Mascara Monday: CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara


Guess who’s back in the hizooooouse? LashBlast! If I went around polling 10 of my friends, at least half of them are going to say they LOVE this mascara. And of course I agree. I’ve been a Lash Blast lover for quite some time. And I don’t even have to tango with LashBlast Length or Lash Blast 24HR or LashBlast Fusion. I’m okay rollin’ with the original. But in case you needed something new to your beauty boudoir, CoverGirl is gracing us with another Lash Blast, baby. And this one is totally made for me. It’s like THEE Clumps of Mascara anti-clumps mascara. Get it? Get it? I’m so weak from excitement yo.


Price: $8.99 at drugstores
Packaging (brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

What It Claims: “COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara by LashBlast features an innovative curved brush that builds 200% more volume with zero clumps, even after 30 strokes. The Clump Crusher brush custom fits to the curve of the eye allowing for root to tip volume while tight spacing between the bristles stops clump formation before it can start.” (per press release)

The Truth: It really didn’t give me any clumps. I’m serious. Not even one!

What I Loved About It: This mascara’s formula is incredibly build-able. So much so that if caught me by surprise.

What I Didn’t Like: A super build-able formula means that your lashes may be be a bit heavy and may flake a little too.

Overall: Hey there LashBlast! So nice to see you again. I usually complain when brands come out with multiple versions of the same mascara but I don’t know, there’s something wonderful about LashBlast. It’s kinda like that Aunt who is a bit obnoxious but always comes by bearing gifts. Like…how can you hate her? Auntie LashBlast shocked me with this formula. Simply because I didn’t think there would be any more LashBlast formulas. We’ve seen Volume, 24HR, Length and Fusion. How can you make better better? Wellll, you create an awesome clump-free formula and give it a captivating wand to boot. Duh!!!



Okay, so pleaseeeee don’t ask me to compare THIS LashBlast to the other LashBlast kids. I am going to review this one as if the others don’t exist. Each mascara totes its own claim and since this one promises to volumizes without ANY clumping, well then….that’s what I’m going to judge this baby on. First off, formula-wise, the formula has a nice consistency. I didn’t find it to be too thick and getting a nice even coat was easy peasy. One of the aspects about the LashBlast mascaras that people seem to love so much is the wand. Despite its girth, it has always performed really well for me. I never like to recommend this mascara for those with smaller lids and lashes (as they may find application to be a bit tricky and daunting) but the truth is, if you can handle the challenge, this wand does a great job at at grabbing those tiny lashes and coating them evenly with mascara. This wand differs from the other LashBlast wands because it has a bit of a curve to it but I didn’t notice it making or breaking my experience.

Now for the formula and its claim to be clump-free…first of all, how crazy is a claim is that? Pretty ambitious of ya, uh, CoverGirl? But if anyone can do it, it’s them so I was so excited to push this mascara to the limit. For the record, most mascara wearers seem to be okay with 1, 2 and maybe 3 coats. In real life circumstances, you’ll probably never need to apply more than 3 coats. But I’m a crazed mascara lover so my attempting to apply 10 coats of mascara shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Surprisingly, the mascara holds up REALLY well after 3 coats. The trick to get added volume is to make sure that your lashes don’t dry in between coats. That means you apply. Wait a few seconds. Apply again. Wait a few seconds. And repeat. If you try to apply and give breaks in between those coats, you’ll end up with dry lashes, a wet wand and a bit of a disaster when it comes to flakiness. Trust me on this. I applied up to 10 coats of this mascara and around the 10th coat, it STILL didn’t clump. A few of my lashes melded together a bit. And by 10 coats they felt heavier than I would have liked but the point is…no major clumps. AND decent length and awesome volume. I say that’s a win!


Bare Lashes


Lashes after 3 coats



Lashes after 10 coats


Do I recommend it?: Um yesss!! Granted, I’m sure you won’t ever be applying 10 coats of mascara like me but if you like buildable formulas (and you’ve been a fan of previous LashBlast mascaras) you are going to love this one.


What do you think LashBlast lovers? Is this one a hit or do you prefer some of the other versions?

