Makeup Wars: Our Holiday Metallics

I’ve been asked to join another blog group and I’m all giddy about it because blogging is one thing but being a part of a community is something else. It just wouldn’t be as fun. I am the newest blogger on the Makeup Wars group, a band of bloggers who rally together to do showcase their opinions, recs and pics on a particular topic. It’s fun stuff because within MY post, you can click on over to another blogger’s post. It’s mad cool, yo.

This week we’re rappin’ about holiday metallics and while I’m not much of a metallic-wearin’ gal, I came across some goodies in my beauty stash. I’m going to tryyyyy to incorporate these bad boys throughout the weeks. Maybe I’ll grow to love them. Kinda like corals. OMG, remember how much I hated coral nail polish? Hmm mmm…

MoonRaker from OPI’s Skyfall collection is a fabulous metallic gray.


And when it comes to metallic shadows on the lids, I am loooooving Urban Decay’s Smoked palette.


I mean, check out that bottom row of awesomeness. Loaded is my favorite and it is a gorgeouuuus deep emerald shimmer with a metallic base. And when it comes to lips? Y’all know I looooove red. It’s hard to find a fantastic red metallic lipstick (although I think Hourglass Siren is close) so a few years ago, I faked a metallic lip by dapping a bit of hot pink glitter over red lipstick.

Sounds crazy, but I promise you it works. Especially if you’re pairing it with a shimmery metallic gold eyeshadow. POW! That red lip is COVERGIRL’s Cherry Bomb and I don’t even know if they have it anymore. It was hands down one of my favooooorite red lipsticks EVER!

Laugh at me if you want, but I promise it works. I’ve got plans to dabble in more metallic cosmetics so stay tuned for my findings.

Any metallic cosmetics lovers in the house?

  • Smoked is one of my faves!
    Moonraker looks awesome on you, metallic nails like that just don’t work for me, unfortunately. I can’t get them to look pretty =(

    • Brittany

      Oh puh-lease! I have a hard time believing that you don’t look smashing in EVERYTHING. :)

  • I love the smoked palette! Hot! Also, red lips = perfection 😉

    • Brittany

      Thank you, lovely!!

  • MoonRaker is a gorgeous metallic gray. I love how opaque it is.

    • Brittany

      Yep! It’s a little streaky with the first 2 coats but after that it becomes beautifully opaque.

  • That UD Smoked Palette is one of my faves–love it!

    • Brittany

      Best.palette.ever. Well, this year at least. :)

  • Oh man. You have some great products in this post. Is this really your first Makeup Wars post? Welcome!!! Oh and by the way check out Milani Lip Flash Pencil in Hot Flash. It is a gorgeous metallic red (cooler than Hourglass siren) it would look amazing on you. (psst. there is a link in my blog post for makeup wars)

  • I love the smoked palette too! Great choices!!! So glad that you are now a part of Makeup Wars!

    • Brittany

      Yay!! Thank you so much, Pam!

  • OOH I just bought the Smoked Palette and can’t wait to dig a brush into it (after my photography of course). Just how beautiful is this.
    I love the nail polish on you, it looks perfect. Your choices are all beautiful actually.

    • Brittany

      Thanks Marcia!

  • I love my smoked palette too. With all the holiday stuff coming out right now, I seem to forget about it though. I’ll have to get it out again so that it doesn’t get lonely!

  • Oh dear, another wish list item!

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