisons decisions!

    • Brittany

      I’d get a sample (or two) of the shades that you think close match you and go home and play around. Take pictures of yourself in different lighting and natural light. Also, I just use very little of this stuff when I’m applying. I mean verrrryyyy little.

    • Kelly

      YES! This happens to me too!!!

  • gio

    This foundation looks so natural on you, love it. I hope I can find a shade that matches my skintone because I would love to try it.

  • Ryou

    It looks like I really need to cave in and give this foundation a try. Like you, I’m not big on foundations and HATE that obvious foundation look.

    Oh, I’d still suggest you to wear sunscreen underneath the foundation. While powders with SPF is good for touch-ups, you are very unlikely to ever apply enough powder to reach the SPF rating on the packaging. :)

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  • Laura H

    I have read so many reviews on this foundation but this one has convinced me that I NEED to check it out !

  • OMG, girlfriend! This foundation was MADE FOR YOU! Your skin looks incredible :) I’m a fan too, I’m kind of obsessed with it myself.

    • Brittany

      Hot stuff isn’t it? I’m in LOVE.

  • Ann

    I’m older, and I love this foundation! It just looks like I have perfect skin. I had gotten a sample with some Urban Decay sale stuff. My son’s fiancee’s mother looked at me and said “You have great skin – what was that stuff?” I’m hooked.

  • Alex

    you are seriously tempting me with this review! i agree that i hate when foundation looks obvious but this one looks sooo natural on you! love!
    and if you are worried about spf you can also make sure your moisturizer has you covered! i love the eucerin one that has spf 30, is super gentle, and leaves my skin ready for makeup :)
    thanks for sharing!!

  • Great post. I pretty much never wear foundation either but had been debating getting this one. I think your review just pushed me over the edge.

  • i haven’t tried this yet but it looks promising! i’ve heard so many great things about it, i was at sephora the other day but didn’t try it out b/c i’m waiting on a sale to go HAM lol

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  • Jacqui

    Wow! I am normally a foundation-hater, but just recently decided I needed to give it a chance. I’m 46 years-old and lookin’ for a way to perk-up my look a bit. I tried a L’Oreal foundation and have to say I’m really happy with it, but this one looks really awesome on you, so I’d like to try this as well. My 18 year-old, and 21 year-old daughters are always lookin’ for a new one to try too…and I’m definitely going to share this with them.

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