Baby Clumps: 29 Weeks + Baby Shower Pics


Looks like Baby Clumps and I are well into third trimester and things are looking really really good. I seriously don’t have ANY complaints. Which is crazy because last update all I did was complain. I’m starting to discover that I’m having a pretty smooth pregnancy. Well, you know, AFTER I got through the hell that was 1st trimester. The first 4 months was absolutely miserable but now? It’s not so bad. More than anything, I’m starting to look a bit pregnant and my body is just sore. All the time.

But, of course it depends on the day. I’m starting to understand that maybe I just won’t be that pregnant woman with the ginormous belly. And maybe that ginormous belly will pop up in the next month or so. *shrugs* Either way, I ain’t stressin’ it. Especially since my midwife keeps confirming that Bean is growing beautifully.

What Bean is up to,

“If you’ve been feeling weird little fluttering butterflies in your belly, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill pre-birth performance anxiety. Actually, it’s your amazing baby with a case of the hiccups: a fairly common occurrence at this point, due to them practicing breathing for their big birthday. In addition to getting a round of butterfly-like hiccups, your little swimmer has arduously managed to accumulate enough baby fat to account for nearly 3.5% of their overall body weight.” (source)

I’ve felt those hiccups and it’s just the cutest thing in the world to me. I’ve also felt Bean’s monstrous kicks. Those kicks used to be adorable and now they have become so jarring that at any given moment I am left yelping and sinking into my seat. They aren’t painful. Just uncomfortable. I’ve learned her movements though. She’s most active between the hours of 9-11am and then again between 7-9pm. I’ll feel tiny kicks throughout the day but those are the hours she likes to go nuts.

Physically, I am a lot better than I was a few weeks ago. The chiropractor’s fix has me sleeping without much trouble and my neck and back are still A-OK. My legs hurt though so I stopped the walking a mile a day thing and now I’m down to just half a mile a day which sucks. I get insane leg cramps in the middle of the night which wake me up regularly but I’ve discovered that as long as I drink like 90 oz of water a day (which I do without fail), the cramps don’t bug me. I also passed my glucose test with flying colors!

Baby shower pics! These are unedited but I still wanted to share with the Clumps fam. I had about 30+ guests and family members there and it was so so beautiful. Sally Hansen and JOHNSON’S Baby sponsored shower gifts and prizes. The shower had a fall-inspired thing and I was okay with any kind of decoration that wasn’t doused in pink. We had a brunch shower at CRAVE, a restaurant I’ve featured before on Clumps. I hosted a beauty blogger event there before and I love love LOVE their food and service.

Yummy sweet treats…


Table settings…



Some friends just know me too well. Look at that Hello Kitty bow!


Brunch is served!


Game time! But just 2. I didn’t want to have that “traditional” cheesy games-type shower.



Mama Clumps moved me to tears when she gifted me a box full of my old baby clothes and sentimental toys. I literally couldn’t talk for a few minutes because I was so choked up.


A few of my beautiful guests…



P.S. – Most of the men that arrived were family. And they eventually left and went to the restaurant’s bar (including my Dad and Esposo). Ha! That’s proof that most men really don’t want to be at baby showers. It’s true, ladies. I think most only go because their women drag ’em along.

My sisters.


Esposo and I.


It was a beautiful shower and I was so so glad to see so many friends and family members. I wanted a fun “not so baby shower-y” shower and I think it worked out beautifully.


Quick Bean Stats!

Weight Gain: 2 lbs.

Energy?: For the most part, I’m okay but still like to be in bed or prepping for bed by 10pm every night. Then again, that was me pre-pregnancy. Ha!

Fears: I’m feeling pretty fearless these days.

Cravings: Still none.

Things To Be Excited About: Maternity pics and the holidays!!

  • Gaelle

    You are gorgeous!
    25 weeks today & 16lb… already.

    • Brittany

      Yaaaaay!!! 25 weeks. You are movin’ right along, mama. Do you know what you’re having yet?

    • Only

      Such a pretty pregnant woman, I agree. I just stumbled in your blog. Congrats on the birth of little Elle!

  • Lavendar

    You look amazing girl…love the hair! Looks like you all had a great time. Wish I could have been there. I told you real men don’t do showers. LOL BTW, no one will ever be able to tell if Bean looks more like you or hubby, ’cause you and Esposo look so much alike. Blessings!

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama! A friend of mine said that we are starting to look like siblings. Which totally grossed me out for a minute so maybe he needs to grow more facial hair or somethin’. HA!!

  • Stacy Lackey

    You look so cute!!!! You really are glowing. Bean will be here before you know it and you will know love like you’ve never known it before. Your shower looked like it was wonderful, I’m sure you had a blast.

    • Brittany

      That’s no glow. That’s just bronzer. Ha! I can’t wait until she gets here. :)

  • Kelly

    Esposo looks so proud–i love it. you are gorgeous :)

    • Brittany

      He really didn’t want to be there (just because he equates babys showers to being super girly) but he was wonderfully supportive. Thanks so much, darling!

  • Soooo… congrats to you Mommy to be! I live vicariously through your week by week baby updates. I just found out that I too am pregnant. I am about a good 5 weeks now, so I have a long trail ahead of me and this will be a summer pregnancy. Pray for me… ok?! Hubby & I are excited nonetheless. I suppose i’ll do some pregnancy posts as well. Its so interesting to read yours. You carry well! Peace & blessings to You, Esposo & your little girl!

    Always Radiant

    • Brittany

      OMG OMG!!! Congratssssss!!!!

  • kia

    looks like you had a wonderful shower!! look at you and your sisters! okkkkkkkk mama clumps, that was the best gift(s) ever. i still have the kid’s suit he wore home. i swear his foot prob can’t even fit in that thing and it was too big for him at the time!

    • Brittany

      Aaaaawww!!! Baby Yum and his wittle clothes!

  • Awww, you look so pretty! Love the name “Baby Clumps”, lol! Not too much further to go before you P-U-S-H!! Congrats!!

    (◠‿◠) Kokofemme

  • You are looking radiant, dear! Love the baby shower theme too. I love that you didn’t go overboard with baby/pink stuff!

  • Your baby shower cupcakes look divine! I love the fact that you were able to create such a relaxed coed baby shower.