Zoya Ornate Holiday Winter Nail Polish Collection

OMG OMG OMG! That was the first thing I said when I laid eyes on this collection. And I feel a bit crazy reviewing this so early considering I’ve got Fall collections that I haven’t even debuted yet but I haven’t been this excited about a collection in a looooong time. This Zoya collection is hands down one of the best nail polish collections this year.


See what I mean? Every single one of these polishes are dynamic.



Aurora is described as a plum with multi color crystal shimmer. Basically it’s the most epic plum holographic nail polish that I have EVER seen. Yes, holographic! I didn’t really see this one coming. Aurora not only looks captivating in the bottle but she looks beautiful on the nails, as well. Holographic nail polishes are my favorite and I’m so excited to see Zoya on board with this one.



Ziv is described as a gold foil glitter crystal. At first glance it looks like your typical gold nail polish but a closer look shows that Ziv has some subtle shimmer spark to it. Ziv applies smoothly but I’m loving how there’s a burst of a brighter golden oomph to it.



Electra is a holographic tinsel and I could seriously just stare at this bottle all day. If you’re a fan of bar glitter, you’ll love this polish. You either love love love or get annoyed by bar glitter. I stand right in the middle. I think they look pretty funny when worn alone but I dig ’em layered on other polishes.

Electra over Ziv


Electra over Logan


Magical, right?



Logan is a green foil glitter crystal and it looks a lot like Ziv. Except green, obviously. I had to do some tweaking to show the depth of this polish. The gold specks in it is apparent in the polish but on the nails, it provides such a beautiful shimmery effect. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful green nail polishes I’ve come across. And I have a lot stunning green Zoya polishes!




Blaze is described as a cranberry glitter glam crystal and it’s another stunning holographic. My camera couldn’t even capture the true essence of how bling-y this polish is. It’s doesn’t seem to have as much holographic shimmer as Aurora but it is just as beautiful. I don’t think I own any berry holographic polishes so Blaze is a welcome addition to the family.



And lastly, is the black holographic baby of the family, Storm. I’ve got about two black holographic polishes but dang, I think Storm is my favorite because although it’s black, you can still peep the holographic shimmer up close and far away.


Aurora and Storm


Must Haves:
Aurora – If you don’t get anything else, THIS is the one you haaaaave to get.
Electra– Especially if you’ve been wanting a bar glitter.
Logan – For green nail polish lovers.
Storm – Because it’s one epic black holographic.

I really don’t have any complaints about this collection. Each polish applied beautifully (as do all Zoya polishes) and I applied 2 coats for each polish. I love every single polish and I love how Zoya really surprised us with the holographic polishes. Seriously! Who expected that? Yep, I definitely feel comfortable declaring this as my favorite nail polish collection of the year. Way to go, Zoya!

You can scoop up these polishes for $8 a pop or $48 for the entire collection at Zoya.com.

  • I am a recent Zoya convert!!!! I love these colors!!!!!

    • Brittany

      Welcome to the Zoya cult!

  • So gorgeous! Aurora and Storm are my favorites.

    • Brittany

      Mine too! Aren’t they just perfection?

  • I want them all!!

  • So, can I be your hand model in exchange for polish?! lol

  • Anne

    that black would look aweseome with galaxy nails

    • Brittany

      Yes!! You’re so right. I didn’t even think to use it like that.

    • Caitlin

      You just convinced me to buy that black, darnit!

      • Brittany

        You’ll thank me later. I promise. 😉

  • I am all over this now! I saw the Aurora one and I just had to get it. Like NOW and I’m not usually an impulse buyer. I am loving all the colors from this collection, but this one color stood out from the crowd!

  • Cindi

    Aaaugh! I am trying to wait (patiently) for my ULTA to put out the Zoya holiday collection. I kept going back and looking every few days and finally last week I asked, When??? Middle of November was the reply. So I am drooling over blog posts. Must. have. Storm. Logan. Ziv. and Blaze. They can’t keep me waiting… this is torture. Everyone is swatching it all over on line and I can’t score a single bottle. Can I get a little sympathy here? (No, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t even tried all the polishes from the fall collections or the Halloween ones either)

    • Brittany

      I didn’t even know Zoya collections hit Ulta regularly like that. Woooord?

  • Jacqui

    LOVE that dark, teal-color! I’m amazed by how 3-D these colors look… does that make sense?

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