*This is a sponsored post by CoverGirl. As always, all mascara reviews are my own opinion. I keeps it reeeal. 😎

  • I really love the packaging and brush, and I was really, really impressed by the results, initially. I wasn’t surprised though, I’m a huge Lash Blast fan. However, after like 4 hours I started having some flaking issues and irritation, which isn’t a problem I usually have :(. Hopefully it was just a one time thing. I’m glad you enjoy this mascara though =D

    • Brittany

      Oh noooo…flaking sucks. Give it another whirl. Or try layering it with another mascara. Hopefully it won’t flake on you again.

  • victoria

    Very impressive!

  • Great Post! Love your blog :-)

  • This looks great! I seen someone else raving about it too so I will definitely have to give it a try. I am a LashBlast original fan as well so this is a must try! Thanks for the review :)

  • Pookie

    The first time I heard about Clump Crusher mascara, I immediately thought Brittany would love the name. I tried the mascara when it first appeared in my area. I like it because it goes on really cleanly and you don’t get clumps. It doesn’t flake on me either. If I put it on my lower lashes, it will run like crazy because I have allergies and sensitive, teary eyes. Now i just put it on my upper lashes and build it up; I use waterproof mascara on my lower lashes and also put on a coat over my upper lashes in the outer corners, where my tears tend to go and make my eye makeup run. The wand/brush is awesome and I’m happy I made this work, even though it’s not waterproof. It doesn’t hold curl like the CG Lasblast Volume waterproof, which basically turns your lashes into tiny, stiff little architectural structures, but it doesn’t make my lashes totally droop into/below my eyes either, so it’s acceptable. When 90 days are up for this tube of Clump Crusher, I’m tempted to clean/sanitize the brush/wand and use it with CG Lashblast Volume in waterproof!

    • Brittany

      You sound like a mascara whiz like me. I love it!

  • Ok I need to try this mascara! A mascara that claims to not clump is probably my dream mascara. And plus I love that the packaging green! haha it is probably bad to want a mascara partially because it has green packaging, but it is nice when something works well and it aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for the review!

    • Brittany

      Um noooo, it’s not bad at all. I’ve been guilty of purchasing products just because of the packing or color. 😉

  • I have been waiting for this review, and hoping you like the mascara. I need a new lash blast right now! : )

  • yay! ive been waiting for you to review this one. im glad it reviewed so well. ive been wanting to try it,but i wanted to wait on your review first. i LOVE the lashblast family1 :0)

    • Brittany

      Woo hooo!!! If you loved all of the other LashBlast mascaras, this one will definitely impress you.

  • Nausheen

    I’ve been looking forward to this review all weekend! It looks great! But I don’t think I have space in my makeup drawer to add another one to my collection ):

    • Brittany

      No pressure or anything, mama but uh….toss one of those mascaras out and get this one. You’ll thank me later. :)

  • Mee

    Congrats on the marriage and the baby that is on its way. Thank you for all your reviews. Your opinions are holy grail.
    I am running to the store to get this this weekend.

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much, Mee! Would love to know what you think about this mascara when you scoop it up.

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  • I’ve bought CoverGirl mascaras in the past, but I have to say I’m not a fan of these plastic brushes that everyone seems to be using. I have one mascara with a plastic brush and after awhile the little plastic spokes broke off and the mascara was not very useable. I’ll stick to the old fashioned bristle brushes.

    • Brittany

      Really? That’s bananas. I’ve had several mascaras with plastic wands and never had them break off. That sucks!

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  • Priya

    sadly this one doesn’t hold my curl =[ I wear glasses and when my lashes start to droop, they hit the lenses of my glasses. I hope they make a waterproof in this!

  • I probably like to apply two to three coats rather than 10 coats. I think that is pretty normal.

  • That’s pretty impressive! I’ll need to try this because I hate taking off mascara from the day to make a look for night. :)

  • Ambreen

    What mascara do you recommend for someone who doesn’t want a giant wand? I have small eyes & sometimes I get mascara on my top lid.

    • Brittany

      Shoot me an email and I can make some recommendations. :)

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