Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil set

Oh snitty-aaaaap! Urban Decay has another eyeliner set and of course eye am alllll over it. Hehe! See what I did there?


First of all, if you haven’t tried any of Urban Decay’s eyeliners, you don’t know what you’re missin’. I’m not even exaggerating. Everything about their liners are awesome and they are definitely worth the $16 price tag. And this is coming from a cheap gal like myself. Yeah, I’ll testdrive drugstore eyeliners but for everyday use, I am always returning to Urban Decay’s Zero eyeliner. I can’t help it. I find it to be the blackest, most long-lasting awesomeness eyeliner everrrrrr. Oh, and they are paraben-free too which I know is important to a lot of folx.

This set is the newest UD eyeliner set on the block and it’s pretty rad. Mostly because a great deal of the shades are wearable for all makeup lovers. Now before you get too excited, these are the travel version of the eyeliners but whatever because if you’re like me, you’ll get good use out of ’em nonetheless.


Urban Decay has a set of eyeliners with bolder colors but I like how every shade in this collection is wearable and practical. For $38, you’ll get 6 eyeliners that are perfect for use on the lower lashline, as an eyeshadow base and my favorite, on the waterline. As a gal with insanely sensitive eyes, I find Urban Decay’s liners to be the BEST when it comes to all day wear. I can apply a liner on my waterline at 7am and I can always guarantee that by 7pm, it’ll still be there. Even if I’ve sweated, cried or dunk my face in a bucket of water. Yep.

Say hello to the sexy 6.

DSC_0902(L-R)Uzi, Zero, Demolotion, Smog, Empore, Mainline

Pretty stuff. uh? The fantastic gunmetal shimmer that is Uzi will be gorgeous with a smokey eye. Zero and Demolotion are both black and brown mattes and Smog is the bronze-y version of Uzi. The last two are my favorite. Obviously, right?

Empore is some kind of awesome.


…and it’s really hard to explain what color it is because there are so many colors intertwined. It’s a bluey purple. It probably looks different on different eye colors but on me it looks a bit more purple, uh?

And then there’s Mainline…


Such a rich and beautiful teal. Corporate America or not, I will most certainly rock these shades to work. They’re that pretty but also that unassuming. So yeah. If you’re a typical black or brown eyeliner gal but want to step outside of the box a bit, this collection is totally up your alley.

And it should also be up your alley because it’s Urban Decay. Nuff said. These are currently available on both Sephora.com and UrbanDecay.com. If you find the price to be a little too steep, keep your eyes peeled for deals and sales at both Sephora and on UrbanDecay’s website. They come around pretty frequently and it’s the best time to stock up on your beauty lemmings.

Now tell me…which shade is your fave?


  • Kelly

    OMG, I LOOOVE these. I’m so jelly that you can wear eyeliner on your waterline–my oily self sees that as a colory slip and slide. Oh man these are gorgeous! Gorgeous gorgeous!!

    • Brittany

      Aren’t they awesome? Have you tried any UD liners? Oily skin ‘an all and they still last for hours!

      • Kelly

        They last on my lid but waterline? Psha, nah son. funny story, way back in the early makeup years, I used MAC’s eye kohl in teddy…I thought I was fiiiieerce (cue Tyra voice and finger wiggle). That is until I looked in the mirror a few hours later and saw the eye kohl had drifted all over my eye. I looked like I was in a fight with a woodchuck and I was the loser! That’s when I learned that perhaps eye kohls are not the business for oily lids such as mine. UD’s & MUFE’s stay on me ( I mean duh, they’re awesome!) and I found that MAC’s fluidline does the job too. Now when I look in the mirror hours after applying my makeup, I still look fiiiiiiieeerrrce!

        • Brittany

          Oh dang! Yes, I’m laughing at you but only because I’ve had a similar experience. Eye kohls have nevahhhhhh worked on me so yeah, I totes stick with the UD.

  • Celine

    When I think of “smoked” I think of more intense dark shades but those blues don’t really look like that.

    • Brittany

      I guess you’re right in that the blue isn’t super smokey but the other shades kinda are. Think so?

  • victoria

    I think I finally need to get Zero! I just spent $19 on Smashbox’s onyx liner and it’s a great black e/l, but, I have to drag it so harshly on my eyelid to get it to apply. I don’t dare use it on my waterline. I hear Zero goes on creamy.

    • Brittany

      Ooooh yeah. It’s creamy AND it sticks. Definitely time to get Zero. 😎

  • JC

    UD 24/7 pencil liners are my favorite so far because they have fared much better than all the other “waterproof” eyeliners out there. They still run a tiny bit if my eyes tear a lot, but they do a lot better of staying on than the others. These shades are gorgeous and look especially stunning swatched on your skin, Brittany! Makes me want to go get them too.

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama! Which one is your fave?

      • JC

        I think my fave is a tie between Uzi and Empore. Uzi is fabulous and Empore is beautiful. Both would make a girl feel so pretty with them on!

        • Brittany

          Aren’t they gorgeous????

  • I love these eyeliners too! I use zero almost everyday, and I have been dying to try out new colors! I may pick up this set or maybe the Ocho Loco set.

  • Jacqui

    Ooooooo!!! I LOVE these colors!!! I always envy eyeliners from afar because my hands shake too much for me to wear ’em, but these are making me wanna give them another try. GORGEOUS colors, just GORGEOUS!

    Do you guys think they’d work on blue eyes, or would that be too much blue? Should I stick to the shades that are not blue? Also….Brittany, could you show how you would wear that light metallic-shade? I’ve always wondered, just merely out of curiosity, how you put a look together with a light color like that.

  • This was my first taste of UD eyeliners. MAN am I in HEAVEN! Especially since they’re way easier to apply on the train than gel or liquid liners (yes, I do my makeup on my commute!!! :-) )

    I also have sensitive eyes and allergies and all kinds of stuff. I’ve been able to use all types of makeup though. But I’m SUPER sad that I had to return a Perversion eyeliner that I bought and gift the one that came with the smoked palette b/c for some reason I’m ALLERGIC to that one. Just. That. One. Color. ***wailing here***

    • OH! And I wish I could’ve snagged the Ocho Loco set when it was out, but alas, I wasn’t into UD yet. I’ll be sure to pick up the next set they come out with, though.