VIDEO REVIEW: CoverGirl’s LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara



Soooooo, I have officially gone looney. But I’m okay with that because I feel like y’all won’t judge me. And I’m sorry but when a brand says that after 30 coats a mascara STILL won’t clump, I feel like I have to actually test those claims. Can you blame me? This is what I do. Some people cook. Others paint. I test mascaras.

I was born this way.

And so I did it. I applied 30 costs of CoverGirl’s LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara. Oh yes, I did. And I have the video to prove it.

But don’t worry. I totally sped up the application of the 30 coats so don’t have to sit through 43 minutes of me applying mascara. In case you missed it, the actual review is here.


  • You are just SO DARN CUTE! Love you, B!

    • Brittany

      LOVE you!!!

  • Loooove the video!

  • Lavendar

    You are too cute! I love this mascara, and I don’t like most. The wand is perfect, finally!

  • Girl, I can’t believe you applied 30 coats! haha! Looked to me from the video that there might have been a tiny bit of clumpage on the out end BUT a tiny bit after 30 coats is crazy good results IMHO. How much fun was taking all that off I’m wondering now???

  • victoria

    You picked the perfect mascara to do a video review on, tons of people are curious about Clump Crusher. I think it was totally the right call to test it with 30 coats, kind of what Consumer Reports would do lol

  • Pookie

    you are so adorable! loved this video.

  • Susan

    I just tried this mascara today and I love it! I have never had a mascara that didn’t clump until now. Not one clump and it went on so smoothly. It also lengthened my lashes. I love it!