Gettin’ my tango on with Make Up For Ever’s Black Tango palette

Make Up For Ever is always coming out with products that make you go, “How did I live without this before?” And yeah, I know that sounds soooooo dramatic, but it’s so true. Take their aqua creams for example. As fantastic as they are, they are quite bulky sitting on my beauty table or travel tote. When I carry them, I usually only limit myself to 2 because they are heavy little pods. But this palette…


Well, it makes toting those aqua creams so much easier. And the color selection is right on. If you aren’t familiar with Make Up For Ever’s aqua cream, um…where have you been, ma’am? Aqua Creams are smudge-proof cream eye shadows and they don’t budge, fade or flake. And by don’t budge, I mean these things are practically like temporary tattoos. The durability is insane. And they aren’t just ideal for cream eye shadows. In fact, I like using them more as eyeliners on the lower lashline. But I’m gettin’ carried away. Back to the palette…


Make Up For Ever has given us 4 aqua creams: Black with Red Highlights, Black with Green Highlights, Black with Blue Highlights and Ivory. A high-quality double ended brush comes with the set as well. The compact is pretty, dainty and durable.


The thing about aqua creams is they tend to dry out quickly if you don’t keep the top on them. And I mean, their tops have to be secured tightly. One of my favorite aqua creams recently dried out because I didn’t close the top well enough. It broke my heart. But Make Up For Ever thought about this and so each aqua cream has its own little top.



It’s a genius idea, really. You can use one cream without exposing all of the others. And just like the aqua creams that are housed in regular packaging, these are just as wonderful. They are super creamy but dry almost instantly. In fact, if you intend to use these on the eyes, you have to work quickly. I’m talkin’ within seconds. I also find that not just any makeup remover can remove these kids. I usually have to pull out my heavy duty oil-based removers. But they’re fantastic nonetheless and these are so much fun to work with.


Pretty, aren’t they? I think Make Up For Ever did a great job at providing us beauty junkies with shades that we could actually use. This is a Sephora-exclusive product and I’m pretty sure this won’t last forever so if you’re swooning, you may want to job on it with the ASAP-ness. You can grab it at Sephora and for $45.

Any aqua cream lovers in the house?

  • gio

    What a gorgeous palette! The shades are beautiful and so pigmented and I love the packaging too.

    • Brittany

      Cute and tote-able, isn’t it? I love MUFE!

  • victoria

    The packaging is genius! But for me the product is too dense and would dry too fast. Still, I wish more brands would use this type of packaging for products that dry out fast, like gel eyeliners.

    • Brittany

      That’s what I thought when I first saw it but those little tops really keep things nice and tight. Gel liners dry out sooooo quickly.

  • I love those colors so much and love that they don’t budge. I’m always trying to find the longest lasting products since I’m constantly wearing eyeliner. Awesome swatches!

    • Brittany

      Well girlfriend, if you need don’t budge eyeliners, THESE are the ones to get.

  • I completely agree- these are actually wearable colours! Pigmented and durable and also perfect to wear during Winter. Wish there was a Sephora in the UK though =(

    • Brittany

      Oooooh boooo…but you can still order online, right?