Curling the eyelashes: Yay or Nay?

Okay guys and gals, I got a serious question for you. Do you curl your eyelashes? Okay, not as SERIOUS of a question as you may have been thinking but come on…do you? I don’t do it as often as I want to and it’s a darn shame because you can seriously change the look of your lashes with just a few pumps from an eyelash curler. I’m for realsies.


Lately I’ve been messin’ around with Tweezerman’s ProCurl Eyelash Curler and um, it’s kinda awesome. It isn’t all that innovative in terms of eyelash curlers go but it’s nifty and gets the job done.



Who NEEDS to use eyelash curlers? Well, no one really. It’s a preference thang. I’ve got crazy wonky lashes that go all over the place. My lashes are neither long nor plentiful in volume. They could use every bit of omph as they can get. Using an eyelash curler helps not only curl the lashes (duh) but it also gives them the appearance of being just a wee bit more…out there. And without the use of mascara. That means when I DO wear mascara after using an eyelash curler, my lashes are like, “WHAT UUUUUUUP!” True story.

So the premise behind Tweezerman’s eyelash curler is like any other one you’ve seen before. I do dig this not being silver like most though. In fact this one is a bronze-y copper metallic. Or something like that. According to Tweezerman, this eyelash curler is “designed to exceed the standards and performance of any other curler on the market today. Reworked angles create excellent access to each lash like never before—allowing for effortless use and maximum curl.” (source) Yeah okay. Sounds good and all. And I’m just glad that it works.



Oh! And the best thing about these $20 eyelash curlers? They come with extra pads.


This is awesome because overtime the pads tend to loose their bounce but being able to re-up at least twice makes the curlers worth their price. Oh snap. I rhymed! 😛

I’ve heard several tips and tricks of how to effectively use eyelash curlers from beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists alike. I like the idea of applying one coat of mascara and then using the eyelash curler to help lift the lashes. But most times I’m too lazy to even do that. So I just start pumpin’ the lashes bare ‘n all.


And after a few presses and being careful to not eat up my  actual eyelid (OMG, because if you do..the pain, sister, the pain!!), I end up with some kind of curl.


It’s nothing spectacular but I love the way my lashes look after a fresh press. Yes ma’am.

You can get these eyelash curlers from Sephora and for $20. Not a terrible investment if you like to stay up on your eyelash care like I do. Do riddle me this…do you ever curl your lashes?


  • Nope! Eyelash curlers scare me!

    • Brittany

      LOL! They definitely aren’t for the timid.

  • I have given up on curling my lashes. I have long lashes but they do not hold a curl. People call them “stubborn” or “Asian lashes.” They are worse than stick straight. They point down. I can curl them, but they don’t keep a curl, and so, mascara ends up under my eyes. And if it’s a really wet formula, it ends up in my eyeshadow too.

    • Brittany

      I’m actually jealous of your lashes, Judi. They are SOOOOO long. I would have never thought that they gave you so much trouble though.

    • Pookie

      A lot of the youtubers say using waterproof mascaras (ones where water isn’t the first ingredient) “hold” the curl better. I’ve tried it and it is totally true. The thing is, eyelashes that have been curled up appear to be a lot longer just because they are visible above the eyes, against the eyelids.

  • Been curling my eyelashes forever. I say yay. I like the tweezerman results on your lashes. I used Shu Umera. It’s supposed to be a good curler too.

  • victoria

    I’ve never curled my eyelashes, but eventually I’d like to try the famous Sh Uemura e/l curler

    • Brittany

      That Shu is such a cult fave. It was my FIRST eyelash curler.

  • msfarrah27

    I curl my lashes when I’m not being lazy but I may be doing it wrong because i really can’t tell the difference between curling and not curling except the lashes look a eensie weensie bit longer:) Question: how does this lash curler compare to the Sally Hensen lash curler? Is this curler worth the investment of buying it and getting rid of the Sally Hensen?

    • Pookie

      I think you would see a big difference if you are using an eyelash curler that fits your eye/face shape and you are getting close to the roots of your lashes as you curl. By fitting your eye shape, I mean that your curler should rest on your eyelid so that the curler’s outer edges are not stabbing into your eyelid/face as you try to get close to the base of your lashes. I do not have deep-set eyes and so some curlers like e.l.f. or other curlers with deeper curves totally do not work for me. I have heard from some women, especially Asians, that Shu Uemura and Shiseido work the best for their more flat eye/bone structure. I find my pricey Shu works well for me as well as Walgreen’s $3.99 “studio 35″ curler which is made in China. LOL. Technique-wise, I learned that sometimes lifting up the skin above the outer corner of the eye lets the curler get close to the base of the outer lashes.

  • Tara

    I have longish lashes and wear glasses so I have to curl mine otherwise they bump into my glasses all day. I curl them even on makeupless days.

  • Eyelash curlers freak me out! It just looks like it curls more than just the lashes, the whole dang lid! *nervous laugh* *shudders*

  • I recently purchased my first eyelash curler, but I keep forgetting to use it! Though it really makes a difference to my short lashes when I actually remember it.

    • Brittany

      Haha! You sound exactly like me. “When” I remember to use it.

  • Pookie

    My “pet project” the past 4 months or so has been figuring out how to make the most of my lashes because my killer allergies have made using eyeliner to “fake” the look of lashes around my eyes impossible in the past year. But I still had to look glam! I researched everyone who talks about mascaras, eyelash curlers, etc., especially if they are Asian (like me), to get tips on making the most of my lashes.

    Everyone insists on using a good eyelash curler that fits their eye shape and bone structure to curl the lashes and then using waterproof mascara to hold the curl. The months of research and trial/error have been worth it, because they have made a huge difference and I don’t use eyelner anymore. (Yay! No more “waterproof” eyeliner running or disappearing at the outer half of my eyes to make me look insane!)

    As I mentioned in replies above, I use both the pricey Shu culer and a totally cheapo “made in China” curler that I got at Walgreens for $3.99 (and it’s also available at Target for $2.44 in different packaging, lol)– both have much flatter ‘curve’ shapes.

    And I definitely find that waterproof mascaras hold the curl better than regular mascaras, because the waxes and other ingredients that make it waterproof also helps it hold the shape/curl of the lashes. Once your lashes droop, they drop below your eyelids and no longer are visible to the people looking at your eyes — that makes a huge difference in how your eyes appear. If you can’t stand waterproof mascaras, I have found that Lancome Hypnose Star and Covergirl Clump Crusher to do a decent job of not drooping too much and they have the best best brushes/wands ever!

    One thing I do avoid though is curling my lashes after any mascara — it’s too disturbing to feel my lashes stuck to the curler — and lots of experts say there’s a big risk of pulling out lashes that way. Shudder!

    During my research I found Brittany/Clumps of Mascara and it’s so much fun and helpful to read her mascara reviews! Huge thanks!

  • Mine are too curly so I actually perm mine to make them straight, it’s the only way I can apply my falses otherwise my tight curls always get’s in the way.

  • Blu

    I curl my lashes daily

  • aly

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